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Self-Treatment Projects

  Quick Summary
Fu Xi Wen is a new medicine that combines traditional Chinese medical theory with modern ideas of anatomy and physiology to create a blistering fast, incredibly powerful medicine that is virtually side-effect free. Fu Xi Wen is an Open Source project, the first and only Open Source medicine in that anyone can learn the theory and treat themselves with it, and anyone can collaborate to improve it.

Given the enormity of the information that has been provided to people, very few have focused on learning the new, fantastic physics of this medicine that redefines how reality itself is constructed (without violating our modern understanding of physics). Instead, the greatest focus has been put on self-treatment. In July 22nd, 2007, when this project was launched, it was expected that people would learn the theory without any self-treatment aid. Shortly thereafter, the first self-treatment project, the Healing Sound Jukebox was launched that allowed people to play audio sounds based on Fu Xi Wen theory through their speakers to treat themselves. Net security issues, sound file sizes, and the quirks of the rapidly changing web browsers made this method very buggy. Out of this frustration emerged what was called Fu Xi Wen 2.0 or FXW 2.0. -- now known as Spirit Branch Medicine.

Wed, 2009-11-18 10:29 -- esb

Since moving our servers to a new host provider, we've had many links down. These links have now been fixed throughout the site. Also, the Healing Sound Jukebox has once again been restored. For the first time ever, the equation used to create the Healing Sound Jukebox sounds has been made public for open source use.

Who is behind Fu Xi Wen and Spirit Branch Medicine?

Open Source Medicine and Spirit Branch Medicine were launched by Ethan Borg as President of Ethan Borg LLC. Ethan is an acupuncturist in Rochester, NY USA. He has used this medicine for years within his clinical practice with incredible results. Read some testimonials.

Fu Xi Wen, Open Source Medicine, and Emoteishin are trademarks of Ethan Borg, LLC. All rights reserved.