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A Beginner's Introduction

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
[Please note that Fu Xi Wen theory is a fundamentally important building block in what is now known as Eminus Mirus. While Fu Xi Wen has not been abandoned, this site has not been updated in well over a decade as even easier methods to apply Fu Xi Wen that do not rely on sound frequencies or "Emoteishin" have been constructed out of this very amazing work. What follows is the original book. Perhaps most important of all of the theory you will find on this website is in the Tissue Angle theory and Container Qi theory, as these principles tie together classical Chinese medicine, Feng Shui, and modern ideas of anatomy and physiology and in doing so, provide a framework that is both enduring as well as highly applicable across many different energy medicine modalities.]

Fu Xi Wen runs on a traditional form of energy called Qi that was first described six thousand years ago. Qi is everywhere and is in everything. It is the universal particle that makes up the known universe. It doesn't just create objects, it has the ability to move through solid objects like a knife through butter. Modern physics is keenly aware of particles that move through solid matter. This happens all the time, even all the time through our physical bodies. For instance, to detect neutrinos passing through the Earth from the sun, scientists have to place extremely sensitive machines thousands of meters beneath hard rock.

There are five basic ways that we can observe Qi with our senses. We can see it, smell it, taste it, hear it, and touch it. This website/book will help you learn how to feel Qi and manipulate it for improving your health and well-being. Qi has to be fairly complex and accumulated into large structures in order for us to perceive it with our sensory organs. The energy that we manipulate with Fu Xi Wen tools is not always large enough to perceive with our sensory tools.

We can store Qi, take it or give it to others, experience it as emotion and even direct our lives with it. Qi rocks. Qi rolls. Sure it sounds fruity, foreign, and metaphysical. That's because it is those things too. It's everything. And if you don't believe in anything you can't find with a microscope, Qi is the microscope and everything you see inside of it. But sadly, no tool can see particles so small. For your information, you also can't find quantum physics in your cupboard or measure it in your electron microscope. Just because you can't perceive it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. And just because strange people in a strange land thousands of years ago describe something you cannot perceive with an electron microscope doesn't mean they are making it up.

Western medicine can keep its syringes, IV's and medivac helicopters. In the case of an emergency, I would want the best physicians in town using those and more. In contrast, Fu Xi Wen runs on the Qi that makes up the known universe. The tools to access this energy are very simple yet incredibly powerful.

Tools and Theory

The first tool you will experience with Fu Xi Wen is sound. Western medicine uses ultrasound as a tool, so it's not far outside the mainstream to think that sound can be medicinal. Fu Xi Wen uses specific frequencies in specific angles with specific movements to have specific, repeatable medicinal effects.

As you get deeper into Fu Xi Wen theory, you learn how to incorporate additional tools in your treatment. These tools loosely conform to tools used by other alternative medicines. Fu Xi Wen offers not only a nexus for various alternative medical tools, it also provides a unifying principle that explains how these medicines work and, just as importantly, when they might not work.

Fu Xi Wen works on animals and children as well as skeptics – I have had plenty of the latter in my practice. This is because it has basic fundamental rules that work universally from animal to animal, person to person.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

The Quick Start Guide is designed to help you understand how to determine Fu Xi Wen angles so that you can immediately test drive this medicine with no further time investment. All you need is a computer speaker, a sound card, and a compass to get started.

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