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Starting At The Beginning

The beginning of our journey starts
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
with the beginning of space and time.

In traditional thought, the beginning of the universe starts as a void of energy that lacks differentiation. You can think of it like a single dot, much like how modern physicists envision the early universe being infinitesimally tiny at the time of the Big Bang.

Next, the dot stretches. As it stretches, it creates two ends. The ends of this two-dimensional line create a polarity. Traditionally, we call this polarity Yin (pronounced “yin”) and Yang (pronounced “y-ahh-ng”). Yin is cold, quiescent, substantial, and dark. Yang is hot, functional, and bright.

As this line stretches, it bends over itself. When it does this, it is like bending a string lying on a table. Suddenly, part of the string pushes off the table right at you. A moment ago, the stretching dot went from one to two dimensions. Suddenly, with this bend, we've created three-dimensions. This is good, because our reality is experienced in three dimensions of space. Hurray!

One end of the string is Yang; the other is Yin. Bulging out in the middle is something that contains both Yin and Yang. We simply call this Qi. From a traditional perspective, this three dimensional string is the universal particle that makes up everything we experience in reality. How strange indeed that modern string theory has emerged recently in the Western world. From the Big Bang to string theory, there are many similarities between traditional and contemporary thought. It only took 6000 years for the ancient physicist to shake hands with the modern one. Not bad given the age of the cosmos.

Everything in the universe contains Yin, Yang, and Qi. This is true for our physical bodies as well, not just our bodies as a whole but also each individual tissue and cell.

Heaven Man and Earth

In traditional thought, the concept of the bending string reflects a little known theory called Heaven Man and Earth. Undifferentiated energy creates Yin and Yang which in turn creates the three dimensions respectively known as Heaven, Man, and Earth. The theory of Heaven, Man, and Earth is not exclusive to Fu Xi Wen. However, how it is applied is unique to this medicine.

Remember years ago in math you once made a coordinate system with X, Y, and Z planes? Guess what, instead of calling them X, Y, and Z, which frankly is just boring enough to cause public drooling by otherwise self-conscious pubescent kids, traditional physicists used the colorful terms: Heaven, Man, and Earth.

Heaven defines an up/down plane that in math we call the Y line. Earth defines a plane from North to South that in math we call the X line. And Man defines a plane from East to West that we call the Z line.

These terms are purposefully descriptive of three-dimensions as experienced by living creatures on
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
the planet earth (I'll use a lower case “e” for the planet). Heaven is that thing above us with those legendary twinkling lights city dwellers have heard so much about. Earth is that place beneath our feet that appears for all intents and purposes to be a flat plane. Man reflects those hairy bipeds that pick the apples off the trees. Of course, “Man” is very anthro-centric. We might as well call the “Man” level “Fish” or “Kangaroo”. But alas, we have to respect tradition and ignore the billions of other species that live on the Z plane.

Just as in math, X, Y, and Z describe a coordinate system, Heaven, Man, and Earth describe the spacial, field in which energy moves in our reality. Energy can move up, down, East, West, North, and South and every direction in between. It can also move in any angle around a sphere that connects these planes together. When we move on to the next skill level, we learn about the importance of angles that complicate the picture. For now, we'll stick to the X, Y, Z basics.

Heaven is a Yang plane. In and around the body, this plane should be warm. Earth is a Yin plane and in and around the body this plane should be cool. Man contains both Yin and Yang. We will simply call this Qi. In and around the body it contains a neutral temperature which to the hands actually feels slightly warm.

Like I said before, complexity is borne from the sprouting seeds of simplicity. Even though the Heaven plane is mostly Yang, the Earth plane is mostly Yin, and the Man plane is mostly Qi, each plane of Heaven, Man, and Earth contains both Yin and Yang and, in fact, each plane exists with a basic Yin and Yang polarity. This finer level of distinction becomes very important as you walk the skill ladder.

Time Out. Make yourself a P, B, and J and read the funnies in the newspaper. We are going through this very quickly. Better that you stop here, re-read the first part of this chapter and continue on when you're ready.

Onward intellectual warrior.

For the Heavenly plane, Yang is found in the sky and Yin is found where the Heavenly Y line touches the Earth. For the Earth plane, in the northern hemisphere, the North is where you'll find the cold arctic and the South is where you'll find the warm equator. So, North is Yin and South is Yang. And for the Fish/Kangaroo/Man plane, in the northern hemisphere, the East is Yang and the West is Yin.

The hemispheric distinction has the potential to throw people for a serious loop with Fu Xi Wen. As I reside in the northern hemisphere, I have a bias in this regard. I am hemispherically challenged. In fact, I have never practiced Fu Xi Wen in the southern hemisphere. See the chapter titled “Complicating Factors” to see why this matters. I apologize to all my Kiwi friends where my wife and I enjoyed a most fabulous honeymoon. And also to the billions of other fine folk in your delightful side of the globe.

String Theory

Heaven, Man, and Earth are interconnected. If you hold a string and manipulate the bottom, the middle and sides will subsequently move. The same is true if you manipulate the top or the middle. All three are interconnected. The energy that you find on one level can move to either of the other two given the right circumstances.

In later skill levels, we will discuss the concept of Jing, or weave. Energy that is big enough for us to interact with is woven together into Jing. At the same time, there are much smaller units of energy that collect inside of, move outside of, or flow in and/or around this Jing. You can imagine Jing like the fabric of a net in water with water being the universal particle. Some water flows outside the net, some flows inside, and some moves through the openings of the net. Bigger units of energy, such as fish, get caught in the net even when smaller units flow through.

The energy we manipulate with Fu Xi Wen at the earlier skill levels is purely the small stuff like the water around the net. Whether we are talking about the woven Jing or the small universal particles of Qi, they both have Yin, Yang, and Qi aspects and they all move in Heaven, Man, and Earth planes. Simplicity creates complexity. The same basic theory replicates itself over and over even as the picture becomes bigger and more complex.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Bead Theory

To simplify another piece of fairly complicated theory, let us imagine we have a very big three dimensional string made out of Jing. Let's put some small beads on the string made out of the universal particles. There are Yang beads, Yin beads, and Qi beads. These beads are loosely attached to the string and can be pushed off very easily. Let us imagine that we grab the beads in the Yin side and start to push them up the string. At the far Yang end, some of those Yang beads fall off and some of the Yin beads push themselves into the middle Qi level. Instead of blissful balance, there are now more Yin beads than Yang ones. Or, starting over, we can push from the Yang side and displace beads in a similar manner from Yang to Yin causing more Yang beads than Yin in the middle.

It turns out this is the basic way that energy flows out of balance -- like beads on a string. When physical problems develop, it is because the little beads have been pushed off one end of the string and beads that should only be at one pole migrate elsewhere. Either they go to the middle and create an imbalanced combination of Yin and Yang or they attach all the way at the other end.

Sometimes only a few Yin beads migrate. Sometimes a lot. The amount of migration determines the strength of the new symptom. Yang wants to flow back to Yang and will push all the beads above it, including Qi and Yin beads, towards the Yang. Misplaced beads always try to work their way to where they belong. Inasmuch, sometimes Yin beads are placed on the Yang end and try to sink to their appropriate level. Sometimes too many Yin beads are placed on the Yin end or too many Yang beads are placed on the Yang end. What puts these wrong beads in the wrong places? Our diets, our environments, viruses and bacteria, too much physical exertion, not enough physical exertion, parasites, seasons, natural movements of energy, and more.

For more sophisticated Fu Xi Wen practitioners, diagnosing the type of imbalance really matters. But for the Novice, what you need to take from this is that our goal is to re-jigger the string so that only the right type of bead is in the right place in the affected tissue. Being that this is an over-simplification of the matter (as sometimes you need one specific type of bead to push another specific type off), your results will be good when instead they could be stellar. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Into Practice

In order to utilize this Heaven/Man/Earth theory, you move the treatment tools up down or side to side increasing or decreasing Yin, Yang or Qi by using the appropriate sound frequency. The sound frequency increases that kind of bead associated with it. The tissue is the string. Every tissue of the body has Heaven, Man, and Earth planes. Instead of doing serious diagnosis of the problem, the Novice simply tries to remind the body of the original state of things as to where the correct beads should be. This is good enough to help many problems.

Beginner's only use one frequency: 147.85. This frequency relates to the middle Qi, the Man plane. As a Novice, you will want to move the right frequency in the right direction. So now we need two new frequencies. The frequency for Heaven, Yang, is: 144.72. The frequency for the Earth plane, Yin level is: 141.27. And that original frequency, 147.85, is for the Man, Qi, level.

Clearing Up A Confusion Before It Happens

Before we proceed, I need to warn you about something that can be confusing. There is something called Earth Qi and there is something called the Earth plane or Earth level. In the Apprentice Level, we discuss the Five Elements. One of those Elements is called Earth Qi. As this is traditional and not my own creation, I dare not change what this is called. Wouldn't it be nice and convenient if you found Earth Qi in the Earth plane? Sadly, this is not the case. Earth Qi is not found in the Earth plane of Heaven, Man, and Earth. Water Qi is found in the Earth plane. Confusing? Yes!

To help avoid this confusion in this book and on The Official Fu Xi Wen Website, I often call Earth Qi: “Five Element Earth Qi”. I call the Earth plane the “Earth plane” or “Earth Level”. I hope this will be enough differentiation to avoid any confusion. I apologize in advance if it is not.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

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