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Angles and the Elements

As this chapter title implies, each vertical angle and each compass angle has a relationship with one of the Five Elements.

Every angle points to a segment in the Earth, Man, and/or Heaven planes. In doing so, every angle points towards specific Elements. As a result, every angle has an elemental relationship that is used in deeply penetrating Qi into the tissues (see the next chapter “Perfusion” for more details).

Compass Angle Elements

N.-35° (KD)= Water

N.-20° (LU)= Metal

N.-10° (SP)= Earth

[N.0° = Water]

N.+10° (PC) = Pericardium (Yin Fire and Water)

N.+20° (LV) = Wood

N.+35° (HT) = Fire

S.-35° (HT) = Fire

S.-20° (LV) = Wood

S.-10° (PC) = Pericardium (Yin Fire and Water)

[S.0° = Water]

S.+10° (SP) = Earth

S.+20° (LU) = Metal

S.+35° (KD) = Water

If you look closely at the above list you will see it corresponds exactly to the Man lines of force with Water in the West and Fire in the East.

E.-35° (BL) = Water

E.-20° (LI) = Metal

E.-10° (ST) = Earth

[E.0° = Earth]

E.+10° (TW) = Triple Warmer (Yang Fire and Water)

E.+20° (GB) = Wood

E.+35° (SI) = Fire

W.-35° (SI) = Fire

W.-20° (LV) = Wood

W.-10° (TW) = Triple Warmer (Yang Fire and Water)

[W.0° = Earth]

W.+10° (ST) = Earth

W.+20° (LI) = Metal

W.+35° (BL) = Water

If you look at the above list you will see it corresponds with all of the Yang components of the North-South circadian segments of the Earth plane.

Vertical Angle Elements

The vertical angles also have Elemental relationships.

V.-85° (HT) = Fire (Shaoyin)

V.-50° (LV) = Wood (Jueyin)

V.-35° (PV) = Pericardium (Jueyin)

V.-20° (SP) = Earth (Taiyin)

V.-10° (LU) = Metal (Taiyin)

V.0° (KD) = Water (Shaoyin)

V.+10° (LU) = Metal (Taiyin)

V.+20° (SP) = Earth (Taiyin)

V.+35° (TW) = Triple Warmer (Shaoyang)

V.+50° (GB) = Wood Yang (Shaoyang)

V.+60° (ST) = Earth Yang (Yangming)

V.+70° (LI) = Metal Yang (Yangming)

V.+80° (BL) = Water (Taiyang)

V.+85° (SI) = Fire (Pure Yang and Taiyang)

Classical Chinese Theory

This information is derived from classical Chinese theory. If you have the patience for learning something complicated, please read the following.

Heavenly Divisions

Heavenly energy has nine lines of force.

Pure Yang

↑Yang Fire (Small Intestine) SI

↓Yin Fire (Heart) HT


↑Yang Fire (Small Intestine) SI

↓Yang Water (Bladder) BL


↑Yang Metal (Large Intestine) LI

↓Yang Earth (Stomach) ST


↑Yang Wood (Gallbladder) GB

↓Yang Fire and Water (Triple Warmer) TW


↑Yin Earth (Spleen) SP

↓Yin Metal (Lung) LU


↑Yin Wood (Liver) LV

↓Yin Fire and Water (Pericardium) PC


↑Yin Fire (Heart) HT

↓Yin Water (Kidney) KD

Ren Mai

↑Yin Metal (Lung) LU

↓Yin Water (Kidney) KD

Pure Yin

↑Yang Water (Bladder) BL

↓Yin Water (Kidney) KD

In classical thought, when Yin or Yang reach its respective apex, Yin becomes Yang and Yang becomes Yin. So pure Water Yin sinks to the bottom then begins to rise up again as Water Yang. And pure Fire reaches the top as Fire Yang and then sinks to the bottom as Fire Yin.

Man Divisions

The Man level has six lines of force.



←Water Yin (Kidney) KD

→Water Yang

(Bladder) BL

←Metal Yin (Lung) LU

→Metal Yang (Large Intestine) LI

←Earth Yin (Spleen) SP

→Earth Yang (Stomach) ST

←Fire and Water Yin (Pericardium) PC

→Fire and Water Yang (Triple Warmer) TW

←Wood Yin (Liver) LV

→Wood Yang (Gallbladder) GB

←Fire Yin (Heart) HT

→Fire Yang (Small Intestine) SI

The Man level is constructed in what is classically called interior/exterior relationships.

Earth Divisions

Earth has eight divisions.



Water Yin

Metal Yin

Water Yin

Fire and Water Yin

Earth Yin

Fire Yin

Wood Yin

Fire Yin

(Kidney) KD

(Lung) LU

(Kidney) KD

(Peridcardium) PC

(Spleen) SP

(Heart) HT

(Liver) LV

(Heart) HT




7-9 PM





Water Yang

Water Yang

Metal Yang

Earth Yang

Fire and Water Yang

Wood Yang

Fire Yang

Fire Yang



(Bladder) BL

(Large Intestine) LI

(Stomach) ST

(Triple Warmer) TW

(Gallbladder) GB

(Small Intestine) SI

(Small Intestine) SI





9-11 PM




If a symptom arises at a very specific time of day, use these time relationships to diagnose the Earth segment associated with the problem.

In the abstract, this no doubt sounds very confusing and difficult to penetrate. There's a lot of Yin's and Yang's and Elements. Some of you may actually learn the details, and you get a gold star. Others of you may not have the time, mental energy or capacity to dig in deep, and there is no shame in that. You don't have to understand the complexities of the theory to put it into use.

Sharp Eyes

When looking at the traditional theory and the vertical angles, you may notice the V.0° component of Shaoyin appears out of place. I can't entirely explain this discrepancy and I may lose some hair over it. What I can tell you is that all of these angles have been painstakingly organized by tissues first and by Element second. And there is no doubt in my mind that at V.0° we definitely find Water which relates to structure. At V.0° we have an overlap between Heaven and Earth that creates the Man level. Therefore everything from V.0° and down has an Earthly component and everything above V.0° has an unabashedly Heavenly component. So, you can consider all of the Yin components, Taiyin to Shaoyin, to be Yin because of the Earthly connection and so in some way they all fit within the structure of Shaoyin – the combination of Fire and Water – the progenitor of Qi.

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