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Perfusion of the Elements Deeply Into Tissues

So far, we have made a pretty bold
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
generalization about the Heaven/Man/Earth planes of energy. We know that Heaven always contains Fire, Man always contains Five Element Earth Qi, and the Earth plane always contains Water. Were this truly uniform in our bodies we would not have any differentiated body parts. Look at your body this very moment and you may just happen to notice that you do have differentiated body parts. Hurray!

The reason it is possible to have non-amoeboid bodies is that our energy contains all Five Elements in every direction around the body – even in Heaven, Man, and Earth planes – but that these Elements are in a state of constant change and imbalance.

In our basic approach to healing, we have focused on channeling Fire, Earth, and Water – Yang, Qi, and Yin, in their respective energetic planes at the T° of the impaired tissue. We have witnessed that this has a wonderful effect, especially when we add depth tools, employ circuit theory, and listen to oompa pa oompa pa music (the later being entirely according to taste).

As we have done time and time again, we have relied on shortcuts to ease the transition from knowing nothing into being wise in the ways of Fu Xi Wen. But now we must take another big step towards smarts and release our naivety to the winds.

Breaking Down Angles Into Elemental Parts

You no doubt recall that every T° contains a vertical axis and an horizontal one. The vertical one relates to Heaven. The horizontal one relates the Earth. Put them together and you get magic in the Man level, where our circuit runs. In the Man level, each unique Heaven coordinate paired with an Earth coordinate identifies a specific body tissue.

To improve our clinical results, we need to now disentangle the two components of the T° and treat each part according to its respective Five Element relationship in its respective energetic plane. The Tissue-Angle Chart identifies a Vertical (Heaven) Element and a Compass (Earth) Element relationship for every T°.

In the up/down Heaven plane of the T° we wish to treat, we have so far used Fire Qi. But now along with the Fire we will add the Element that corresponds with the vertical angle. I call this the Vertical Element. In the Earth plane of the T°, in the North-South direction, we have thus far used Water alone. Now, in addition to using Water Qi, we will include the Element that corresponds with the compass angle. I call this the Compass Element. Since Man is the combination of the two angles, we use both the Vertical Element and the Compass Element together with Five Element Earth Qi to treat the Man, East-West, level of the T°.

You can find the Compass and Vertical Elements for each tissue via the “Tissue-Angle Chart” link at the bottom of the page.

The Tissue Equation

So, to break this down as simply as possible:

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Heaven Plane = Fire + Vertical Element

Earth Plane = Water + Compass Element

Man Plane = Five Element Earth Qi + Vertical Element + Compass Element

(You can treat in any order, by the way – or only treat the direction that is impaired)

We should all love our sphincters. Let's therefore use one as an illustration – but I promise you only in the abstract. A sphincter is a smooth muscle which corresponds with both Five Element Earth for the Vertical Element and Water for the Compass Element. Sphincters can be found at W.+35 V.+60, N.-35 V.+60, E.-35 V.+60 and S.+35 V.+60, abbreviated as (KD(ST)) and (BL(ST)). The compass component (KD or BL) is in a Water angle (see “Angles and the Elements” chapter). The vertical component (ST) is in an Earth Qi angle.

In this example:

The Vertical Element = Earth Qi

The Compass Element = Water Qi

Put that into our equation above and you get:

Heaven Plane = Fire + Earth Qi (Vertical Element)

Earth Plane = Water + Water (Compass Element)

Man Plane = Five Element Earth Qi + Earth Qi (Vertical Element) + Water (Compass Element)

To treat an imbalanced sphincter, we treat the Heaven plane by utilizing Fire and Earth Qi. We treat the Earth plane by using Water alone as the Compass Element is Water and the Earth plane always contains Water (so in this case it is Water with Water). Then to treat the Man plane we use Five Element Earth Qi (both because we always use Earth Qi in the Man plane and also because the Vertical Element is Earth Qi) together with Water for the Compass Element.

When it comes to using Fire in Heaven, Earth Qi in Man, and Water in Earth, we always face these tools directly up and down, directly East and West, and directly North and South respectively. In other words, the energy associated with each plane is directed towards that particular plane.

So for Heaven, we point the Fire tool straight up and straight down. For Man we point the Earth tool directly East and directly West. For Earth we direct the Water tool directly North and directly South.

At the same time that we use the Elements in these plane directions, we utilize the Compass Element and/or the Vertical Element directed towards the T° we are treating and moving them in the appropriate Heaven, Man, or Earth planes. If you cannot treat the T° and the plane at the same time, first treat the T° then immediately treat the plane.

Why would we do such a strange and awkward thing? We do this because everything we experience is imprinted in the Heaven/Man/Earth planes. If we activate these planes while we activate the T°, then we immediately imprint the energy. Otherwise, we need to wait up to twenty-four hours for this to happen naturally. More immediate results! Son of a gun!

Another Example

The Liver organ is found at N.+20 V.0 and S.-20 V.0 (LV(KD)). The Vertical Element is Water. The Compass Element is Wood. To deeply penetrate Qi into the Liver, we treat the Heaven plane by treating with Water Qi directed at the T° for the Vertical Element and Fire Qi directed up/down for Heaven. We move both of these tools up
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
and down. We treat the Earth plane by treating Wood Qi for the Compass Element directed at the T°. At the same time, or shortly thereafter, we point the Water tool directly North and directly South – moving both tools North and South. We treat the Man plane by directing Wood and Water at the T° moving them East and West. The Earth tool is used at the same time in the direct East and West directions.

Combining the Elements of the three planes, Heaven, Man, and Earth, with the Elements directed at T° more strongly fuses the energy directed at the T° to the lines of forces and their boxes. This “burn in” effect results in a more immediate result which will satisfy any impatient person, including the person who discovered it.

Elemental Breakdown In Diseased Tissues

But more important than speeding up the treatment effects, we have to understand that tissues are infused already with these specific Elements. Part of the disease process is the breakdown of the tissue where it no longer holds the correct Elements in the correct proportions. So, the Perfusion technique is all about ensuring that a tissue has the correct Elemental components. In fact, it is the only technique that can repair a diseased tissue. (This is even more true when you learn “Advaned Perfusion” in the Advanced skill level).

Perfusion treats each tissue as an individual. Each tissue is comprised of unique Elements that can be knocked out of place by controlling Elements or erode away from a lack of generation. Only perfusion restores the proper Elements in the tissues.

Many diseases are caused not just by the breakdown of a tissue, but also by the displacement of those Elements that should be in the tissue elsewhere in the body. The cause of MS and allergies comes from the breakdown of tissues in the brain, whereas the symptoms are found elsewhere. This is why Western medicine has failed to cure these diseases. They keep treating the displaced energies but fail to treat the deeper root.

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