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Your Biggest Challenge

In Fu Xi Wen, tissue selection drives
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
one's results. Select the correct tissue-angle and everything improves. Select the wrong one, and it's like trying to find the ocean in a conch shell.

Our cellular structure is awesome. It is hard not to appreciate the intricacy of our design, from the beautiful spirals of our DNA to the complexity of a single nerve cell. The interactions between tissues are similarly complex. One tissue receives nutrients from another and clears waste through another, receives nerve signals from another, attaches to two others, and so on. Oh, the humanity!

So Many Paths To Rome

When it comes to our Open Source Medicine, we may be struck by the shear number of possible solutions to treat a problem. Let's take, for example, a sinus infection. During a sinus infection, the epithelial lining of the sinuses tends to be dry and covered by very sticky mucus. This mucus, full of white blood cells, becomes yellow or green when it accumulates and coagulates in the process of absorbing the infectious agent. Thick mucus cannot flow through the tiny ducts in the sinuses and clogs them causing pressure and pain.

Let us review some of the possible treatment approaches. We can treat the skin, as the epithelial lining of the sinuses is a form of interior skin and this is where the virus or bacteria has formed its colonies. Or, we can treat the capillaries in the face to help with local blood flow. As those infectious agents advance, they penetrate these local capillaries. Or, better yet, advanced Fu Xi Wen practitioners can specifically treat the capillaries in the skin of the sinuses. One can treat the lymphatic system of the face to assist in the movement of lymph, or, again, advanced practitioners can treat the lymph in the dermis of the skin specifically inside the sinus.

Having just recovered from a cold that became a sinus infection, this example is fresh in my mind. I tried all of the tissue angles described above one by one to see which one had the effect of opening up my passageways. None worked. But I did not give up. Eventually, as I tried more and more possibilities, I happened on the solution: when I treated the arteries that fed the skin of the sinuses everything changed. The dryness became wet, the green mucus became clear, and the pain vanished.

This example illustrates several concepts. First, if at first you do not succeed, keep trying different possibilities. From the Beginner skill level through the Novice, you won't harm tissues even if you treat them when they are already balanced. So there is no harm in experimenting. As you learn diagnosis, you will be able to feel imbalances in the tissue-angles. This often makes the solution transparent. When you become an Advanced practitioner, you can become adept at diagnosing tissues through the radial pulse. And then treatment becomes as easy as reading a grocery list.

Second, this example illustrates different treatment strategies. The first strategy I employed was to treat the diseased tissue, the skin, directly. The next strategy I employed was to use the capillaries to control excess in the skin (Fire controls Metal). This concept of tissue “control” is explained when we discuss the Five Elements and their tissue relationships in the Apprentice level. The third strategy was to use the mechanical relationships that guide how things interact and flow
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
among the tissues. In treating the arteries of the skin, I increased the flow of blood and fluids into the sinuses. This had the effect of overwhelming the infection and mechanically pushed the infection out of the sinuses. Happy days.

We're In This Together

Tissue selection can be very straight forward, as in a muscle strain. Or it can be incredibly complex, as in treating high blood pressure. In the disease search function of the official Fu Xi Wen website, I attempt to provide the most likely tissues to treat. Some of these tissues will make sense from a Western perspective. Others, such as treating the Liver organ to treat high blood pressure, may seem strange. These tissues are more likely the result of traditional wisdom that becomes accessible in advanced Fu Xi Wen theory.

While I make my best attempt at solving your problem, being the simpleton that I am, I may have missed the treatment strategy that is right for you. When this happens, you have to logic out likely scenarios. This will require that you educate yourself about your symptoms or disease. You need to know the tissues that are involved and the problems they are experiencing. Also, it is helpful to know the relationships between tissues that could account for the problem.

I hope someday Fu Xi Wen will be so widely appreciated, live volunteers will be available to help in this diagnostic process. For now, check the Forums on this website to see if other people have advice for you.

Tissue selection is your greatest challenge. You are the puzzle, your tissues are the pieces. Time to see if all the kings horse and all the kings men can put your tissues back together again.

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