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Fu Xi Wen Feng Shui

Welcome to Alice's home away from home.
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Time to look through that looking glass. At last turn, we took a closer look at the lines of force. These lines of force are always projected around us in a fixed orientation in space because of our planet's magnetism. All around us is a grid of energy that consists of individual boxes of energy, each with unique balances and imbalances in the 360° of space within them.

The Law of Magnificence

It turns out that every room we walk in also has its own energetic lines of force. These lines of force are the same in number as what we experience around our bodies, creating the same energetic planes and boxes. It is unclear if this only exists as a projection from a living creature's energy in the room. But I guess not. I believe there is likely a set number of lines of force defined by a law of physics not yet realized. I just coined a word in my head: magna-physics. Let's call it the Law of Magnaphysics (or the Law of Magnificence for short, or long). In that law, I believe it should be stated that on the planet Earth, every object or space within the Earth's magnetism will consist of nine parallel lines with the planet surface, six East-West lines, and eight North-South lines of electromagnetic energy.

Energy has different levels of magnification as we go from Qi to Jing. Since Jing is what we interact with, it is the lowest level of magnification. Since Qi is the unifying particle, it has the highest. In every room, and in every body, the energy exists in a spectrum from small to large. The most Yang locations have the smallest energy. These locations are in Heaven, at the South, and in the East. In the most Yin locations, the energy is largest. These locations are at the floor, in the North, and in the West.

The different sizes of energy matter to medicine in that the smaller the particle of Qi the more of the body it can pass through with greater ease. Very fiery tiny Qi can move through the body very easily whereas large woven Qi in Jing bounces off the body (a ball, for instance) or can crush it (an eighteen wheel truck).

When you are standing in the South of a room, you are standing in very small Qi that can penetrate your body more quickly. We feel the South as heat. When standing in the North, the Qi is heavy and we feel it as cold. Simply try this experiment. As discussed in the “Diagnostic Skills” chapter, walk around the circumference of a room (with as few windows as possible for simplicity sake), and feel the changes in texture, temperature and movement in your hand. Different areas in the room feel differently based on these energetic principles.

How To Use In Treatment

When you are treating a problem in the body, one idea is to treat the problem where the Qi has the greatest affinity for that energetic location. In other words, where you treat yourself inside a room matters! If you want to treat your abdomen, the abdomen is in the third Man level, and the fifth Earth and Heaven levels.

No one expects you to be able to fly, so you can ignore the Heaven level for now.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

If you are treating the abdomen, you should move to the third Man and fifth Earth location in the room, then treat.

Let's back up a bit. Every room has the same energetic divisions as our body, according to the Law of Magnificence. To use these room lines of force, you need to locate them. Lacking electronic sensors to do this, you can use your hands for the most accurate, albeit subjective, measurements. I don't expect you to be super sensitive to energy just yet. You must make your best subjective guess as to where the divisions reside based on palpating the energy of the room just like you did the lines of your own body (better yet, you can invent this technology for us). Palpating the room means looking for where there are subtle shifts in pressure and sensation.

As energy becomes smaller from Yin to Yang, the energetic divisions in the room become smaller as well. The body reflects this to some degree. The top of the head above the eyebrows is the smallest energetic division and it is the highest one on the body. The face is slightly bigger. The neck to the armpits is slightly bigger, the chest slightly bigger, the abdomen slightly bigger, and so forth.

It is clear to me that a simple mathematical ratio exists between the divisions – especially as found in rooms. Some brilliant friend of Fu Xi Wen will make his or her mark identifying it. But in order to do so, you really need to have rooms perfectly aligned with North and South and East and West to make the most accurate measurements. All of the rooms I have measured have been at odd angles and the ratios were askew.

All I can tell you for sure is that the first division in a room is huge (many feet) and the last one is minuscule (centimeters to inches). This clearly does not correspond to the same ratios in our bodies. If it did, we would look very insect like.

To treat problems in specific segments of the room, you need to be able to identify the location of the problem on your body according to these energetic divisions. To do so, use the same method I discussed in the “Energetic Structures and Chakras” chapter. Imagine yourself lying down with your head in the South and again lying down with your head in the East and again with your head upright and use the divisions as explained in that chapter. With this information in mind, stand in the corresponding division in the room for location of the imbalance in your body. You may feel a qualitative shift treating yourself in this location as opposed to treating yourself in a different part of the room.

For Feng Shui Enthusiasts

If you are familiar with traditional Chinese Feng Shui, which means Wind Water – everything you find between Heaven and Earth (Fu Xi's Early Heaven Bagua), you know that specific parts of a room have specific energetic relevance to your life. This is absolutely true. Feng Shui principles state the you can affect your energy by placing specific objects in specific locations in a room. Fu Xi Wen takes it even further and says that every object in a room will have an immediate impact on your health and spirit directly corresponding to the location of the object in the grid of the room as automatically aligned with the grid of your body.

Some schools of Feng Shui say that North is always North and some schools say North is located where the most often used door enters a room. This second way of looking at North is an over-simplification with which I do not agree. North is always North. If you follow that lead, you will find the Nine Mansion school of Feng Shui makes a lot of sense when placing the Fu Xi Wen grid upon it.

Regular vanilla Feng Shui (as opposed to Fu Xi Wen Feng Shui) as translated in English is missing something huge. It relies almost entirely on King Wen's compass Ba Gua, how energy aligns along the compass of Earth. Fu Xi Wen adds a third dimension to Feng Shui by emphasizing the Heaven/Man/Earth planes. In other words, it is not good enough to simply look at how the compass falls in a room, you have to also think about how energy aligns itself vertically as well.


Is mentioning the energy of the room
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
all that relevant? Yes. The more tools we use, the more options we have when things are not going exactly as planned. But of course, there is a shortcut that takes away some of the importance of room Feng Shui. If you treat a problem with all of the depth tools at the same time – Heaven, Man, and Earth, then you effectively treat every block of energy in the room, making your physical placement less important.

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