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Multi-Dimensional Treatments

Imagine a large vertical line. Cut that
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
line into thousands of tiny horizontal lines. Now magnify into the tiny horizontal lines until you see one of them just as large as the first one. Now cut this line into thousands of tiny vertical lines. Magnify, cut. Magnify, cut.

The first line is a single dimension. But once you cut it into all of those horizontal lines, you suddenly have a second dimension inside the first one. Cut the second line and you have third-dimension. Cut again and you have a fourth one. And you can keep going and going and going. How many licks does it take to get to the center of the universe? Magnify, cut and find out.

Tissues are exactly like this. You see a bone. You cut it into hundreds of thousands of osteocytes. Then you cut each osteocyte into all of its respective parts. Then you focus on the nucleus and cut that into all of its respective parts. Then the DNA. Then the molecules of the individual strands. Then the atoms. Who knows how far we can go?

IBIT Treatment

In the area where you have an imbalance, in the tissue that is imbalanced, feel the container Qi. If it is cold in Heaven don't treat it. Instead, put another teishin on top of the first teishin at the same tissue-angle. Feel the container Qi. Is it still cold? Then don't treat it. Instead, add another teishin exactly as before. Keep adding teishin until you finally can feel heat in the Heaven level. What you have just done is magnified your diagnosis multi-dimensionally to determine exactly how deep the imbalance resides. This is like peeling the layers of an onion to see where the diseased part ends and the healthy part begins.

To treat multi-dimensionally, start treating at the deepest level of imbalance and then work your way back to the original tissue level. Make sure to do this for both the Yin and the Yang tissue-angles for the tissue. And, make sure you balance Heaven, Man, and Earth in every level as needed.

Elsewhere in this book (or website), I mention that I think treating the level of the DNA requires caution. If you were to think about the dimensional nature of what I have described, it is very possible that you could find yourself doing just that using this technique. So, if you find yourself going very far back through multiple dimensions with multiple teishin, you need to ask yourself if you are at risk of hurting yourself in any way and whether you want to accept the responsibility for that risk. I have treated with as many as eight teishin, the sum total of what I could hold in my hand, without any problems. But I cannot guarantee that it is entirely safe in all cases.

Flooding Method And Purging

One multi-dimensional method of particular note is the concept of “Flooding” or also called “Getting Underneath”. With this method, you identify the deepest layer for a tissue that requires treatment and then go one layer deeper than this to start the treatment. Balance this layer and you begin a chain reaction where the deepest layer you need to treat has already begun to balance. As you move forward with fewer and fewer teishin, continue to balance each teishin. Often this leads to an accumulation of imbalance at the primary teishin level. Another way to think of this is “purging”. You essentially push the imbalance out of the deeper levels towards the
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
most superficial.

Holding Disease Potentials

The primary teishin is like the surface of your experience. If all you treat is one layer of depth, you only cover up the surface. All of the layers behind the surface remain exactly unchanged. If they contain imbalanced energies, eventually the surface will erode away through your life experiences allowing the problem to resurface.

Only multi-dimensional treatments can clear away the future potential for a problem. That said, you can clear away the root of the problem, but if you don't balance the primary teishin, the surface, the symptoms can remain. So, to cure a problem, you need to balance every single layer that is diseased.

In my current practice, I consider the multi-dimensional treatment the absolute most important technique in my Fu Xi Wen arsenal. I use it every day with every patient because I know that this method clears the root of a disease and can lead to a complete cure for an imbalance. The only exception to this is when the layers of energy are imbalanced because the root of the problem actually lies with a tissue that directly impacts and weakens the tissue that is being treated.

Platonic Ideals

Plato talks of ideal states of objects, such as the ideal state of a pencil or an apple. I never liked Plato's theory of ideal states until I discovered multi-dimensional treatments. The inherent implication in multi-dimensional states is that there does exist an ideal state for every tissue. A diseased tissue is simply a tissue that has deviated from the ideal by the energetic reality. Furthermore, it appears that one should be able to go back any number of depths of imbalance to reconnect to this Platonic ideal for the tissue and help it resurface. While I do not as yet know what to do with this fascinating discovery, I find it wonderfully enchanting. I cannot wait to learn its mysteries.

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