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Six Directional Treatment

We are like gyroscopes. We move all
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
around our energy, yet it stays fixed in accordance with the magnetic poles. As a result, when we change orientation in space, some of the energy around us moves inside of our bodies and some of the energy inside of us moves outside our bodies.

Given this fact, if we treat ourselves facing the same direction day after day, we strongly treat the energy on the outside of us in that direction and treat less strongly the energy still hiding inside of us in that physical orientation. Of course, the entire concept of Fu Xi Wen revolves around the idea that treating the energy outside of us heals us. That is because the energy you treat strongly outside of your body moves internally as you move around in space. Given as much, it would go to reason that if you treated more energy outside of you and moved around more, you would treat more of the energy that goes inside of you and therefore you would heal more quickly.

Imbalanced energy does not necessarily show up in every direction you can turn. In other words, you can have a perfectly healthy T° facing North, but a completely messed up one facing East. The depth of disease, its severity as well as its chronicity, can be determined by the number of directions you can turn where the energy is imbalanced. One imbalanced direction is an acute, minor issue. Six imbalanced directions is chronic and severe.

The way a six directional treatment works is simple: first you diagnose and treat yourself facing one direction, say South. Then you turn towards another direction, say West, and diagnose and treat the exact same T°. Then you turn and treat the same T° in another direction, say North. Then the final Compass direction, say East. Then you treat the same T° lying on your back. And, if possible, you treat the final vertical direction lying on your stomach.

The more directions you treat yourself in, the more energy you manipulate. This also provides an excellent clue as to prognosis in that the more energy you need to manipulate, the longer the recovery period. If all you need to do is treat a single direction, the problem is new and will go away quickly. If you need to treat two directions, then the problem is a little harder to treat. By the time you get to four or five or even six directions, then the problem is well embedded in your energy and you will likely need more treatments to resolve it completely. This is why we don't just treat the six directions. Instead, we diagnose the T° in each direction so that we can determine prognosis and set the treatment agenda accordingly.

After you treat the six directions, wait twenty-four hours and diagnose your T° at each direction. You should see changes. But often some patches of imbalance remain. Keep treating in this manner until all of those imbalances resolve. Then your problem will be entirely healed.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

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