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Energetic Divisions and “Chakras”

Lines of force, as you remember,
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
construct a grid around our bodies. Nine Heaven lines intersect with six Man lines intersect with eight Earth lines. When you put those intersections together, you get a total of 432 intersections, creating scores and scores of energetic boxes inside the grid.

Each energetic box contains separate energy and is functionally unique from the boxes immediately next to it. The grid is fixed in its orientation but the body moves around inside of it. Lying face down connects different parts of the energetic structure to the physical body opposed to standing up, lying face up, doing a cannonball, or standing upside down. Each orientation connects the body to different energetic boxes and lines of force. This can cause certain symptoms to arise positionally or seeming randomly. That said, there is a subtle permanent relationship that is always retained with specific boxes and specific parts of the anatomy that are described below.

The functional aspects of the boxes are better understood when you look only at one plane at a time (as opposed to all three simultaneously).

Below, I will divide the energetic planes for Man, Earth, and Heaven. I will ascribe things to different planes none of which you need to believe in to use Fu Xi Wen. I describe each plane with the head in the Yang location (South, East or away from the ground) and the feet in the Yin location (North, West, or towards the ground) to best illustrate how the body is divided by these planes. In reality, a person moves around in these energetic levels in extremely complicated ways with all of the planes overlapping each other.

Man Level

Imagine a person lying down from East to West, with the head in the Yang East and the feet in the Yin West. The first energetic Man level is located below the ankles. This energetic level relates to one's physical body.

The second level is found between a line of force connecting the ankles and a line of force connecting the hips. This area relates to one's basic emotions: love/conflict, growth (I'm calling this an emotion)/action/anger/frustration, confidence/fear, integrity/sadness, and trust/distrust .

The third level is designated between a line of force at the bottom of the ribs and a line of force connecting the tops of the hips. This level relates to one's more complex emotions. These are simply Yang aspects of those simple emotions. Unconditional love/fighting, decision making/indecisiveness, willpower/lack of willpower, expectations and desires/disappointment or feeling judged, and power/weakness.

The fourth level is divided by a line of force connecting the armpits and a line of force connecting the bottom of the ribs. This relates to one's life story. What happened, what is happening, and what will happen. The front relates to the future (Yang), the back relates to the past (Yin), and the sides relate to the present. (These front/back/side time relationships are true for all of the levels – for instance, the front of the abdomen below the bellybutton relates to the simple emotions one has for the future, where the sacrum relates to simple emotions one feels
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
about the past).

The fifth level is divided by a line of force connecting the base of the skull to the upper jaw and a line of force connecting the armpits. This energetic box relates to how one filter's the raw data of one's life. In other words, it relates to one's belief systems, morals, and ethics.

The sixth level is divided by a line of force that connects the divots in one's forehead just above the eyebrows with a line of force at the upper jaw and base of the skull. This energetic block contains all of the sensory organs of the face and is the energetic section that collects raw experience.

A seventh level exists above a line of force at the eyebrows. This energetic block relates to one's interconnectedness to all things. (There are seven levels made out of six lines of force).

We can see how the energetic levels interconnect. A person receives raw data from the universe: “so-and-so touched me”. That touch is then processed by the sixth energetic structure that receives sensory data. That data goes to the fifth energetic structure that filters that information. Was that touch “good” or “bad”? Let's say it was ethically, morally, and culturally good. That information is then stored in the fourth energetic structure as a positive life experience. It then moves to the third energetic structure where the person decides how to feel about that touch. Did it meet expectations? Cause feelings of unconditional love? Then it goes to the second level where the basic emotions of love are actually felt. Finally, it reaches the bottom level where it is stored as part of the person's past where one can have the greatest perspective on it.

Earth Level

There are also Heaven and Earth levels as well. These levels are very similar to the Man level. However, they differ in that they have additional lines of force at the knees, floating below the feet, and, in the case of Heaven, floating above the head.

The Earth level, as you can imagine, is more “earthy”, more physical, more species-oriented and not as focused on individual attributes and experiences. There are eight Earth lines of force making nine energetic blocks. The Man level is all about our uniqueness, while the Earth level is more general about the capabilities of our species. When a person lies North to South with the head in the South and the feet in the North, then the energetic structures are as follows:

The first level exists beneath a line of force that floats beneath the feet. This level reflects our connection to the planet earth. For instance, when balanced, we feel grounded.

The second level is found between a line at the ankles and a line floating several inches to several feet beneath the feet. The last two finger bones (the last one for the thumb) are also part of this energetic structure. This energetic structure relates to genetics. When a virus attacks, the feet feel cold because we are in contact with its cold genetics. Sounds weird, but next time you're sick with a cold you'll notice those cold feet.

In fact, you can determine how your genes are affecting your health as follows. The right hand and foot relate to your Mother. The left hand and foot relate to your father (father is Yang, mother is Yin; the left side is always Yang and the right side is always Yin).

Each parent had two parents. The thumb is the corresponding parent's father. The big toe is the corresponding parent's mother. (Remember left is Dad side and right is Mom side).

Each grandparent has a mother and father, great grandparents. The longest fingers and toes are on the father's side and the shortest fingers and toes are on the mother's side. So the index finger/toe and pinky fingers/toes relate to both of your great grandmothers and the middle finger/toe and ring finger/toe relate to your great grandfathers.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

If that was a bit confusing, it is not all that important, really. Just an interesting aside. The important fact is that the last finger digit of the thumb and last two of the other fingers are energetically in the same box as the the energy of the feet.

In the Earth level, the third energetic level exists between a line of force connecting the knees and a line at the ankles. The third-to-last finger digit (second to last for the thumb) is part of this energetic level. This level relates to the physical experiences of the past.

The fourth level resides between the lines of force at the knees and the hips.

All of the remaining levels are defined according to the lines of force exactly the same way as in the Man level. But the difference is that in every level, the energy that is stored in Earth relates to physical experiences and our physical ability to experience them – for instance, the physical ability to experience love as opposed to the emotion itself. That said, the fourth energetic level from the hips to the knees and the wrists to the palms relates to one's physical ability to experience one's basic emotions.

The fifth Earth level connects a line at the hips with a line beneath the ribs. This relates to the physical ability to experience complex emotions.

The sixth Earth level relates to the physical impacts of one's life story and the physical ability to create and retain a life story – such as memory.

The seventh Earth level relates to the physical ability to filter raw data into information.

The eighth Earth level relates to the biology of one's sensory experience.

The ninth Earth level relates to the physical ability to communicate with other members of the species. This communication is both verbal and non-verbal, such as with blushing or pheromones.

Heaven Level

I am not going to even try to convince you that I understand the Heavenly levels more than just a tiny intsy little bit. Heaven is all about spiritual energies. You don't have to believe this to use Fu Xi Wen. In many ways, these energies are designed to test us and see our internal and external strengths and weaknesses. When something happens out of the blue or that turns the course of our lives, it is often Heaven moving us so that we can impact other sentient being's lives, or so that we ourselves experience more of our minds, bodies, and spirits. I personally believe that when we start avoiding these spiritual tests, we start to cut ourselves off from Heaven. This is a bad idea as it generally means we will become cold (Heaven is hot), disease-ridden, and die.

There are nine Heavenly lines of force creating ten energetic divisions. In order to understand these divisions, imagine a person standing up with his head in Heaven and feet in Earth. The first eight lines of force and divisions have the same exact boundaries as the Earth level when described in this upright position. The only difference is the ninth line of force which floats above the head, creating a tenth division above it.

The first level floats beneath the line of force residing below the feet. This level relates to the movement of spirit on our genetic heritage, our anscestors. How spirit made the human species. This includes our spiritual relationship with the innumerable species that were developed in the succession that eventually became us. How do we individually relate to our inner animal, urges, and behaviors that are outside of our control? Many of us struggle with these issues daily. This location also relates specifically to our personal genetic heritage and our spiritual relationship to our fore bearers.

This is where we process how spirit treated our Heavenly parents. Every living creature is tested by
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
spirit. Sometimes those tests appear from an outsider's perspective as easy and kind and sometimes they appear horrible and painful. This level is where we work out our feelings about our parents' life experiences and our parents' emotional, physical, and spiritual reactions to them.

The second level, that encompasses the feet, is the level of spiritual objects in our lives. The Bible, Koran, Hindu Sutras, Buddhist scripture, and the Torah are excellent examples of spiritual objects – objects that we imbue with emotional meaning.

The third Heaven level, from the ankles to the knees, relates to the spiritual aspects of the past – the past of our world, community, family, and ourselves. This area relates to our emotion-laden memories.

The fourth level, from knees to hips, relates to how we look at our own past experiences. How did we deal with life's expected and unexpected pressures, turns, and twists? This area relates to ritual actions – actions that we ritualistically repeat that tie our current situation with the past.

The fifth level, from hips to lowest ribs, relates to how we feel about our current life challenges. This area relates to ritual emotions – those emotions we regularly cycle through.

The sixth level, the chest to armpits, relates to the story of our challenges as well as how we influence our own futures, pasts, and presents. This area relates to our ritual desires. Often we call these desires “goals”, “ambitions” or “hopes”.

The seventh level, from armpits to upper jaw, relates to our filtering and understanding our challenges. This relates to ritual (as in “often repeated”) expressions and communications.

The eighth level, from upper jaw to divots on the forehead, relates to our intuitions.

The ninth level, from forehead to above the head, relates to archetypes and symbols.

And the tenth level, floating above the head, relates to our connection with the great spirit that is setting everything into motion for us to have the spiritual experiences we are having. This area relates to unconditional love and our interconnection with all things.

The lines of force themselves represent how these Heavenly, Earthly, and yes I'm going to say it, Manly energies affect other people in our lives. In contrast, the energetic boxes reflect the movement of these energies within our own lives.

Please Note

It is not important to me that you buy into any of this Heavenly theory. I don't care if you believe in spirit or genetics or life stories or whatnot. None of that matters for you to use Fu Xi Wen. I believe knowing this is helpful in understanding why a problem has materialized in someone's life in a specific location of the body. It can also explain why spiritual solutions, such as prayer, work to heal physical complaints. But if you don't buy it, no worries. You can still use Fu Xi Wen just as well as a person who accepts these as truisms.

Some people may think this whole conversation about spirit is off-putting. Others may disagree with evolution and genetics and see everything as spiritual. Others might worry that I am advocating a religion. Please note that there is no discussion here about any particular religious tradition or belief. You do not need to ascribe to any belief system to work with Fu Xi Wen.

The only thing that matters is that you understand that the lines of force make up energetic boxes. These boxes each contain separate energy. And any one box or combination of boxes can become energetically imbalanced leading to disease states. Soon, we are going to give names to the lines of force so that we can discuss how to treat problems in the lines and in the boxes more easily, more quickly, and more deeply. But next, we need to increase the number of tools in our tool chest.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

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