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Your use of Fu Xi Wen techniques is your acceptance of the Fu Xi Wen User Agreement. In this Agreement, you agree to protect our liability. Use at your own risk.

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Cautions and Contraindications

There are several important cautions
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and contra-indications for Fu Xi Wen. Please read this chapter thoroughly before employing any Fu Xi Wen techniques.

First of all, use of Fu Xi Wen is entirely at your own risk. You must agree to the Fu Xi Wen User Agreement before using Fu Xi Wen. In fact, your use of Fu Xi Wen is your acceptance of this Agreement. In this contract, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Ethan Borg LLC as well as Ethan Borg and all his heirs regardless of the results of your Fu Xi Wen treatments. The reason this is required is that Fu Xi Wen is genuine medicine with very real physiological impacts. Just as it can cure you, the possibility of dangerous side effects is always present. You are entirely responsible for the results of your treatments. You must be 18 years or older to use Fu Xi Wen.

Medications Prescribed By Physicians

Under no circumstance should you discontinue taking prescribed medications without the approval of your physician. It is outside the scope of Fu Xi Wen to change your medication without your doctor's approval. Some pharmaceutical drugs can cause severe side effects or even death when stopped improperly. While it is my hope that you can reduce or stop your medications altogether with Fu Xi Wen, you must do so with proper medical guidance. I am afraid no one at Ethan Borg LLC can return emails inquiring about changes to your medications or respond to Forum messages to the same effect.

This website introduces a new medicine to you but does not “practice medicine” in that no one at Ethan Borg LLC is diagnosing your diseases and imbalances and no one is dispensing medical advice for your specific issue(s). In the United States, it is considered “practicing medicine without a license” if individuals are diagnosed and treated for an ailment. As a result, Ethan Borg LLC cannot provide you with individual care. On the other hand, this website provides you with an architecture so that you can diagnose and heal yourself.

Treating Others and Trademark Issues

Never treat other people with Fu Xi Wen without an explicit agreement with Ethan Borg, LLC. You are not allowed to represent yourself as a Fu Xi Wen practitioner or include practicing Fu Xi Wen in any sales literature without an explicit agreement with Ethan Borg, LLC. Credentialing programs will one day be available that will allow you to practice Fu Xi Wen on other people. Please join the mailing list for updates as this process is formalized.

Fu Xi Wen™, Open Source Medicine, and Emoteishinare trademarks of Ethan Borg, LLC and cannot be used without the express consent of Ethan Borg, LLC. You may feel free to use these trademarks in educating and informing other people about Fu Xi Wen.


Fu Xi Wen is not emergency medicine. In the case of an emergency, call 911 immediately. Afterwards, call your primary care physician. Never leave someone in an emergency unless you must contact help. You can use Fu Xi Wen during emergencies only after emergency care has been contacted and the emergency itself is
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
under control or if no Western response is possible.

Some signs of an emergency include the following: gripping chest pain, pain radiating to the back or the left arm. For women, sudden or lasting shortness of breath should be considered an emergency, as women experience heart attacks differently than men. Sudden numbness on one or both sides of the body or difficulty talking is an emergency. Severe dizziness and loss of consciousness is an emergency. These are some but not all signs of an emergency requiring immediate Western medical intervention.


  • Always diagnose and treat the Yin and Yang tissue-angles for each tissue. Not doing so may cause serious side effects.

  • Do not treat the brain unless it is a medical necessity. It is especially dangerous to treat areas of the brain that control breathing, the heartbeat, and other unconscious physiological functions.

  • Never use Fu Xi Wen to treat the nerves of the heart unless it is a medical necessity. While it is possible to do this causing no harm, it is dangerous to play with the wiring of such a vital organ.

  • Never treat the uterus during pregnancy except to induce labor.

  • Furthermore, during pregnancy, never treat the abdomen below the bellybutton except to induce labor.

  • During high risk pregnancies, use Fu Xi Wen only when absolutely necessary and always with extreme caution.

  • Do not treat blood vessels if there is any predisposition or past history of aneurysm unless you have already diagnosed the blood vessels and feel it is safe to proceed. Even in this case, first treat the container Qi of the vessels and treat the tissues themselves if it proves necessary.

  • Never directly massage an organ, the aorta, or the carotid arteries.

  • Always balance tissues that are vital for life and death – such as the brain, the heart, and organs. Treating them in an imbalanced way (see chapter “Unbalanced Madness”) may cause death or disease.

  • Be extremely cautious using imbalanced treatments (see chapter “Unbalanced Madness”).

When it comes to Fu Xi Wen, the safest way to treat is to treat as a Beginner. Second to that, the technique called “Painting the Box” is very safe. Treating the “container Qi” is the next safest. Treating the tissues themselves is almost always safe, but does pose the risk for increased side effects. The most dangerous way to treat is to purposefully create an imbalance (treating opposite to what is described). This is especially true in vital areas of our physiology such as the heart, the other visceral organs, and the brain.

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Use of Fu Xi Wen is contingent upon your acceptance of the Fu Xi Wen User Agreement. Use at your own risk.
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