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Short But Intense

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You may wonder if you can increase or decrease the intensity of your treatments. Yes you can.

Increasing Elemental Power

You can increase the intensity of your treatment by increasing the intensity of your treatment tool: the Five Elements. A Beginner just uses one frequency, the one for Earth Qi. A Novice uses one Element for each of Heaven, Man, and Earth (Fire, Earth Qi, and Water respectively). But when you use one frequency alone, the effect is not all that strong.

The next level of strength comes from the Generating Cycle. By combining the Mother Element with the Child Element you strongly increase the Child Element. Fire strengthens Earth Qi, so you use both together to increase the effectiveness of Earth Qi. Earth strengthens Metal for strong Metal Qi. Metal strengthens Water for strong Water Qi. Water strengthens Wood for strong Wood Qi. And Wood strengthens Fire to generate strong Fire Qi.






Fire + Wood

Earth + Fire

Metal + Earth

Water + Metal

Wood + Water

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

This Mother-Child strength is hands down much better to use than one Element alone. It's the middle level for Elemental strength.

If you want to make the effect even stronger, add the Grandmother to the Mother/Child tools. This creates an extremely powerful Elemental charge. For Earth Qi, use: Wood, Fire and Earth. For Metal Qi, use: Fire, Earth, and Metal. For Water Qi, use: Earth, Metal, and Water. For Wood Qi, use: Metal, Water, and Wood. For Fire Qi, use: Water, Wood, and Fire.






Fire + Wood + Water

Earth + Fire + Wood

Metal + Earth + Fire

Water + Metal + Earth

Wood + Water + Metal

Did you happen to notice that we are using a controlling Element in the mix? Earth Qi, for instance, controls Water Qi. Yet, we use Earth, Metal, and Water together to create stronger Water than if we didn't add the controlling Element at all. Very odd, isn't it? It all comes down to the fact that when you add one Element with the Element that controls it, both become smaller forms of energy and in the wake generate pure Yin, Yang, or Qi (think electrons moving down valences and releasing quanta of energy). Earth and Water generate pure Yin. So, when we add pure Yin with those same Elements, the effect of creating Water Qi is accentuated.

In addition to adding sound frequencies together, we also increase the strength of a treatment by adding depth tools (discussed in the Intermediate skill level) and magnets. This is essentially increasing strength by treating more layers at the same time rather than by increasing the power of the treatment tool itself.

Even Stronger Treatments: Volume & Length

Okay, let's say you don't just want a little energy, you want it all. Before I tell you how you can have it all, I want to caution you with all due gravity. The strongest intensity that I have described thus far in this chapter is by most standards safe. By taking your dial that goes to ten and showing everyone how “this one goes to eleven” (Spinal Tap reference to all you non-geeks) you can potentially harm yourself very badly. I only share the next tidbit with you because it may one day be necessary for you for your well-being, not so that you can super clock your physiology. You can super clock a computer and get a new one. But your body is the only one you've got.

The next way to increase or decrease the intensity of the treatment is by increasing the volume. While a
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
tuning fork can go from inaudible to a loud ping, a speaker clearly can be turned up very very high – even ear-harming loud. Do not turn your speaker very very high. You will never ever need to do this. But you can increase the speaker from just audible to semi-loud. The louder the speaker, the stronger the effect. But for your safety, start just audible and see how loud you need to make it. Do not start loud and assume louder is better because it may just be tremendously bad for you. If you do need to use high volume, ear plugs would be a good idea to protect valuable parts of your perceptual physiology.

A second component to volume is the length of time the sound is played. A loud but brief treatment is not as strong as a loud and long treatment. Together, volume and length determine the quantity of the Element that is played.

One final caution about volume. If you need to use a louder tool (and by the way I only use tuning forks in my practice so I never use anything loud), do not use speakers – use one side of a headphone or something equally small. Speakers have too much musical surface area and will therefore treat a large surface area of your body. If you use a loud speaker in this way, you are treating much more of your body than you intend to and this will likely cause unnecessary side effects. The louder your sound tool, the more focused it should be so that you intensely treat only the tissues you want to treat.

And don't forget, your use of Fu Xi Wen is your agreement to the terms of the Fu Xi Wen User Agreement. Please practice safe medicine.

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