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Inoculate Yourself Here

The purpose of this chapter is to
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consider the consequences of joining a healthcare marketplace that is dominated by large, emotionless corporations focused solely on their bottom lines. Their goal is not to heal people with the best medicine, but to enhance profits at all costs. Inasmuch, we are persona non grata.

I ran my own software company for years and worked jointly and in competition with large corporations. My years in business taught me some invaluable lessons which I hope can be instructive for safely launching and guiding Fu Xi Wen in these murky waters. One such lesson: It pays to be paranoid. Another lesson: people (friends and foe) fight dirty over money. Time and time again I found myself disappointed by the choices and actions of colleagues and competitors over greed. People who are wonderful father's, mothers, friends, and cousins, turn into valueless zombies under corporate pressures and the trances we carry around the meaning of “success”.

The competition in this trillion dollar industry has every reason to undermine Fu Xi Wen – especially when Fu Xi Wen succeeds in reducing peoples' medications. They also have every resource to throw against us but one: the people. Fu Xi Wen is the people's medicine. This is our greatest resource and we need to mobilize it to its fullest.

Taking a healthcare theme, I am going to describe pathogenic threats to Fu Xi Wen and offer “inoculations” so that we can be preventative as well as prescriptive should any threat actually materialize to our right to heal ourselves with Open Source Medicine.

The number one inoculation that we have is the ability to organize and communicate. To protect the future of this medicine, we need to actively promote our political interests, we need to share our excitement about Fu Xi Wen with the people we know, and we need to invest resources into our community.

Email Your Legislators: Follow this link (on the Official Fu Xi Wen website) and send emails to your local, state, and national legislators about your interest in protecting your right to practice Fu Xi Wen. Please request their help in formally licensing Fu Xi Wen so that we can legally practice this medicine on others.

Maximize Your Mailing List: Send an email to your entire mailing list telling your friends, family, and colleagues about your excitement over Fu Xi Wen. Growing our community is the absolute most important thing to do. The smaller we are, the weaker we are politically.

Make A Donation: whether you donate money or your profesional skills, your donation is vital to our sustainability. I hope all Fu Xi Wen members will value returning resources back to this community. I hope I am setting the tone by donating the building blocks of Fu Xi Wen theory, years of my life, and my financial resources towards your right to practice this medicine. What can you donate? One resource we desperately need right now is cash. We need money to protect our legal rights to heal ourselves not just in the United States but around the globe.

In addition to these essential immunity-boosters, I have spent some time considering how corporations might attack Fu Xi Wen so that we might be prepared to respond as an organized body.
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Name Calling: The Dangers of Falling For Pseudo-Science

The threat: Scaring people away from Fu Xi Wen by calling it put-down names, ie “pseudo-science” or “the placebo effect”. They will say, not only is Fu Xi Wen the placebo affect, it can cause harm to people because they are getting off their medications and avoiding much needed treatment by falling for the charms of hucksters.

The Prevention: thoroughly research Fu Xi Wen. Help others research Fu Xi Wen by keeping public (but anonymous) records of our personal results and changes in medical tests via the homepage Record Data tool.

The Prescription: point out to friends, family, colleagues, and the media the many ways that Western medicine fails to follow its own scientific standards.

Remember in the school yard how threats were handled through name calling, lying, and throwing dirt? This behavior quickly caused people to ostracize the victim because we all recognize from a young age how quickly the mob turns ugly. This still happens in the adult world, but the bullies can do it from a distance using the media.

First, they will say there is no scientific data to support Fu Xi Wen. They will implicitly point to Western medicine as the pinnacle of scientific rigor and then point to Fu Xi Wen and call it names. But is Western medicine truly the pinnacle of scientific rigor? Are pharmaceutical drugs actually tested to the same high scientific standards to which they would have apply to the competition?

Just go to Defective Drugs at and you will find some of the top drug names that the FDA approved for the medical market. They were apparently rigorously studied, but in actual practice have caused innumerable problems.

Let's just face facts about Fu Xi Wen. Fu Xi Wen has not been studied as yet in double-blind experiments. At this juncture, this is true. Just because it has not yet been tested does not mean Fu Xi Wen is not up for the test. In fact, I believe most medical tests could verify its results very easily. Blood tests, ultrasound scans, pet scans, etc. Innovation has occurred in the field and is now ready for review.

Secondly, they will say Fu Xi Wen, when it works, is nothing more than the placebo effect. Remember, the placebo effect is the bogeyman for Western medicine. But anyone who looks at it fairly would agree, it is much better to heal from a sugar pill than from a pill that causes thirty-five different kinds of side effects. Be afraid of the bogeyman. Be very afraid. You might just heal yourself without side effects. The horror!

Third, talking heads will say that Fu Xi Wen is dangerous because people are hurting themselves by discontinuing their prescribed medications. People facing horrible diseases are throwing away their pill bottles for the song of the fake medicine man. Let's face the facts. People stop taking their medications all the time with no reason at all. People hate their pills, they hate the side effects, they hate the expense, they hate the process of getting prescriptions, they hate the swallowing large pills or so many of them, and they might just want to stop. Before Fu Xi Wen, they stopped. After Fu Xi Wen, they stop. Is Fu Xi Wen the cause of this phenomenon? No. It's not Fu Xi Wen's fault that pharmaceutical companies make bad products.

Nowhere in this website will you find any recommendation for a person to discontinue prescribed medications. It can be dangerous to do so without a doctor's guidance. Furthermore, there are no promises being made to anyone that Fu Xi Wen will cure a person's problem or ameliorate it any better than Western medication. If someone stops taking their meds, it is not because Fu Xi Wen is “hucking” them.

Biased Research

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

The Threat: corporations will pay for biased research that paints Fu Xi Wen in a bad light.

The Prevention: we need to encourage independent research and record our own unadulterated data.

The Prescription: when research is published about Fu Xi Wen, it is important that its source of funding is clear. If the possibility of bias exists, this needs to be brought to the attention of the media that promotes it en masse.

Researchers are people and people need to eat. The question that is always the case with medical research is: who is paying the bills? If a corporation is paying the bills, the results can hardly be trustworthy. Only independent research has a chance at being valid. Can Fu Xi Wen receive fair play? I think it can. But I also think any research about Fu Xi Wen should be rigorously reviewed to ensure researcher neutrality.

Immoral Leaders

The Threat: the sins of Fu Xi Wen members, especially its leadership, are applied to the whole community.

The Prevention: accept that our community is made up of human beings that make mistakes and move on. At the same time, we need to maintain strict standards, especially in the case that we achieve licensure for the field.

The Prescription: if some of our sins are newsworthy, then we might as well inundate the media with all of our sins. I believe we should send letters and emails to any media outlet that accepts any negative story about Fu Xi Wen members to let them know about all of our individual bad choices.

Another kind of attack on Fu Xi Wen could be to cut off its head by attributing the sins of its leadership to the organization as a whole. So I state it right here and right now, I am an immoral, pitiful man, scum of the Earth, with filthy thoughts, and a walk-in skeleton closet. There are people on this planet who I have wronged and who do not like me (by the way if you are one of these people, I truly am deeply sorry). I have also made youthful mistakes, such as when I wrote The Fame Seeker's Guide when I was 24 or when I wrote that book about how Chinese medicine can improve sex when I was 32 (and by the way Fu Xi Wen is even better at it). In retrospect, I have made some mistakes. Ethan, say it isn't so! And no, you can't have a copy of the sex book.

But has Fu Xi Wen harmed animals through experimentation or tested drugs on helpless indigent populations? Have I encouraged people to violate ethical principles in order to make more money?

The messenger is an insane lunatic, long live the message. If you learn Fu Xi Wen, it lives in you and you are its keeper. So please forgive my humanity when it is played against Fu Xi Wen.

Push the Pedestal

In the United States we have a slight variation on the immoral person attack. We take weak minded shmoes give them a three movie deal and treat them like royalty. Give them fame and fortune. Then, every mistake they make is televised live in the public eye. We prop them up only so that we can systematically cut them to shreds until they are nothing. This is cathartic and it is big business that makes a lot of people wealthy.

Just so you know, I check the mail every day for my three movie deal.

Fu Xi Wen Can Kill You

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

The Threat: frighten people away from Fu Xi Wen by emphasizing its dangers.

The Prevention: be up-front about the dangers and emphasize safety at all times.

The Prescription: email friends, family, and colleagues about our successes whenever we experience them. We trust the experience of our social circle more than anything else.

Recent data showed that prescribed pharmaceutical medications send 1.5 million people to the emergency room every year killing over 100,000 of them. This is called iatrogenic disease, or doctor-caused disease. These numbers are just in the United States, by the way. So you do the math of how many people pharmaceutical drugs kill world-wide every year – especially in those countries where hospitals can't save lives as effectively as in the United States.

Certainly, Fu Xi Wen can hurt people. However, I believe it is akin to acupuncture which has so few iatrogenic events per year as to be unnecessary to mention. Only time will tell.

Fu Xi Wen has the potential to harm you. It is real medicine. At the Beginner level of Fu Xi Wen, it cannot cause tremendous harm. If a side effect appears, do not repeat the treatment and everything will return to homeostasis. At more advanced levels, you have more information to treat yourself in a responsible way using stronger medicine. But it certainly can hurt you if misused.

Sue the Poor Bastards

The Threat: corporations will fund lawsuits to bankrupt Fu Xi Wen

The Prevention: require everyone to accept the Fu Xi Wen User Agreement. Also, give Fu Xi Wen away for free.

The Prescription: support our legal rights by making financial donations. Provide pro bono legal assistance. Be a witness for Fu Xi Wen. Shareholders should hold corporations accountable for their actions.

In all my years in business, one of the best strategies I have seen put into practice to snuff out competition is to bleed the competition financially through litigation. You can sue anyone for anything in the United States. So, a lawsuit does not have to have any bearing in reality. The costs are substantial to the little man and are nothing to big pockets. It's a no lose proposition.

It would not surprise me one bit if the pharmaceutical industry paid the bills for individuals who hurt themselves to sue Ethan Borg LLC and Fu Xi Wen. I will need the financial help of all of my Fu Xi Wen friends to protect this medicine from this kind of attack. I will fight to protect the rights of all people to treat themselves with free medicine. This is why all people who use Fu Xi Wen must indemnify me and my heirs in the User Agreement. This legal maneuver is the best protection we have.


The Threat: sabotage Fu Xi Wen by using the collaborative process to stagnate the medicine with in-fighting and weaken the medicine by codifying mistakes

The Prevention: checks and balances are built into the collaborative process.

The Prescription: protect the medicine through collaboration. Bring to our attention errors and omissions.

Having a collaborative process open to everyone poses another danger. It is possible that parties attack the core of the medicine from the inside. This is true paranoia (as if
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
what I said already isn't). But sometimes even the paranoid are followed. To protect Fu Xi Wen from infiltration and sabotage, I am devising the participation process to involve checks and balances. Just as one man controls the Linux core, Linus Torvalds, I will be the final arbiter of the official Fu Xi Wen core theory. Change to the theory is open to debate, but ultimately, I will need to sign on to it to make it official. I am the top of the pyramid. Below that is the development base of Contributors. This base will be developed with checks and balances in mind – more to protect the core from mistakes than from sabotage, but it will serve that purpose too. The foundation of the pyramid are all of the Fu Xi Wen practitioners, any of whom can participate in the collaborative process within the checks and balances structure.

Unknown Threats

In nature, the most successful pathogens are those that use surprise to their advantage and that attack the weakest chains in the link. Of course, we can never identify all of the possible threats to this medicine and our community. That is not my intention. My intention is for our community to understand that by joining the sharks, we can be bitten. So we need to organize and strategize so that our community can survive and thrive into the indefinite future.

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