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Fu Xi Wen Medicinals

There is another tool in the Fu Xi Wen
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arsenal that can allow you to do less work over time. But it really stretches the Western mind to its limits. That is why I have waited this long to mention it.

What exactly is homeopathic medicine? What exactly are herbs? What is aromatherapy?

All of these alternative medicines work based on the energetic properties of the consumables or, in the case of aromatherapy, the fragrances. Homeopathic medicines work but they do not even contain the original herb from which the medicine is derived. Herbs work because each herb has a specific energetic signature (the Western world mistakenly looks for the active molecule in herbs overlooking the energetic whole). Each essential oil in aromatherapy has its own energetic signature.

The energetic signature determines the energetic zone in which the medicinal works as well as the tissue-angle and its unique Five Element movements. You can break down any medicine within the theory of Fu Xi Wen, and so all alternative medicines have tissue-angles and movements, whether or not they have been identified.

Density determines the energetic zone and tissue depth

Each of the above mentioned alternative medicines relates to a different energetic density. Light therapy, for instance, is extremely light whereas herbs are extremely dense. The density determines the energetic zone where the medicinal will work. Aromatherapy works strongly at the ligament depth. Herbs work strongly in the small blood vessel depth. Sound therapy works at the skin depth.

Within the larger realm of homeopathic medicines (which as a whole work at the fourth depth strongly associated with the muscles), there are various density distributions. As the solutions become more and more dilute, they become stronger and stronger. In Fu Xi Wen, this is because while they remain in the fourth depth, the smaller density allows the energy to spread out further in the energetic shell having a more profound impact on the overall energy (remember every tissue has a fourth depth). The less dilute it is, the closer it remains to the body and the less global its impact.

Fu Xi Wen Consumables

Fu Xi Wen is capable of producing consumables every bit as much as other medicines. This is done through a very simple means: we treat a consumable with our treatment tools, focusing the energy in specific directions. We can modify the energy of anything and everything (though this does not mean we can altogether change the original energy of the consumable – only focus its inherent properties).

When I say “consumable” I am mostly talking about drinking water, but this does not have to be the case.

Let us take, for example, a cup of water. Untreated, a cup of water has no inherent energetic direction except for the energetic directions of the impurities that lie within it. But if we treat the cup of water with our sound tools and at T° as if we were treating our own bodies, then, once consumed, the water
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
will move our energy inside of us as if we were treating ourselves. This is very real and very true. Furthermore, we can carry that water around with us in bottles and drink a small amount of it regularly throughout the day.

How exactly do we treat water?

We take the cup of water, preferably a glass cup, and we divide it by six East-West lines of force, eight North-South lines of force, and nine up/down lines of force, just like our bodies. We imagine the cup is our own energetic shell. Then we treat it accordingly. Remember the Law of Magnificence from the chapter on “Fu Xi Wen Feng Shui”? Every object has the exact same number of energetic lines as our bodies, even a cup of water – even molecules of water in the cup. If we treat the energy of the water in the cup, the water takes on an energetic shape that is transferable to our bodies simply by drinking it.

Let's say we have shoulder pain. The shoulder is in the fifth Man division and the seventh Heaven and Earth divisions. If we treat the ligaments of the shoulder, we will move the treatment tool in the Man level East-West in the 5th division and North-South, and Up/Down in the 7th. We point the treatment tool at the cup of water in the ligament T° and increase Fire in Heaven, Earth Qi in the Man level, and Water Qi in the Earth level (or in any other way that balances the Five Elements).

Assuming the water is not treated again with our tools and is not impacted energetically by other external forces, then what we have created is essentially an healing elixir of sorts, a Fu Xi Wen medicinal. Just like with homeopathic medicines, you can actually increase the strength of the effect by diluting the original elixir – for instance taking one drop of the elixir and placing that one drop into an entirely new cup of untreated water and then shaking or stirring the water. Diluting the treated water many times allows the energy to act more globally. Fewer dilutions allows the energy to work more locally.

Treating Other Things Besides Water

Other consumables that can be treated include foods, herbs and essential oils. You cannot treat sounds, light, and emotions, the other Man level depth tools.

When it comes to modifying herbs and essential oils, these items, just like homeopathic medicines, come with their own energies. For instance, some herbs go to the face and are hot. Others go to the legs and are cold. We cannot easily change their Jing and therefore cannot easily alter their nature. But we can push their propensities towards a specific energetic direction. Some herbs, for instance, may clear cold in the legs and the arms. Fu Xi Wen treatments can modify the herbs to focus more on the arms than the legs. In order to do this, you have to understand the energies of these consumables. And that, my friends, is a book all unto itself.

Benefits To Fu Xi Wen Medicinals

  1. You can create custom-made medicines that are extremely focused on a problem. Western meds are systemic and prone to side effects whereas Fu Xi Wen medicinals can be focused very specifically as to body segment and tissue type.

  2. Fu Xi Wen is all about bridging the gap between Eastern and Western medicine. Inasmuch, you can use Fu Xi Wen medicinals in the same manner as drugs in that you can treat yourself multiple times a day simply by drinking a spoonful of treated water each time. That said, for your safety, you should not use Fu Xi Wen medicinals as a substitute for Western medicines without your doctors' knowledge and approval.

  3. You can treat an extremely deep and difficult problem steadily throughout the day instead of whenever you have the time to do a treatment. Some problems, such as infections, steadily grow. A single Fu Xi Wen sound treatment will not have much effect (without the multi-dimensional method) as it is like walking backwards on an escalator Fu Xi Wen treatment push you against the current a step or two at a time but with infections it is hard to keep pace. With steady elixir treatments, you can deal with problems that grow on their own by consuming a treatment periodically throughout the day.

  4. You can bring a treatment with you anywhere and take it anytime without repeating the same physical labor multiple times.

You will find that tuning forks are better tools for energizing Fu Xi Wen medicinals then speakers as you can be very specific and accurate with them. A speaker is too large
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
and will not allow you to focus the energy to a specific energetic zone unless you have a very, very, very large cup of water. Also, I suggest using large glass cups rather than ceramic or plastic ones.

Fu Xi Wen Ointments

Is it possible to create Fu Xi Wen ointments? I have not as yet created any, but certainly it is possible. All of the same strengths and limitations apply as discussed in this chapter.

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