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Cure Versus Palliative Care

If you are coming from the Western
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medical mindset, then you know all about band aids and crutches. Of course, I don't mean band aid band aids or crutch crutches, I mean doing everything you can to simply hang on during disease exacerbations. Western medicine almost always focuses on the symptom. And since the symptom is the regenerating head of a much deeper problem, the effects are short term and the reliance on the medicine is long-term (how fortunate for drug companies). You know this, because you've experienced this often enough. Band aids and crutches.

There are instances where Western medicine provides a cure, but even these instances often come with drawbacks – effectively solving one problem by creating another. Surgery, for instance, can cure many horrible, life-threatening diseases. But then again you're usually left with a scar, the possibility of infection, and, subsequently, the possibility of some other horrible, life-threatening complication. Surgery is absolutely essential in many instances but there are almost always side effects. Antibiotics often cure an infection imperfectly in that the infection becomes chronic and repeating. They also cause yeast infections and other side effects. Even everyday pain relievers can burn a hole in your stomach.

Palliative care is treating the symptom. Cures are resolving the entire problem. Fu Xi Wen can cure imbalances as well as offer band aids and crutches.

You Can Be Cured” Attitude

In approaching Fu Xi Wen, I want you to come with the mindset that you can be cured, no matter how awesome the disease you face. I'm not promising that this is definitely true, but there are some very good reasons to start off with this attitude.

First of all, if you think at best you are just going to cover up the problem, then you might just be satisfied with that result, when far better possibilities may exist. Every time you treat yourself with Fu Xi Wen, you are a pioneer of sorts, a pure scientist working with your own body and your disease. You might just be the Louis Pasteur of this medicine even if you're a soccer Mom from Jersey. I strongly encourage you to explore every avenue of your disease before you resign yourself to the lowest denominator. Sure, you can find the band aid first so you know you have it when you need it. Then I encourage you to dig deeper.

Secondly, take full advantage of the placebo effect if it exists in your case. Tell the Western medical doctors you want their bogeyman. I'm all for you healing by the power of your own mind. It's the safest form of healing available. Fu Xi Wen is not the placebo effect. But that doesn't mean you can't use both medicines synergistically. If you have a strong will to heal, employ it to its fullest.

Third of all, we, riding together on this Oregon-trail, have no idea what the full potential of Fu Xi Wen truly is. How vast is its reach? How deep its rivers? Why couldn't it heal you of the most horrible diseases? There are no boundaries. What we have are innumerable tools with an incredible range of treatment depths, strategies, and possibilities. I truly believe that all that is required is imagination and ingenuity to solve physiological puzzles that range from simple to intricate.

We reach for the stars and sometimes we fall on our faces. You may only trade the pharmaceutical aspirin for the Fu Xi Wen aspirin. In my mind, this is still an incredible trade.
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
Pharmaceutical drugs are dangerous and cause side effects. Jovial aspirin and other pain relievers can tear apart the stomach lining no matter how cute the ad or the shape of the bottle. These are relatively safe medicines, but even these still can pack a heavy punch.

Fu Xi Wen is also dangerous when misused. But when used within the parameters set out in the official Fu Xi Wen website, Fu Xi Wen rarely causes side effects. Pharmaceutical drugs are systemic, whereas Fu Xi Wen is extremely focused and localized. So even if you have a side effect, it is rarely cause for alarm. All this is to say, explore your disease from the inside out. You can only be cured if you take on the quest. And you can only truly take on the quest, like a knight of the round table, if you believe it is worth it.

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