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Quick Start Guide

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Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

For your safety, before proceeding read the “Cautions and Contraindications” chapter if you have not already. Your use of Fu Xi Wen is entirely at your own risk. No claim is being made here that you will achieve your desired results. Read the Fu Xi Wen User Agreement. By using Fu Xi Wen techniques you agree to indemnify Ethan Borg, LLC, Ethan Borg and all his heirs as outlined in the User Agreement. If this is unacceptable to you, do not practice Fu Xi Wen and please discontinue use of The Official Fu Xi Wen Website.

Treatment Overview

View the quick start video tutorial by clicking here (on the official Fu Xi Wen website).

  1. Gather your tools.

A. Sound device (ie. Computer with sound card and speaker or headphones)

B. Compass

C. One chopstick. You can use a chopstick made out of any material, but Metal works best.

You need a computer plugged in and turned on. The computer needs to have a sound card that can produce sounds. The sound card needs to have an audio out hole for speakers. You need your speakers or headphones inserted into the audio out hole on the computer and if you are using speakers make sure they are powered on as well. Also, you need your compass handy.

  1. Pick your problem to treat. I know you want to go for the big kahuna problems that have brought you to Fu Xi Wen. But to start, pick a relatively minor problem, like an ache or a pain. First see that Fu Xi Wen works, then learn more before you jump into something too complicated and difficult to address at this Beginner level.

  2. Decide what part of your body needs to be treated to correct the problem. For instance, if you have headaches, you need to treat your head. If you have knee pain, you may need to treat not just the knee but also above it and beneath it.

  3. Decide what tissues of your body needs to be treated to solve the problem. For instance, if you have headaches, then you may need to treat one or more of the following: muscles, tendons, arteries, veins, capillaries, lymphatic vessels, brain areas (for more advanced skill levels...but not now), and nerves. If you have knee pain, you may need to treat muscles, tendons, ligaments, arteries, veins, capillaries, cartilage, synovial fluid, and/or lymphatic vessels. To start off with, I suggest you just pick one tissue that is sensitive enough that you can feel subtle changes. For instance, muscles are a good place to start.

Tissue-Angle Treatment

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
  1. For each tissue you plan on treating, you need to determine the corresponding angles and compass directions. Keep in mind the tissue-angle is always the same regardless of your body position whether you are in front of the sound tool, next to it, above it, below it, etc. You can use the Steps provided on the home page of the official Fu Xi Wen Website or View the Tissue Angle Chart available via a homepage link.

    Every tissue has two associated tissue-angles – both of which should be balanced to avoid side effects. To treat a skeletal muscle, for instance, one angle of the sound tool should be approximately 60° upward from the floor and ever-so-slightly North (approximately 10°) off direct East (E.-10°). The second tissue-angle is also 60° upward and ever-so-slightly North (approximately 10°) off direct West (W.+10). In Fu Xi Wen tissue-angle parlance, the Yang skeletal muscle is E.-10° V.+60° and Yin skeletal muscle is W.+10° V.+60°. The “+” or “-” refer to whether you rotate the angle clockwise, “+”, or counterclockwise “-” from due East, “E.”, due West, “W.”, due North “N.”, or due South, “S.” You'll learn these designations in the Novice skill level.

  2. Turn on the sound at the first frequency: 147.85. On the homepage of The Official Fu Xi Wen Website, this frequency is called the Beginner Sound and is accessible under the Select Tool drop down list box. Clicking on this will place the audio file containing this frequency on the webpage. Clicking on the sound file arrow plays the sound. Turn the volume up to the point that you can hear it. It is not necessary for the sound to be audible to work, but you want to know it's on. The higher the volume, the stronger the impact – but also the more diffuse the effect and the greater likelihood of side effects. So, keep the sound low but audible for now.

  3. Point the sound device at the area of your body that requires treatment in either the Yin or the Yang tissue-angle (the order does not matter). As with our example, point your tool up from the ground 60° and turn it 10° North of direct East directly at the muscle ache (E.-10° V.+60°). Shift the way you are standing or sitting or hold the sound tool as necessary to have the angle pointing towards the treatment area or directly next to it. You simply need the tool in the right tissue-angle near the body part to treat it, but pointing right at it will put your Western thinking mind to rest.

  4. Play the sound for 2 minutes. 2 minutes is actually a relatively heavy dosage. This time period was chosen so that you will experience obvious physiological changes in your selected tissue. In future sessions, when you trust that Fu Xi Wen will have an effect, reduce your dosage to 15 to 30 seconds. This reduction will decrease the likelihood of side effects and will allow you to treat many tissue-angles more quickly. As you hold the sound device, you will find that your angles are not exactly perfect. That's okay so long as you are close. If you are not sure you are at the exact angle or the exact compass direction, feel free to move the sound device as necessary to stay as close as possible to the correct angles.

  5. Turn off the sound.

  6. Now repeat the same steps treating the corresponding Yin or Yang tissue-angle for the same tissue (the one you have not yet treated). In the case of the above example, it is W.+10° V.+60° (10° North of due West and 60° above the ground).

Container Qi Treatment (see chapters “Container Theory” and “Circuit Theory”)

  1. Now, point your chopstick (called a Teishin) at the same tissue-angle you pointed the speaker at a moment ago. This time, point your sound tool (frequency 147.85) towards direct West. Play the sound for 15 to 30 seconds. Then without changing the angle of the chopstick, direct the sound tool directly towards the East. Play again for 15 to 30 seconds.

  2. Turn off the sound.

Painting The Box (See chapter “Painting The Box”)

  1. Next, put down the chopstick. In the local area you were treating, point your sound tool directly up
    Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
    for 10 seconds, directly down for 10 seconds, directly East for 10 seconds, directly West for 10 seconds, directly North for 10 seconds, and directly South for 10 seconds. You only need to employ this technique once for every physical location you treat regardless of the number of tissue-angles you treat in that same area.

Breathe In A Specific Way

  1. Strongly breathe in through your mouth and slowly exhale through your nose for two breaths. It is very important to inhale through your mouth and exhale slowly through your nose, so don't mix up the order. It is the opposite of “yogic breathing”. This has the effect of setting the energy where you want it so that it does not simply diffuse in every direction.

  1. Close your eyes and take a moment to internally sense the area you just treated. It may or may not feel different to you. People who are very sensitive may be aware of tingling, warmth, a trickling sensation, or movement in the area and depth where the tissue should be. People who are not sensitive may not feel anything at all.

Wait 24 Hours

  1. Wait up to 24 hours and see whether you feel better. If the problem has improved but is not gone, repeat this procedure every two days. If the problem has not improved, assess whether different tissue-angles should be treated and try again. Either way, learning more about Fu Xi Wen will improve the treatment effects.

Welcome to Fu Xi Wen! As you can see, all you have to do is master a few simple principles to succeed. While it may have felt like many steps the first time, in no time at all you will find that you can treat any problem extremely quickly.

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