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Drawbacks and Weaknesses

Since I started treating people with Fu
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Xi Wen, I've experienced a strange juxtaposition in my practice. I have had so many people tell me that they experienced a miracle-cure and that their treatment was a godsend that I cannot honestly count them. I have had people with MS, high blood pressure, chronic pains, allergies, infertility and more thank me from the bottom of their hearts and say the nicest things.

At the same time, I have had more people than I feel comfortable with leave my practice quickly, sometimes discourteously, and without meeting their desired goals.

Occasionally, both of these events would happen on the same day, leaving me feeling totally discombobulated.

The reason for the latter client, the kind that did not quickly achieve his or her goals, is twofold.

Lost Opportunities

First of all, energy medicine is crazy to the Western reductionist mind (unless you live on the West coast where things have to be a lot weirder to even get their attention). A very serious drawback to Fu Xi Wen is that it uses energy medicine – sound waves fundamentally but not exclusively – to treat extremely serious complaints that Western medicine cannot cure. Some people do not believe that sound can heal them and find energy medicine off-putting. Of course, I happen to think this perceived drawback is one of Fu Xi Wen's strengths. To be able to cure without any invasive treatment at all is amazing in my mind.

The other reason for dissatisfaction is the greater weakness of the two. In order to treat anything with this medicine, you need to be able to correctly identify the tissue that is the root cause of the problem. In some cases, you need to identify the tissue that is the problem inside the tissue that is the problem, a deeper level of magnification, so to speak. And while it may seem obvious what the cause of the problem is (ie. It's my hamstrings, stupid!), you may be wrong (ie. Its your fifty extra pounds).

The Wrong Choices

If you cannot identify the tissue that needs treatment, you do not heal with Fu Xi Wen. Period. This is Fu Xi Wen's greatest weakness and we might as well acknowledge it.

Even someone as experienced as I am at identifying the core tissue(s) at fault sometimes guesses incorrectly. Sometimes, my experience gets in my way. I tend to see the same causes for the same problems over and over again. But, then out of nowhere, someone comes in with the same problem with a totally different cause and I blindly continue to use my usual shortcuts and make no progress. When I make no progress with Fu Xi Wen and people are paying me to heal, it is understandable that they leave my practice, albeit discourteously at times.

Learning Fu Xi Wen pulse diagnoses is extremely beneficial in choosing the right tissues. I came to this discovery after frustrating patient losses. Also, using the technique known as “Painting the Box” is excellent at “covering your bases” (American colloquialism for “covering our ass” which is an American colloquialism for not exposing our
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
behinds unduly). Even if you choose the wrong tissue, you will likely see a benefit with this technique.

First Thing First

I am going to say something here that may offend you. But it also may save you a lot of time and frustration. Whatever your problem may be, if you are over-weight, focus on losing weight first. I say this because when it comes to people who have different causes for their problems, those people who give me the hardest times, those people are invariably overweight and the cause of their problems almost always stems from the complications of excess girth. In the clinic, it is hard to redirect these clients from their motivating complaint to their weight, so I do not always help these people.

Fortunately, Fu Xi Wen can help increase your metabolism, increase your energy, and improve the function of the organs of your body that dispose of excess fat. So, I am not telling you to leave Fu Xi Wen behind. Simply, focus on weight first to expedite your healing later. In fact, I may just write another book about losing weight with Fu Xi Wen. Stay tuned.

More Complications

More often then not, instead of a dramatic cure, people see a clear improvement but not a complete resolution. This happens when you select a tissue that is related to the problem but that is not at the center of the issue. Say the problem is excess weight and we focus on the hamstrings. The hamstrings may very well improve but maybe the problem returns again and again. Or maybe the pain shifts from the hamstrings to the calves. Until the weight comes off, the cure may not be complete.

Some problems are so complex they involve multiple tissues. Allergies, for instance, often involve Earth and Man level (you'll learn about this in the Novice level) heat in the skin, flesh, and capillaries as well as Metal Yin deficiency in the lungs, nose and sinuses and Wood deficiency in the prefrontal cortex and the so-called “speech center” of the brain (you'll learn about this in the Perfusion chapter of the Intermediate level). Other issues, such as genetic ones, may be a big question mark – where do you even start? Sometimes I have an idea, and sometimes I need to do some research online as to the affected tissues.

There is also another weakness to discuss. Fu Xi Wen is a non-constant therapy. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs or even herbal medicine, both of which are ingested and therefore retain a constant effect so long as the medicines remain in the body, Fu Xi Wen is more like being guided back to the path with a good healthy push. Most of the time, infrequent treatments are sufficient. This is not true when you are dealing with a disease caused by a living organism (bacteria, fungi, and parasites) or a pseudo-living organism (virus). These often respond better with more frequent intervention.

When the body is infected by another organism, that infectious agent exists in its own Jing (physical structure), contains its own energetic fuel, and constantly works towards its own goals. You need to break the Jing and kill it to stop this process. I don't want to say Fu Xi Wen cannot help kill infectious agents because I know that it can. I have cleared innumerable infections effectively in the clinic. But I can tell you that my own skills need to be reinforced by the work of other dedicated people to create better responses to infections. (I have found balancing the lymphatic vessels and the cerebrospinal fluid to be the best strategy so far).

Another method to treat infections is Fu Xi Wen healing elixirs as described in the chapter: “Fu Xi Wen Medicinals”. Essentially, water and regular foods can be treated like the body. When they are ingested, they produce the same effects as treating yourself. Thus, you can provide yourself with multiple mini-pushes throughout the day. This is the closest we get to Western medicinals.

I will explain how to deal with complex issues in advanced Fu Xi Wen, but until you get there, you may face Fu Xi Wen's weaknesses. Before you give up on Fu Xi Wen because of its drawbacks, use this medicine for simpler issues so that you have an opportunity to gain confidence in it and don't give up prematurely. If I can offend you once again: the weakness is not truly in the medicine, but in your own understanding of your body and your problems. And if that feels like blaming the victim, and if you are the victim, then I guess I just blamed you....but only for a while. When you get smarter and treat the right tissue then you'll
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
know you're not the victim of your own knowledge anymore. Cheers.

As part of the Fu Xi Wen website, I have created Forums. Please contribute to the Forums when you succeed at healing a problem. Every time you do this, you make Fu Xi Wen a little stronger for the next person. And that person may just make it stronger for you at your next health challenge. Thank you for your contribution.

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