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Viral Shield Protocol

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Revised 11/13/07

So long as I have your attention as a Beginner, and not knowing how far up the skill ladder you intend to go, I figure this is the best time to share a special little secret with you. I call it The Borg Protocol. Please do not confuse The Borg Protocol with The Borg Maneuver, a fun little maneuver I created years ago for stopping ice-cream headaches (click here for more about The Borg Maneuver only available via The Official Fu Xi Wen Website).

The Borg Protocol

The Borg Protocol is the protocol I have developed to avoid getting sick. I had to develop one because I am a bug magnet. I get hit by everything. As a result, I needed to develop a fool-proof method to stay healthy during the height of the cold and flu seasons. By combining 6000 year old theory with modern germ theory, I believe I have developed an innovative viral shield protocol that can be used by health care workers as well as the whole family to stay healthy.

Just as important as getting rid of bugs when they strike, this methodology can be employed in a preventative manner when illness is in the home or work environment, or it can be used post-exposure at any point to eliminate the pathogen before it deepens. Best of all, it's simple. If all the ingredients are on hand, it takes five minutes to implement.

According to the October 1996 FDA Consumer, a single person may catch a cold up to 12 times a year. 15 million workdays are lost annually because of sick days. These viruses cause widespread epidemics and in some cases pandemics. Often, they are the precursor to deeper diseases such as sinus infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia, to name a few. It would seem they have the edge on us. But our battle with bugs is one of one-up-man-ship. So let's one up 'em.

Three Steps To Health

The protocol involves three basic steps:

  1. rub off the pathogen from the surface of the body – kill the colonies

  2. support the immune system in resisting the infection

  3. clear the symptoms of illness

Step #1: Rub off the pathogen – kill the colonies

The number one recommendation by doctors for avoiding infections is washing the hands. While this has been proven to be very effective in clinical practice, this approach is clearly incomplete given the high rate of colds and flus in the community. Viruses and bacteria are not just on touchable surfaces, they are also found in the air we breathe. Sneezing and coughing are clear signs that bugs prefer an airborne trajectory. While hand washing eradicates pathogens that stick to the fingers, pathogens in the air enter the respiratory system directly. As an aside, washing
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
your hands with antibiotic soap is likely going to increase the virulence of pathogens. So please use normal soap.

Airborne pathogens directly attack the nose, sinuses, ear canals, and throat. As it turns out, these are perfect areas for viruses to colonize. Should you stop hand washing? No! The following protocol is an essential addition to the recommended hand washing regiment as it can directly attack viral colonies in the upper respiratory system.

Doctors these days are also recommending that people start coughing and sneezing into their arms rather than their hands. Coughing and sneezing into hands increases the likelihood that handshaking will infect other people. If you absorb pathogens in the fabric of your clothes, you avoid this exposure.

The goal for step one is to physically rub off viral colonies from the surface of the body. To this end, there are five methodologies that correspond with the five parts of the body that are most likely to be colonized. A sixth methodology is mentioned below, that of using Fu Xi Wen to kill the colonies directly. This method is a Contributor skill level method. The chapter on Antibiotics is devoted to this method. Only generalities will be mentioned here.

  1. Nasal Douching.” I know: what an exciting name! One sucks in saline solution directly up the nose and spits it out the mouth. It sounds hard but is actually very easy to learn. Your physiology is designed to channel liquids from your nose into your mouth. So, once you learn this skill, it becomes second nature. If you've heard of a “netti pot”, they are designed to assist in nasal douching.

    To create saline solution, add 1/8 teaspoon salt (you can use sea salt and table salt but do not use kosher salt or other salts that have additives) to a cup of warm water in a clean bowl. Take a deep breath through your mouth so you are well oxygenated. Breathe out. Next, place the bowl against your nose and breathe the saline solution in through your nostrils. Periodically stop, spit out the water from the mouth, and blow the nose. Also, stop to breathe as needed.

    This technique uses salt water to mechanically rub off colonies in the nose and sinuses. Saline solution is used because it mimics the body's own salinity. If the salt concentration is too low or if the water is too cold, one can experience a mild, momentary headache like an ice-cream headache. Do not apply any antiseptic up the nose!

  2. Gargle with salt water. You may wish to gargle with salt water (see saline recipe above) even if you do not have a sore throat. Vigorously swish salt water around the mouth, gums, and tongue. This is especially helpful if a cold sore or canker sore develops. While most doctors believe these sores are flare-ups of latent herpes simplex virus, I am certain they are open colonies of actively invading viruses.

    I sometimes add a few drops of Tea Tree oil or mix ¼ teaspoon of Manuka Honey (from New Zealand) in warm water as a natural anti-septic to add to the gargle.

    This method removes pathogens growing strength in the mouth and throat.

  1. Sweat the bugs off the body surface. This method is suggested by the Neijing, the oldest medical text in traditional Chinese medicine, and, not surprisingly, it is also practiced by people around the globe. For instance, the sweat lodges of Native Americans have historically been used to heal from illness. So have natural hot springs. In some countries, people drink a small amount of hard alcohol to induce sweating (I am not convinced this is safe in all circumstances and it certainly is not safe for children). I prefer taking a hot bath for 20 minutes and then wrapping up in blankets and a hat for 40 minutes. Exercising (only at the very onset of a bug and not in the case of the flu) also does the trick. It is very important to drink plenty of water to remain hydrated.

    Sweating will rub off pathogens colonizing the surface of the body. Sometimes small inflammations can be found on the skin that develop at the onset of an illness or slightly beforehand. According to the Neijing, some pathogens invade through the pores. Given the odd timing of these sores and the wisdom of traditional medicine, I believe it is likely these
    Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
    sores represent viral colonies penetrating the skin through a sweat gland and should therefore be thoroughly scrubbed with water, or an antiseptic such as 3% hydrogen peroxide. Sweating is appropriate in this case, because, in theory, the secretions of the gland can push the pathogen out of the pore and off the body. Before you use any antiseptic, you must consult with your doctor first for your safety.

  2. Breathe steam. If a cough develops, the pathogen may have infiltrated deeper into the lungs. Boiling water, placing it in a bowl, creating a tent over one's head with a towel and breathing the steam in deeply can help the lungs “sweat”. The act of expectorating phlegm coughs the pathogen up and out.

  3. Ear Cleansing. Before you employ these techniques, discuss them with your physician for your safety. If you have a perforated ear drum, for instance, this technique would be very bad for you. The ear canal is a common site for virus colonies. So, you need a methodology for rubbing the colonies off of these relatively defenseless areas. The method I recommend is as follows. Take a tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide and add it to a tablespoon of warm water. Put this mixture in one ear and retain it there for five minutes. Then turn the ear over into a tissue to allow the water to express itself. Repeat on the other ear. An alternative to this method is to dissolve an eighth of a teaspoon of Manuka honey (from New Zealand) in warm water. Place into one ear for five minutes. Then turn over and place more in the other ear. The water must be warm or this method can cause dizziness.

  1. Fu Xi Wen Antibiotics. A man by the name of Royal Rife claimed to have created a machine that could use audio frequencies to kill infectious agents. This technique is not the same as the Rife method and should not be confused with it. With Fu Xi Wen we can direct energy into a tissue, such as the sinuses, to push off pathogenic colonies so that they can be destroyed. In fact, this method is demonstrated in the Healing Sound Jukebox portion of this website for fighting off various pathogenic agents.

Most people do not employ any techniques to mechanically scour off a pathogen from the skin. Yet, given a moment's contemplation, it is clear that this step is perhaps more important than any other. So long as the virus has a foothold anywhere on the body, the illness will flourish. Stop it in its tracks at the front door, and it cannot cause much harm.

Step #2: Support the Immune System

Most people rely entirely on dietary supplementation to fight off colds and flues. As you will read, I strongly disagree with using this approach alone. I have used many kinds of dietary tools over the years, and I have found that when used alone, the effectiveness of any dietary remedy is hit or miss. A wide variety of dietary supplements are sold with the intention of warding of illness. These include garlic, vitamin C, echinacea, zinc, and cod liver oil, to name a few. Not only are there innumerable personal anecdotes about their effectiveness, in some cases, scientific studies have substantiated their claims. Yet, all it takes is for the cold or flu to hit home to demonstrate that no one technique is fool-proof. No doubt, we've all been in that unfortunate position.

For certain, it is essential to arm your defenses with the best nutrition possible. A healthy diet creates a healthy body. To generate white blood cells in the vast numbers required to combat a viral invasion force, one needs to eat right, and in some cases, to supplement a normal diet with additional nutrients. Many of the anti-viral supplements sold on the market today assist the body's defenses by providing the immune system with all of the resources it needs.

But before you go crazy over dietary supplements, it is important to remember one thing above all else: the skin is the number one defensive structure of our bodies. The skin keeps things outside that should stay outside. Dietary tools, on the other hand, strengthen the inside defenses in the case something goes wrong and an intruder penetrates inward. If a pathogen can create a colony on the outside of the body, build up an invasion force, and work its way through the skin, the internal defenses are playing catch-up the entire time. Each time a virus is killed on the inside, a new one enters from the outside. Think of the colony on the outside as the fuel for the invasion. So long as the virus has fuel, it will continue to invade. The key to a good defense is to remove the virus from its fuel supply.

By combining the first step of rubbing off the pathogen with the second step of dietary support to
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
strengthen the internal defenses, the body's defenses are fully fortified inside and out. If, on the other hand, the colony can thrive on the outside, no amount of dietary supplementation can stop the continued inward push from the external colony. It may take weeks for the body to overcome the external colony from the inside out, meaning a protracted period of feeling sick. When the colony is rubbed off the outside of the body, the internal defenses can combat the small number of viruses that successfully enter the body.

Please talk with a nutritionist for advice on dietary supplements that ward off illness. For instance, I believe Naturopathic doctors can provide excellent advice on health-promoting supplements. Sadly, Western doctors receive very little training about healthy nutrition, so you will need to seek better informed counsel.

Step # 3: Clear the symptoms of illness

This is where Fu Xi Wen enters the picture. There are innumerable techniques you can employ to clear the symptoms of disease.

All things have energy. All living things manipulate energy. Viruses have energy and when they invade the body, they manipulate the body's energy in negative ways: fevers, chills, aches, and pains are examples of how the energy of the body goes haywire when a pathogen strikes. It is usually the symptoms of a viral infection that informs us that we are sick and that motivates us to take action.

Trained Fu Xi Wen practitioners can know if a person is sick days before the onset of symptoms. The energy created by pathogens feels intensely chaotic and does not match any healthy pattern you might see in the body. The energy of a pathogen can be felt floating above the body, floating to the East and/or West of the body, and floating either South of the body and/or North depending on whether it is a cold or a flu. It will float off the body during the asymptomatic period. Symptoms express themselves when that energy touches the physical body.

When you feel that chaotic energy, the first technique is to literally push it away from the body using Fire Qi, or frequency: 144.72. You can access a Fire Qi sound file on The Official Fu Xi Wen website by clicking on the Treatment Tool drop down list box, selecting Novice Sounds and clicking on the Heaven Level Sound. Wherever you feel that chaotic energy Up/Down/East/West/North/South, push the tool in that direction away from the body but starting in a location where the energy does not yet feel chaotic. This literally pushes the energy away so you do not manifest symptoms.

But keep in mind, all you are doing in this case is stopping your body from feeling the energy of the pathogen. You still need to rub the pathogen off the body to kill the pathogen and stop the illness entirely.

Another method for healing from pathogens is to support the lymphatic system. There are three ways to do this. I also list a more advanced fourth method for increasing the protective barriers of the body.

  1. Only recently has research shown a clear link between the cerebrospinal fluid and the lymphatic system. I believe the cranio-sacral rhythm that keeps the cerebrospinal fluid moving is the muscle of the lymphatic system (as the lymphatic system lacks muscles of its own). You will find that when you get sick, the cerebrospinal fluid at W.-10°/E.+10° V.-35° grows out of balance. With colds, it develops excess cold. With flues it develops excess heat or Yin deficiency (heat in the cold areas of the body – see Novice skill level). You can control chills and fevers by balancing the cerebrospinal fluid. Simple as that. You need to at least become a Novice at Fu Xi Wen to learn how to balance a tissue.

  2. The lymphatic vessels (N.+10°/S.-10° V.-35°) are the streams through which the lymphocytes flow (they flow through the entire circulatory system as well). If you support the lymphatic system when sick, you allow your body to respond more quickly to an infection. So, when you are sick, balance the lymphatic vessels wherever you feel the virus is colonizing. If you don't know where the colony resides, protect the neck, face, and ears. When you reach the Intermediate level, you will be able to treat the lymphatic vessels inside the sinuses, nose, ear canal,
    Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
    mouth, and throat more exactly. But until then, treat in broad strokes.

  3. A third preventative method for avoiding infections and strengthening the lymphatic system must be employed long before an illness strikes. This method is to ensure that the bone marrow is balanced and that the tissue is warm. This method is described in the Apprentice chapter: “Top Six Preventative Medicine Tips”.

  1. A fourth preventative method is to diagnose the health and well-being of the mucosa and submucosa of the inner lining of the nose, the sinuses, and the nasopharynx (HT(KD) and SI(KD)). These are natural barriers that protect our inner world from invasion. When these barriers break down, the result is frequent infections and a fast rate of turnover from exposure to infection. Imbalance in these areas also increases the likelihood of allergies and chemical sensitivies.

In addition to Fu Xi Wen, there are other ways you can treat the energy of a pathogen. For instance, you can receive acupuncture or take herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine has many herbal formulas that clear the energy of pathogens. There are also homeopathic medicines that are excellent for cooling fevers or clearing the energy of a pathogen. But again, without rubbing off the colonies, no energetic treatment will have a long lasting effect.

Clearing the symptoms of a cold or flu is not the same as clearing the root cause. Without steps one and two of my protocol, step three is simply a comfort measure. Combine all three steps together, and the problem is addressed in its entirety.


We live in a germ-phobic society and people tend to take advice about colds and flues, like everything else, to the extreme. Do not employ these techniques unless you need them. Frequent nasal douching, for instance, may cause harm to the mucosa of the nose and sinuses if repeated too often. Using Fu Xi Wen to push the energy away when no imbalance exists increases Fire Qi where it should not exist and will cause other imbalances to develop. Using the Fu Xi Wen Antibiotic technique too often can scour off and destroy healthy tissue – breaking down the body's natural defensive barriers and increasing the likelihood of future illness. Instead, I recommend using these techniques as follows (this is a recommendation and by no means a prescription):

  1. On a single exposure to someone who is sick, nasal douche and gargle once and increase dietary supplements as directed by a nutritionist. Also, scrub any exposed skin surfaces with soap and water.

  2. On daily exposure to someone or multiple people who are sick, nasal douche and gargle up to three times a day and increase dietary supplements as directed. Wash all exposed areas daily. Clear your ears once a week. If you diagnose pathogenic energy, use Fu Xi Wen to push the pathogenic energy away from your body.

  3. On the first sign of being hit with a bug, nasal douche and gargle three times a day and increase dietary supplements as directed. Sweat using any method you prefer (so long as it is not a flu) and then wash the entire surface of your body with soap and water paying close attention to any red marks or superficial inflammations. If you find a new sore on your skin, including new acne, that you had not noticed previously, rub it with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Treat your ears. Use Fu Xi Wen to clear pathogenic energy and balance your cerebrospinal fluid and lymphatic vessels. Repeat these steps daily until you feel better.

  4. If a pathogen has had an opportunity to deepen, follow recommendation #3. If a cough presents itself, breathe in steam to assist in expectoration.

  5. Contribotur level practitioners can add the Fu Xi Wen Antibiotic treatment too diagnose and treat infections.

The Borg Protocol In Action

This system works. Does it work all of the time? No. I don't believe any system will work every time. For instance, when a sick child coughs or sneezes directly into your mouth, you have to employ The Borg Protocol right away or else the colonies will simply grow too quickly. In my case, I have reduced my illness rate by at least 95%.
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

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