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Lines of Force

Remember in the Da Vinci Code when
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
Langdon follows the Rose line in Paris? It was supposed to be the true North – South meridian and therefore contain some magical importance. While I don't know Rose from Forsythia when it comes to Parisian meridians, I do know a lot about North-South lines of force. I don't call them Rose lines, I call them Jumpin Jahosephat Kick Ass Cool Lines of Medical Mojo. Let's see if that name keeps. How about if we just call them “lines of force” for now? Also, they don't just run North and South. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Lines of Force Are Not Meridians

Let's start off by differentiating two very different very confusing sets of energetic lines. According to the Chinese medical classics, the body has several energetic lines that run along very specific pathways called meridians. These lines are the major thoroughfares of energy for the body. They bring energy to the organs from the extremities and back from the organs to the extremities. There are twelve main meridians that are attached directly to the body and eight more special meridians that have attachments mostly outside the body. These are energetic lines, but they are not lines of force. These are not the lines we're talking about – although they are fully integrated with each other.


Remember when as a kid you had a toy that used a magnet to move tiny iron pieces. Remember how those iron pieces always self-organized into lines flowing from North to South in beautiful symmetrical patterns? Guess what – our bodies also have these same self-organizing electromagnet lines. We also happen to have plenty of iron in the hemoglobin of our blood and live on a very large magnet. Is this relevant to the matter? I truly don't know. But I am pretty sure the answer is “yes”. What I do know absolutely for certain is that these lines of force are self-organizing, constant, in a fixed orientation in space, and that they are major factors in our health and well being.

According to Fu Xi Wen, natural lines of force are created along our bodies because we are caught within the magnetic field of our planet.

Imagine that several fixed rays of laser light glimmered across your body in straight lines from North to South. What would happen if you turned upside down, changed your body position from East to West, or changed again from West to East. Those lights would stay exactly as they are but as your body moves, the same lights would touch different parts of your body. The lights are constant, but your body is in flux. This is exactly how the lines of force interact with our bodies. They are fixed and we constantly move around them (and through them).

Heaven Man & Earth And Lines of Force

For the sake of simplicity, we can imagine that these lines of force flow in straight lines: North/South, East/West, and Up/Down (the reality is more like the arcs formed by the iron filings around a magnet). Guess what, Heaven, Man, and Earth is knocking at our door once again. In that theory, there are three basic planes in which we live corresponding to the three dimensions of our spacial reality. North/South, East/West, and Up/Down comprise the three unique spacial planes of Heaven, Man, and
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

There are six up and down lines of force that penetrate through our bodies from East to West. These are Man level lines.

The Earth plane moves North and South. There are eight up and down lines of force that penetrate our bodies in an North/South orientation. These lines look like rungs of a ladder placed North to South.

Heaven lines run parallel to the planet Earth (and to the ground). There are nine Heaven lines of force that penetrate our bodies in this orientation at different heights from the feet to the head parallel to the planet.

The Grid

When you put all of these lines of force together, you create a three-dimensional grid. The grid consists of lines of force as well as individual pockets of energy that are caught in between them. These pockets are essentially energetic “organs” that are constantly in a process of holding and releasing energy relative to the amount of energy flowing along the lines of force. These “organs” do not correspond with Chinese concepts of organs – or Western organs either, for that matter – and so I often call them “energetic boxes” to make this distinction. Yet, they are Fu Xi Wen organs and there are hundreds of them. Hear them roar!

The Chinese concept of organs is attached to these energetic pockets inside the lines of force, even if this has never been recognized explicitly. The Chinese concept of the Spleen, for instance, controls all aspects of digestion and not just blood filtering ala Western medicine. Remember a few paragraphs ago (doesn't it seem like ages?) when I mentioned how you move but the lines of force always remain fixed? The pocket of energy where the Spleen resides inside the body stays fixed, but the Spleen moves around it depending on a person's orientation in space like a gyroscope around those unchanging lines of force. As a result, the Spleen organ actually touches the energy that connects to all of the digestive organs of the abdomen as the body changes orientation in space. So, that is why the Chinese Spleen relates to all digestive functions. Catch that? If not, no worries.

Newton Versus Quantum Physics

Let's step back and look at our bodies from the Western perspective. In that perspective, the boundaries of our bodies end at the farthest tips of our hair. We exist as finite units within the physical shell we call home. There is no energetic grid anywhere to be seen, heard, felt, smelled or tasted.

This analogy is the same as the relationship of Newtonian physics to quantum mechanics. The Newtonians only believed in the ends of their perception. The ends of their hair was the ends of their bodies. But quantum mechanics essentially states that bubbles of possibility exist around the center of an atom. There are different resting points of energy in different concentric circles around the center of an atom. Inside a specific circle, an electron can suddenly materialize and de-materialize. Now that is more wacky than Fu Xi Wen organs, don't you think? At least you've seen those lines of iron filings around a magnet. But have you ever seen a magical jumping electron?

Let's just say the universe is strange and that we are more than just the reality we can immediately perceive. Perhaps we truly are surrounded by an energetic grid that makes energetic organs inside and around our bodies. It's too bad we cannot sense it at all....

But wait a minute! What if we could perceive it?

Palpating Lines of Force

Ready for a shocker? While you may not be able to see it, hear it, taste it, or smell it, you actually can touch these lines of force (and some lucky people who see auras actually see a part of this grid as well). All you have to do is be open minded enough to try.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

It turns out that these lines of force are perceivable. Presumably, they are also measurable with some kind of device that can measure minute changes in pressure or electromagnetic forces (an astro-physicist patient who had on hand a simple device for this purpose was able to measure a very minute change though it was clear we needed to run more extensive tests with a more sensitive instrument). The technology that I have to find these lines of force are my hands. My hands are nice, beautiful, mostly well groomed hands with their share of hang-nails and calluses, but they are not special in their ability to feel energy. In fact, I teach acupuncturists how to feel 'the force' when I teach continuing education. And I can teach you too.

What exactly do lines of force feel like? Well, as you can imagine, if they were hard structures you probably couldn't do anything without bumping into them. Instead, they are wisps of interconnected particles of electromagnetic energy. Their sensations are incredibly subtle. To feel them, you must slowly move your hands through them, as opposed to hold your hands steady in them, because you need to be able to sense a subtle change in pressure. This change is the subtlest change in pressure your hands can identify. But, if you look for them, it is possible for you to feel them.

The way to find them is to ever so slowly move your hands outward from your body (or inward from an outstretched starting position ala your personal preference), but preferably in North/South, East/West, or Up/down orientations. Make sure you do not do this in a basement as the lines of force are weaker underground. Also, you have to move in a steady, slow manner. The lines of force themselves are only a few millimeters thick, so it is easy to move through them without noticing. In fact, up until this moment, you were doing that your whole entire life. Didn't know. Didn't care. If you stay at the Apprentice level of Fu Xi Wen, you still don't really need to care too much about them. But what is cool about them is that they construct a web around the body that can be used to treat any problem very deeply just by treating the correct lines of force. Also, knowing them allows you to perform certain forms of preventative medicine.

As you move your hands from close to your body to further out, your hand will hit wall after wall of these lines of force. The distance between these walls is determined by your physical size as well as the amount of energy you are holding in your energetic organs. They are not distributed evenly as the amount of energy inside the energetic organs determines each line's height, width, and length from the other lines. Each organ in between the lines of force is like its own balloon. It can be full and expansive or weak and empty. The amount of energy in these balloons determines where you feel the edges of the lines of force. Overall, the area between the lines of force becomes smaller as you move closer to the sky, the East, and the South. In other words, as you approach Yang.

These lines of force are also found in rooms. I will discuss their relevance to Fu Xi Wen Feng Shui in the Intermediate level. You can use the lines of force in rooms to treat varying tissue depths on your own body.

The importance of these lines of force at this juncture is to plant the seed that the body is comprised of numerous energetic lines and blocks all of which are relevant to your health. You will also learn about Jing as an Apprentice. The lines of force construct the weave of our bodies. Knowing about Jing, or weave, helps us treat problems faster. It is important to realize that in each block of energy, the energy within the same angles can be different. For instance, the muscles of the head are divided from the muscles of the neck by these energetic divisions. The topology of our physiology demonstrates this by starting and ending muscles, joints, and other physical structures at each line of force. In the Advanced level, I will begin to discuss pulse taking. The pulse can be looked at altogether for a big picture view or it can be divided into these energetic blocks for fine detail diagnosis of specific tissues that need treatment.

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