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Can I Make Money With Fu Xi Wen?

I have just described how Fu Xi Wen can
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one day make me money, so why shouldn't we explore how it can benefit you?

Now, if all you want is a way to heal, then this question is moot. You just take the lessons of Fu Xi Wen and apply them to your well-being. There is no expectation that you will make money with Fu Xi Wen. But if you want to contribute to Fu Xi Wen, one way is to assist in our internal growth. In order to grow, we need volunteers. Please volunteer. See the next chapter on volunteering. We also need commerce because commerce generates growth by its very nature. All I ask is that if you benefit financially from Fu Xi Wen, please volunteer in some capacity to pay all of the people back who have contributed time and energy to the foundation of your income stream.

Reader, I hope you will join me in making it a community value to frown upon people who prosper from this medicine without adding their own sweat equity towards its healthy development. And, on the other hand, we cannot make the same mistakes as Western medicine. This community cannot allow only people with commercial interests to control its growth. So we need volunteers who are non-commercial to fill the majority of our rank and file volunteer positions as well.

Ways You Could Make Money

You're reading my educational literature. Clearly, folks, there are better educators out there. You are welcome to teach people how to perform Fu Xi Wen, but you better know your stuff before you begin. I will strongly protect this medicine from any false and/or dangerous representations. But if you honestly attempt to share this knowledge in a clear and cogent manner, following the basic principles, and requiring all readers who practice Fu Xi Wen to adhere to the Fu Xi Wen User Agreement on the official Fu Xi Wen website, all I can say is: please help. You may write books and sell them. Create pay-to-view websites. Create blogs and receive advertising revenue. All kinds of opportunities exist for educators as well. Teach community classes. Hold Fu Xi Wen fund raisers for your Church, synagogue, temple, or mosque. “Bake Sale and Healing”, I can see the signs already.

Emoteishin would be an excellent addition to Yoga studios, meditative retreat centers, and as classes and seminars offered by practitioners of all stripes.

People who make medical instruments and user-friendly tools will find innumerable opportunities in this new economy. The tools we use today are good, but I bet you could make them better.

Research is needed to test the concepts behind Fu Xi Wen. Many PhD students out there, professors, and researchers will find opportunities in Fu Xi Wen and, hopefully, grant money.

We will need Fu Xi Wen conferences, conventions, seminars, and workshops. This should feed a lot of people. We will need newsletters and magazines. We will need educational DVDs and we will need Fu Xi Wen celebrities.

Last, but not least, one day, when the political winds are organized to blow in the right direction, we will
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
license the right to practice Fu Xi Wen on other people. I hope this is sooner rather than later, but I will need volunteers to assist me in these murky waters.

An entire new economy exists, or will exist, around Fu Xi Wen. We are the pioneers of this new economy. I do not plan to sell the shovels, because this is not a gold rush. This is a movement. But someone will need to sell the shovels. And, if you are like me and find Fu Xi Wen to be your passion, you are certainly welcome to prosper from your passion every bit as much as I expect to.

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