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Say No To Iatrogenic Fu Xi Wen

Iatrogenic disease is
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“physician-caused” disease. As I said in my “Introduction”, Western meds send over a million people to the hospital a year in the United States. Many of these cases are iatrogenic. Mistakes happen in medicine all of the time. Human beings, even when we are trying our best, make mistakes. Heck, I walk into door frames at least once a month and I consider myself quite an artful walker. While iatrogenic cases are heart-breaking and tormenting, we have to accept the human condition: we are imperfect.

When it comes to Fu Xi Wen, we are not immune to this problem. The side effects from treatment are usually very negligible in terms of their frequency and physiological impact. Yet, as I have said before, Fu Xi Wen can cause severe side effects – that is, in theory. As of this writing, none have ever been reported – because I am the only person practicing this medicine, and I practice with all due caution. But if you're reading this, it means Pandora's box has been opened and Fu Xi Wen has been released to the four winds. And while I expect everyone to practice diligently, mistakes can and will happen, much to my chagrin.

My concern is not the big “hit you over the head” side effects. If these occur, I believe it will be because the body has been stacked like a house of cards, to fall over. And the treatment – correctly applied or incorrectly – is the straw that breaks the camels back. Again, I am talking entirely out of my imagination at this point.

My concern is with people balancing the same tissues over and over again without practicing “Safe Teishin”. How can balancing ever be improper, given that it is the fundamental principle of our medicine? Balancing itself is never improper. But doing so at the expense of the tissue is. Let me explain.

Tissues Are Elemental Latticeworks

Every tissue is comprised of Elements in a latticework. Every tissue latticework has anywhere from one to three primary Elements (the Compass Element(s) and the Vertical Element(s)) patched together. Disease in a tissue manifests when the primary Elements in the latticework are slowly or quickly pushed out of the tissue structure – in effect weakening the integrity of the tissue.

This tissue decay happens all of the time for a myriad of natural causes. Our diets, our climates and environments, and our emotions are likely causes for excessive Elements to be released into our bodies. Once released, they meander through the energetic system until they hit an impasse. This impasse is an Element in a tissue. If the Element is an Element that can be controlled, the meandering energy will control it. Should this happen once to a tissue, no big deal. But if the same thing happens over and over and over and over again – the nature of all of our favorite habits – then the tissue degrades. If it degrades faster than it can be repaired, then we have a problem. Furthermore, during the repair process, sometimes the wrong Element is transposed where the correctly one should be. This is bad. Very very bad. Once the wrong Element is built into the latticework, then the tissue starts mis-behaving.

Perfusion, Not Confusion

We can avoid all of this by utilizing the Perfusion technique described in the “Perfusion” chapter. This technique allows the correct energy to proliferate in the tissue so that the latticework can be repaired correctly.
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Through diagnosis with your hands or the teishin, you can determine the movement of energy in the latticework of a tissue. You should feel the Compass Element and the Vertical Element in conjunction with Fire in Heaven, Earth Qi in Man, and Water in the Earth plane (please read “Advanced Perfusion” to understand a more accurate picture of the Elemental latticework). If you feel the wrong movement of energy, you must use the Perfusion technique with the controlling Element or with the generating cycle Elements needed to return the tissue to its correct Elemental design.

To get back to my original concern. Our goal in Fu Xi Wen is to balance everything. But sometimes in doing so, we introduce the controlling Element into the tissue. This is fine to do so long as the tissue is not Elementally compromised. To that effect, I always recommend including Perfusion in your treatments.

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