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Room Sequencing

Room Sequencing

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Two chapters ago, I discussed Fu Xi Wen Feng Shui. It’s time to apply it in a new and dramatic way.

As previously mentioned, within a room, just as within our bodies, the energy is different in each energetic box. The difference is in scale and activity. As you approach the Yang, the energy gets smaller and more active. As you approach the Yin, the energy becomes larger and slower.

We already know that the angles of our treatment tools determine the tissue that is treated. We also now know that all tissues have different tissue depths. Put all of the things we know together and a wonderful thing happens.

Treating the same Tº at the same location of the body in different consecutive boxes of a room treats different tissue depths. In other words, treating in different boxes of a room is analogous to using treatment depth tools without actually using treatment depth tools. It is also the same as using different body segments. Nature repeats itself over and over again but always in slightly different ways.

If you are treating Man, follow the seven boxes of the room East to West. If you are treating Earth, treat the nine boxes from North to South. If you are treating Heaven, you’re basically out of luck unless you have a hydraulic rising bed. Don’t forget there are ten Heaven divisions, so you may be able to access the first three or four if you are clever enough. But higher than that and you better not be afraid of heights. I myself have never treated above the second height.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

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