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Data Collection And Research

I was speaking with a former president
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
of a healthcare insurance company recently. He inquired whether or not I was doing research on Fu Xi Wen. One problem with Western medicine and the modern insurance model, he stated, is that there has been a failure to test the validity of techniques from the outset, leading to years of making poor medical decisions based on faulty information and inaccurate claims.

I am not personally performing research because that is not my interest. My interest is in creating a new medicine and teaching this medicine to others. But I am hoping there will be many people in the Fu Xi Wen community who are interested in research and who will fill this vital role for our community. This is the outset of our venture. And why shouldn't we start data collection at this juncture?

In order to assist future researchers, I strongly encourage every Fu Xi Wen “patient” to record as much data as possible about each and every treatment performed. The front page of the official Fu Xi Wen website has a link for recording data. Please register a new session for each disease or imbalance you treat. Record the results of each treatment no sooner than 48 hours after your treatment and no later than one week after your treatment. All of this data will be made publicly available.

Risks And Limitations

Of course, there are risks and limitations to this data collection process. First, I will do my best to protect the data from fraud by ensuring people use valid, password protected log-ins. However, keeping this information on a public network leaves room for hacking. I will regularly back up the database so that we can protect it from fraud. Secondly, there are clearly no control groups built into a process in which only people receiving Fu Xi Wen treatments record their data. So, it will be hard to make comparisons which is a critical component to scientific research. Third, there is the perceived risk that I would modify the data to make Fu Xi Wen appear more successful than it really is. To avoid this risk, the data you enter will be made immediately available on the internet without any lag time. You will also receive an email “receipt” for your records that can be mapped back to the online data.

Those concerns aside, I ask that everyone in our community please help build public knowledge by recording treatment sessions and results.

Western Tests

Furthermore, I ask that you post information about the Western medical tests that you have had before and after Fu Xi Wen treatments so that we can create a public record of disease states, Fu Xi Wen techniques, and Western tests. This will be incredibly important in illustrating the effectiveness of our techniques according to modern standards.

Thank you for assisting in this vital data collection process!

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

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