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The Online Store

This name is a bit of a misnomer in
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that the only thing you can buy from this store is a hardcopy of the Introduction to Fu Xi Wen book.

Why Buy The Introduction To Fu Xi Wen Book?

The Introduction To Fu Xi Wen book contains the same exact information as this website (albeit frozen in time). There are three reasons why we encourage you to purchase the book, only one of which is for our own financial benefit:

  1. Your purchase of a hardcopy allows you to bring Fu Xi Wen tissue-angles with you wherever you might go. You never know where you will be when you have an immediate need for therapeutic advice or tissue-angle information.

  2. We feel it is advisable to purchase a hardcopy to protect your access to Fu Xi Wen theory from hackers, corporate anti-Fu Xi Wen behavior, and legislative limitations that may arise in countries throughout the world. The more people who own hardcopies, the more protected this medicine is from harm.

  3. Your purchase also provides financial support to Ethan Borg, LLC, allowing us to pay our bills and work towards legislative efforts to license the field and protect this medicine.


Throughout the book, mention is made of additional Fu Xi Wen tools that you may consider purchasing. No tools are sold through Fu Xi Wen. However, you will find links to various companies that do sell additional tools on this page. Do not expect the companies themselves to have heard of Fu Xi Wen.

Treatment Tools

Tuning Forks

Tone Generating Software

Essential Oils

Homeopathic Medicine

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from


Planet Orbit Software

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