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Example Intermediate Treatment

Please excuse the all out lie of this
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
chapter title. At this skill level, it becomes difficult to break things down into an example treatment. The reason for this, is that Fu Xi Wen offers so much flexibility in designing a treatment that no two people need practice exactly the same way. In describing a treatment example, I fear I would be codifying what should not be codified, limiting your options that are exceptionally large.

Instead, I want you to start to explore a range of treatment possibilities and seek the path that works best for you. At your disposal now are an array of tissue depth tools including physical tools (ie. essential oils) to room sequencing to body segments and more. You can use some tools and not others. You can explore six directional treatments – or not. You are your own healer and can make your own decisions.

Furthermore, you now have an understanding of circuit theory and can choose to provide a short term band aid by treating only the Man level or you can seek a long term cure by treating Heaven and Earth as well. This is the beginning of creating treatment strategies, which will be discussed in greater detail in the Advanced skill level.

You also have the capacity to delve deeper into your particular problem – no matter how complex – by utilizing excellent theory and, if necessary, address tissues within tissues. This is a tremendous improvement in specificity that will advance your results.

Here I am painting this entire path only to stop here and tell you to find your own path. That may seem unhelpful, but look at it from my perspective. I don't want followers. I want seekers – pure scientists. By the time you reach the level of Contributor, you need to be a puzzle solver and help contribute to the future of Fu Xi Wen.

If you don't explore the nuances of Intermediate theory, let's face it, you're really not ready to enter the Advanced skill level. Don't push ahead just for its own sake. Here in America, the goal is always valued more highly than the journey. But the goal is not as important as the journey. So don't try to skip the journey. You don't win any awards for reaching the level of Contributor first and fastest. You win awards and accolades for truly contributing something amazing – and that requires inner knowledge and the successful navigating of your inner frontiers.

“Ethan, that's all and good, but I need direction! I don't know enough to solve puzzles.” Don't put yourself down. You've got what it takes. But I hear you and I feel your pain. It wasn't long ago, I had to invent all of this step by step and it felt cold and lonely. So this is what I suggest. Go back to the Novice or Apprentice example treatments and re-read it. This time, however, simply add a new set of depth tools and see how that changes your treatment results and your internal physiological and emotional sensations. One day choose one set of depth tools. The next day choose another. In fact, each day you can go through another Intermediate level chapter and see how you can apply it to the Novice or Apprentice structures.

The Advanced skill level is amazing and I can't wait to share it with you. But please take your time. Enjoy the journey.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

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