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Apprentice System Theory

Treating the overall system is just as
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important in Fu Xi Wen as treating the imbalanced tissue's individual tissue-angle. System Theory helps us overcome the greatest weakness in Fu Xi Wen tissue theory. If we treat the wrong tissue-angles and nothing else, then our treatments fail. But, if we employ System Theory, then even if our tissue treatments are incorrectly applied, we still can change the state of the disease and stop the disease symptoms.

Painting the Box

As I said in the chapter “Painting The Box”, I recommend the use of this technique in all treatments in order to cover our bases. The reason for this is that “Painting the Box” is a sub-system-level treatment. I say “sub-system” because the way we employ this technique at the early skill levels is still focused on the local area of disease. The teishin component of a basic treatment applies “Painting the Box” to an individual tissue. Each tissue is a sub-system that contains all of the sub-tissue units within it. Soon, I will discuss the concept of “tissues within tissues”. But suffice it to say, every tissue is comprised of innumerable other tissues. By using “Painting The Box” with a tissue-angle, we effectively treat every sub-tissue that falls within that tissue.

In the Intermediate skill level, I introduce the concept of “Recharging the Battery.” The recharging theory simply applies Painting the Box to the entire body and therefore treats the entire body as a singular system.

Lines of Force and Energetic Boxes

Each line of force and energetic box is a sub-system that contains evey tissue-angle within it as its inter-related units. To balance a line of force or an energetic box is to balance every tissue-angle within that system. You can therefore apply Painting the Box theory to individual lines of force and entire energetic boxes to balance diseases that fall within their domains or as a form of preventative medicine.

In the Advanced skill levels, I discuss Gateways as a form of remote treatment. Specific organs effectively control entire energetic boxes and lines of force. At this Apprentice level, applying Painting the Box to an energetic box may require treating a large physical area. When you reach the Advanced level, you can apply the same technique to a Gateway and quickly and easily treat their corresponding lines of force and energetic boxes.

Five Element Systems

Finally, it is important to note that each Five Element is a sub-system that works within the systems of the Generating and Controlling Cycles. In the anatomy and physiology chapter I introduced tissue associations with the Five Elements. Each tissue is a unit within the sub-system of an Element within the entire system of the Generating and Controlling Cycles. In other words, balancing one tissue has a generating effect on other tissues within the Five Element Generating Cycle. It also has a controlling effect on other tissues within the Five Element Controlling Cycle. You cannot balance the kidney organs without it directly impacting the heart organ. The kidney organs are Water and the Heart organ is Fire. Water controls Fire. This is true when you balance any tissue, not just the kidneys and the heart. Balancing a tissue strengthens the Element of its association and has a system-wide impact on other tissues.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

The implication of this theory is that one should not excessively focus on a single tissue or array of tissues within a single Five Element category. While it may appear at the outset that this is balancing the deficiencies in the system, in actuality, you may be causing one Element to become excessive in relationship with the others.

To avoid this danger, it is important to learn the Five Element tissue associations as described in the Anatomy and Physiology chapters. When you treat one tissue, diagnose the health of its controlling tissues and its controlled tissues to make sure the system can handle it. Strengthening Elements in tandem decreases the likelihood of healing reactions and side effects.

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