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Top Six Preventative Medicine Tips

1. Warm the bone marrow in adults if
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it is cold.

As I mention in the chapter “Bone Batteries” in the Advanced skill level, warm marrow is the key to staying young. Marrow creates your red blood cells and white blood cells. If the circulation in the marrow becomes impaired, the cells are not formed in sufficient quantity or quality to fight off disease. Never warm the marrow in kids or teens. Overheating the Yang in kids can cause sterility according to the Chinese classics. Also, please review the Fu Xi Wen User Agreement in which your treatment of others is prohibited.

2. Strengthen the heart muscle

The heart's cardiac muscle is the most important muscle in the body as it is in charge of circulation. It can be found at HT(ST). As it weakens (and you can be born with cold in the heart muscle), the hands and feet grow cold easily as they lack circulation. You can also develop neuralgias and other health problems from poor circulation. In actuality, many physiological problems all over the body can be due to poor circulation from a weak heart muscle. Strengthening the cardiac muscle, especially using Advanced Perfusion and Advanced Container Qi as described in the Advanced skill level, is a good idea for your longevity and overall well-being.

3. Clean plaque off your arterial walls

Plaque grows on the walls of arteries. This is called arteriosclerosis. It is the number one reason for death and dying in the United States as it can lead to strokes, cardiac arrest and failure. Arteries are found at TW(KD to SI). Inside these angles you can find the interior and exterior linings of the arteries at LU(KD) or LI(KD). Treating tissues within tissues is discussed in the Intermediate level. If you feel cold in the Man or Heaven levels, some amount of plaque is likely present.

While you're at it, check the artery muscles at: ST(KD). If these artery muscle indicate excessive cold, the arteries are in a state of contraction that can cause high blood pressure.

Keep in mind that your circulatory is a pressure system. As you increase the lumen (opening) of the pipe, the pressure in the circulatory system will drop. Your body will respond in two ways: first you will get incredibly thirsty as a physiological response to low blood volume – the more you drink, the more volume can be added to your vessels. Also, you may grow temporarily tired (up to a few days) as your body immediately starts into the production of more blood cells to fill the circulatory system to full volume. Following this fatigue you will experience a dramatic increase in energy as more oxygenated blood circulates throughout the system. After treatment, you may also experience short-term low blood pressure for the same reasons.

4. Balance your emotions

As you will learn in the Advanced skill level, your emotions clearly direct energy to specific parts of your body. Experiencing the same emotion over and over again for years on end is an harbinger for disease. Don't get me wrong, it is vital that you feel your feelings. As always, balance is the key to well-being.
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
You will find a discussion of emotions in the “Spiritual Anatomy” chapter in the Advanced skill level.

5. Balance your loved ones

Of course, as I said at the beginning of the chapter, your Fu Xi Wen User Agreement prohibits your use of Fu Xi Wen on other people. So, for your well-being (not to mention theirs) encourage them to learn Fu Xi Wen. When you are in the same room with someone else, their energy intermingles with your own. You overlap. That means all of their problems have some impact on your energy and physiology. Short term contact with strangers – say at a subway stop – usually poses no major or long lasting problem unless they are experiencing intense emotions, but repeatedly overlapping with someone who is imbalanced will eventually cause imbalance in yourself.

Blend for health – share the secrets of Fu Xi Wen with the people you care most about. And if they refuse to learn, don't worry. You can still love them and live with them. Continue to diagnose and treat yourself as this will undo their negative energetic influence on you.

6. Eat better. Live Better.

You know exactly what I mean. Don't squirm out of this one. You know it if your diet stinks. And if it stinks and you don't know it, then you need to wake up. Don't eat anything with hydrogenated oils. Eat your fruits and veggies. Avoid sugar and sweets and other sweeteners as much as possible – but don't deny yourself irregular treats as denial just amps up your emotional attachment to them. Avoid white sugar especially and white flour. Eat whole grains. Stop drinking cola except for special occasions. Remove all sugar products from your house. Change from milk chocolate to bitter chocolate for your fix. Don't drink more than a single small cup of coffee a day – get additional caffeine if you really need it from tea. You've heard this all before in some form, I'm sure. Eat better. The act of habitual eating what we love is the single most important influence on our well-being because it pushes our energy in exactly the same way day after day after day. Frankly, it's our habits that kill most of us in the end.

Living better also means exercising. Find ways out of emotional ruts. Stop working those long hours. Stop sleeping less than you need. Stop working in a place that robs your spirit. Don't allow anyone to abuse you, demean you, attack you, or feed off you. Your body and your emotions are intertwined and every emotion you have brings you balance or heads you towards disease. If you are having too many negative emotions about your love life or your work life or your family life, you know it. And if you know it, you need to stop the trance you're living in. Look square at the problems you face and solve them. You're ignoring them is at your own peril and is just as bad as smoking ten packs a day. It is only when you face your fears that you discover how small they really are. And then you suddenly can see exactly how they were meant to motivate you in your life. If you can see that clearly, then you no longer need them and you can release them.

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