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The Art of Breathing

Why breathe? I mean, in Fu Xi Wen. I'm
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assuming you already know you breathe because of the Krebs cycle that takes place in the mitochondria of every cell where ADP is converted into ATP along the electron transport chain. ATP is the power that runs our body. It's KaqP is hard to beat. Oxygen is the vital component that makes the food we eat combustible for our cellular engines.

In the example treatments in previous chapters, the final component of the Fu Xi Wen process is a very strong inhalation through the mouth followed by a slow exhalation through the nose. Why breathe and why in exactly this way?

Breathing is one of those wonderful ways we take in energy from the outside world and make it personal. But in order for us to insert outside energy into our own, we need to breathe deeply through our mouths. If we only breathe through our noses or if we breathe weakly, then all we are doing is moving around the energy in our energetic boxes and lines of force. A deep, strong inhalation through the mouth draws energy from outside our own energetic shell into our energetic shell. When people are exerting themselves, they almost always breathe through their mouths strongly to pull in as much energy as possible from their environment.

A strong exhalation through the mouth dispatches our own energy from our energetic shell. This is helpful in getting rid of colds and flues and is why our bodies are designed to cough and sneeze. In acupuncture theory, strong exhalations are used when we are ridding ourselves of excessive energy. I personally believe there is no need to remove energy from our system if we can convert unhelpful energy into helpful energy – which is the process of using Fu Xi Wen treatment tools that spin the Element wheel along either the Generating Cycle or the Controlling Cycle. But viral Qi is different. It is too difficult (perhaps impossible) to integrate and therefore should be purged.

When we exhale slowly through our noses, we move the energy already inside our energetic shells without interacting with the external environment. So, if you put a strong mouth inhalation together with a slow nasal exhalation, you have a net increase in energy. This helps to push the treatment into the weave of the body, the Jing, by drawing energy inwards.

The entire purpose of Fu Xi Wen breath-work is to help set the treatment. If you do not set the treatment, the energy you manipulated around your body may move before it deepens. Talking and moving circulates the energy outside of our bodies – so without setting the treatment you will weaken its effect through your normal everyday actions.

The only time a deep breath may not be necessary is if you set the energy directly using the techniques outlined in the chapter “Perfusion” in the Intermediate skill level.

So, why breathe? For the sheer enjoyment of it. Naturally.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

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