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Unbalanced Madness

Any use of unbalanced techniques –
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just like any use of any Fu Xi Wen techniques – is entirely at your own risk.

Unbalanced madness is not a chapter on mental conditions, as the title may suggest. Rather, it is a chapter on whether or not purposeful disharmony is necessary to treat a problem that is totally out of control.

Up until this very moment, the entire Fu Xi Wen paradigm has leaned entirely in the direction of traditional medicine that stresses the need for reinstating total balance. Disease is imbalance and health is balance. This is true and it is a core fundamental belief of Fu Xi Wen theory. No doubt.

Western Medicine And Imbalanced Medicines

Western medicine, on the other hand, has proven that sometimes a good cure is dangerously imbalanced. Drug after drug in their pharmacopoeia causes a litany of disastrous side effects. The reason for this is that Western medication throws balance out the window. What they care about is immediate symptomatic relief. With balance comes long term relief from chronic complaints. With imbalance, as illustrated by Western meds, comes immediate relief of immediate complaints.

Most problems I treat in the clinic produce immediate relief from complaints. But some very deep Jing level problems do not. Infections also may improve but not necessarily go away immediately – or may recur.

Looking at the side effects of Western drugs is looking at horrible and, in some cases, life-threatening conditions. These are all possible when you approach a problem from an imbalanced direction. So we must approach this theory with due caution.

Balance is having a relatively equal amount of Yin, Qi, and Yang in the right planes. When they are all balanced, the body hums. Imbalance is having too much or too little of at least one of these ingredients in the wrong plane. Imbalance causes symptoms and new diseases. If the Yin is excessive, the tissue or body becomes cold, increases substance, and decreases function. Too much Yang and the tissue or body gets hot, increases function and decreases substance. And if the Qi is excessive, the tissue or body becomes sluggish, lethargic, and creates phlegm.

A balanced approach to healing involves balancing Yin, Qi, and Yang. An imbalanced approach is purposefully decreasing or purposefully increasing one or two of Yin/Qi/Yang so that a mismatch exists in the wrong plane. For instance, heat in the Yin or cold in the Yang.

Why Contemplate This Method?

One reason to do this is to purposefully purge. Whether it is to cause expectoration of phlegm, cause vomiting in the case of poisoning, or send you to the toilet at top speed. There are instances where purging is helpful. Adding Metal and Fire to the Yin of some tissues can cause those tissues to purge (that said, if you are poisoned, call 911 or your emergency response service immediately and do not use Fu Xi Wen).

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Another reason to consider this is the case of infections. Infectious agents have their own Jing. Jing is mostly cold Water Qi. So using Fire Qi even in Yin locations is a potential way to kill the infectious agent.

Is imbalanced madness a good idea for other issues? Frankly I do not truly know.

Why do I mention this topic if I do not advocate it for 99.99% of treatments or even fully understand it? Because of madness – sheer madness? No, not for that reason. This theory needs to be explored – even if we explore it only as an intellectual exercise. Before you treat yourself in an unbalanced manner, you need to seriously consider the risks. Please re-read the “Cautions and Contraindications” chapter for specific instances when imbalanced treatments are expressly prohibited. And please re-read and have all of your family members read your Fu Xi Wen User Agreement. Because the risk is all on you.

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