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Example Apprentice-Level Treatment

Fair Apprentiae, now is the time
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
to put our new medical acumen to work. A treatment at this skill level needs a new tool added to our sound tool. We need a magnet, preferably of a high gauss, such as around 10,000. If you need help locating a magnet of this strength, please refer to the “Store” link for vendors. I prefer a small tubular magnet as it can lay flat on my sound tool very easily. Speakers often have metal in the sound plate and the magnet will stick right onto them.

You can still proceed without a magnet if you use Fu Xi Wen Massage. I prefer to treat Jing because it controls the Qi and because Jing can act like a drag on healing if it is not treated.

In my clinical practice, I don't have time to massage everyone and usually limit this to pain relief. But as mentioned in the massage chapter you can use it for any kind of tissue problem simply by massaging the local muscle in the angle of the tissue to treat.

When treating as an Apprentice, the effectiveness of your treatment will be far greater if you now use the Five Element generating cycles. Since we are not yet at a point of understanding differential diagnosis, always use the Mother and Child that correspond with Heaven, Man and Earth as follows:

Heaven is Fire, so use the Wood and Fire frequencies.

Man is Earth, so use the Fire and Earth frequencies.

Earth is Water, so use the Metal and Water frequencies. (In the “Short But Intense” chapter I described using the grandmother, mother and child Elements together such as Metal, Water, and Earth together to strongly tonify Yin. You can try that here too if you would like.)

These frequencies are available via the Treatment Tool drop down list box on the homepage of The Official Fu Xi Wen Website as “Apprentice Sounds”.

When you learn how to diagnose the Element present in the tissue, your KaqP (Kick Ass Qi Powers) will grow exponentially as you can not just increase a weak Element ala the Generating Cycle, but also control an excess problem ala the Controlling Cycle. But for now we double our strength over the Novice sound tools using the Mother and Child relationships.

  1. Select the tissue you wish to treat.

  2. Massage the local muscles and tendons in the corresponding T° for that tissue in Heaven, Man, and Earth planes.

  3. Place your magnet next to your sound tool or in the center of your speaker (should it stick to metal there) – its better if you don't touch the magnet directly.

  4. Place your sound tool in the proper T°.

  5. Turn on the sound at the Mother and Child frequencies. Move the sound tool up and down to treat Heaven at the frequencies of: 144.72 and 183.58. Move the sound tool East and West to treat Man at the frequencies of: 144.72 and 147.85. Move the sound tool North and South at the frequencies of” 221.23 and 141.27.

  6. Play
    Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
    the sound for thirty seconds for Heaven, Man, and Earth respectively.

  7. Turn off the sound.

  8. Place your teishin in the same T°. Point your Fire sound tool directly up and then down and play the sound moving the teishin up and down. Point the Earth sound East and then West and play the sound moving the teishin East and West. And point the Water sound North and then South and play the sound moving the teishin North and South.

  9. Now, put down your teishin. In the same area you have been treating, point your Fire tool directly up and then directly down for 15 seconds each time, moving up and down. Next, take your Earth tool and direct it East and then West for 15 seconds each time, moving East and West while the sound plays. Finally, take your Water tool and direct it North and then South playing the sound for 15 seconds each time and moving North and South.

  10. Breathe in deeply and forcefully through your mouth and exhale slowly through your nose. Repeat for two breaths.

  11. Wait twenty-four hours and see how well you did.

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