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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fu Xi Wen?

Fu Xi Wen (pronounced “foo she when”) is a new form of medicine that combines traditional Chinese theories of physics with contemporary understandings of anatomy and physiology. It is a medicine that is entirely free to learn. The only cost to you is the investment of time required to learn it.

What you should not do is think that if it is free it is innocuous or lacking value. This is real medicine and therefore dangerous if misused. Also, air is free, but you don't under-value it, do you? People who value the open source, collaborative process think free is invaluable (though perhaps not as invaluable as air).

Where Did the Name Fu Xi Wen Come From?

The mythic first Emperor of China is called Fu Xi. He is attributed with the discovery of Qi, Yin and Yang, Heaven, Man, and Earth, the trigrams, and a host of other important theoretical discoveries such as the Early Heaven bagua. A bagua is a representation of how energy moves in space. In other words, Fu Xi created traditional physics.

King Wen, in contrast, was a very real, much less mythic and much less successful king of China. So unsuccessful was King Wen, he was caught and imprisoned by his enemies. He created what is called the Later Heaven bagua that defines how energy moves according to the compass.

When you put Fu Xi's discoveries together with King Wen's, and mix it together with modern ideas of anatomy and physiology, you create a new medicine: Fu Xi Wen.

Where did the medicine Fu Xi Wen come from?

Fu Xi Wen was created by Ethan Borg, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in Rochester, NY of the United States. The formation of this theory spanned eight years of study that incorporated modern sciences, traditional sciences, as
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well as traditional medical theory.

How Does Fu Xi Wen Work?

Let's explore this question from two different perspectives. From a modern Western perspective, Fu Xi Wen works because of a physics principle called “resonance”. Everything vibrates. If you can match an audio vibration with the vibration of a material, you can subtlely or not so subtlely effect that material. This is why soldiers never march on a bridge in formation as it is believed that their stomping feet can resonate with the bridge and cause it to collapse.

Fu Xi Wen uses five basic sound frequencies but modifies them ever so slightly by changing the angle in 360 degrees at which they are played. It turns out that different angles resonate with different tissues or even tissues within tissues. Utilizing the principle of resonance, we can treat any tissue of the body with sound alone.

From a traditional perspective, Fu Xi Wen works because it manipulates the universal particle called Qi. There are five basic ways that Qi moves corresponding to the five basic sounds we use for treatment. The goal in Fu Xi Wen is to restore balance where the energy has become imbalanced. Imbalanced energy causes symptoms whereas balanced energy does not. So by balancing the imbalance, the symptoms of the problem go away. If you balance the root of a problem, the problem heals entirely.

What Is Fu Xi Wen 2.0?

Fu Xi Wen 2.0 is a self-healing methodology that uses the same exact theory as Fu Xi Wen but allows you to treat yourself instantly. In effect, it is a "spiritual" medicine in that it utilizes words and/or thoughts to initiate treatments. From a Western perspective, this mode of treatment makes little sense. While all other treatment methodologies are described in detail in this website, there is no attempt at this time to describe the mechanism by which FXW 2.0 works as it is so outside the Western paradigm as to be confusing.

Following web traffic, I noticed that most people who arrived at Fu Xi Wen were only interested in self-treatment. Difficulties with web browser technologies made downloading treatments slow, tedious, and prone to technical failures. So, to facilitate people's deeper need to treat themselves and to avoid the technical problems, I created FXW 2.0. While I know it is outside the box, you will see for yourself that it works amazingly well and is quite powerful.

Who practices Fu Xi Wen?

Fu Xi Wen is practiced by anyone willing to try something that may just be revolutionary and life changing. Fu Xi Wen is a medical practice that just about anyone can learn and use for just about any chronic disorder. While educational programs are in a nascent stage, future programs will be available for deepening one's knowledge in the theory and practice of this art. In the meantime, the tools are free and immediately available. The only limiting factor is one's knowledge.

How can I learn Fu Xi Wen?

This website is designed to teach Fu Xi Wen along a learning ladder from beginner to experienced. Additionally, introductory books are available for purchase in the online store. If things take off, I will teach workshops and conferences. As certification programs are developed to teach Fu Xi Wen, expect more literature to become available, Fu Xi Wen journals, workshops and conferences. In the meantime, check out the Forums to learn more from others who are also fascinated by this new medical art.

Does it cost money to learn Fu Xi Wen?

This is your life we're talking about. This is not a time to be cheap. But if you just happen to be as cheap as me, and that's saying something, you're in luck. As Fu Xi Wen is free to learn and free to practice.

The official Fu Xi Wen website is free and it is intended to teach you many aspects of Fu Xi Wen theory. If you know the exact directions of the compass where you treat yourself (and I mean exact), you do not need to purchase a compass. You can also download free tone generating software by going to the online “store”. I also have links to saved audio tones accessible right from the treatment page so you don't even need that tone generating software. You also need – and I'm not kidding – two chopsticks (metal preferably). These are the basic tools. So you do not need to purchase anything. The problem is that audio cards may not be exactly tuned perfectly. So, for best results, a tuning fork helps at specific frequencies. These can be purchased inexpensively. While I do not sell these items myself, I do provide links to vendors via the online store.

Why doesn't it cost money? Are there
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees. There are no gotchas. The reason it is free to learn is multifold. First, I believe fewer people would explore Fu Xi Wen if they had to pay to learn it. Second, it's your body and you should have the ability to heal it if you need to. The capitalistic market shouldn't limit your right to self-correction. Third, I expect Fu Xi Wen to be even more financially successful by making it a community value to donate money towards this medicine's growth and success. Isn't controlling your own hormones invaluable? Isn't solving chronic complaints life changing? Isn't healing from infertility transformative? I believe people who benefit from Fu Xi Wen will already feel invested in the continuation of this field and will support its growth and development.

What can Fu Xi Wen treat?

Fu Xi Wen provides a mechanism to treat any tissue of the body – even tissues within tissues. As a result it can treat any disease. In some cases, it can only ameliorate symptoms. In other cases, it can cure diseases that are otherwise incurable. Either way, the cost to learn is zero and the skills you build will last a lifetime. Have a headache? Treat it while you wait on hold with the phone company. Have a stomach ache? Treat it while you laugh at the latest episode of The Office. No car rides to office visits, no sitting in the reception room for that office visit, no getting down to your skivvies in the cold office room. You get the idea.

Is Fu Xi Wen nothing more than the placebo effect?

Fu Xi Wen effectively treats babies and is therefore not likely the result of the placebo effect. The placebo effect is the bogeyman to Western medicine. The worst insult it can throw at an alternative medicine is that it is the result of the placebo effect. Any rational person who honestly looks at the placebo effect would much rather be cured of any disease by the power of his or her own mind than by a pharmaceutical drug with toxic side effects. So it is not our bogeyman. That said, those people who practice Fu Xi Wen do not believe it works because of the placebo effect.

I need a miracle, can Fu Xi Wen help me?

While I wish I could offer you a miracle, that is absolutely not what I am doing. But I am offering you a set of skills that you can learn that may in fact still transform your life in ways you might by your own volition call “miraculous”.

While it can improve any condition, genetic conditions and extremely complicated conditions can often improve but not be cured. Fu Xi Wen is a real medicine with its own strengths and limitations. No claim is being made here that Fu Xi Wen is a miracle medicine that can cure all problems for everyone.

Is Fu Xi Wen too good to be true?

First of all, it requires an investment of time to learn the core concepts. This investment is minimized in this website to allow beginners to seek immediate benefit without a complex understanding of theory. Second of all, you can learn this medicine and treat yourself for free if you have the required tools on hand. So this website is not designed around revenue production. Third of all, the results you receive are entirely determined from the skills you develop. So no claim is being made that problems will miraculously cure themselves.

Is there regulatory oversight of Fu Xi Wen?

Since Fu Xi Wen utilizes everyday objects for treatment such as compasses, tuning forks, software tone generators and so forth, there are no regulatory limitations on self-treatment in the United States and presumably around the world. That said, treating other people may violate laws here and abroad. For instance, you may need a license simply to touch another person with the intent to provide medical care (no touching is required unless you do Fu Xi Wen style massage). As more and more people learn Fu Xi Wen, I fully expect that laws will be updated to allow for the licensed practice of this medical art. In the meantime, the Fu Xi Wen User Agreement forbids you from treating other people.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

My Family Member Is Very Ill And Cannot Treat Him/Herself, Will You Let Me Treat Him/Her?

First of all, I really wish I could let you. I am heartbroken to tell you that I cannot allow any exceptions at this moment in time, no matter who you are or the dire circumstances of your loved one(s). To do so could potentially open Fu Xi Wen to legal action that could destroy it. Please know that as soon as licensure is legally possible, and as soon as I have the funds to pursue it, I will make sure you have the right to treat other people. If I hear about you treating other people, I will be forced to protect the liability of this industry.

Have tuning forks or audio software been approved by the FDA for medical use?

Tuning forks and sound generating software have not been approved by the FDA as medical instruments. Neither have computer speakers or headphones.

I contacted the FDA to find out how I could have tuning forks approved for medical use. It costs approximately $90,000 at a minimum to have an application reviewed. This is an outrage and is designed, in my mind, to benefit large corporations and limit just the thing Fu Xi Wen offers: medical innovation by individuals rather than corporations.

Do any associations or organizations exist to promote Fu Xi Wen?

It is my hope to create or support the creation of national and international Fu Xi Wen associations. Please return to the website regularly and join the Fu Xi Wen mailing lists for updates.

I notice similarities between Fu Xi Wen, Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui. How are they related?

Fu Xi Wen shares fundamental theory with Chinese medicine. At the root of Fu Xi Wen is an understanding of how energy moves in space which is the basis for Feng Shui and the foundation of Chinese medicine. There are various important differences that are described on this website. Fu Xi Wen theory essentially applies the fundamental theory behind Feng Shui to the body.

Can anyone learn Fu Xi Wen?

By anyone we're talking about you, right? Not a friend of yours you're asking about? This website is designed as an educational ladder to take people anywhere from the beginning concepts to mastery of complex theory, depending on your interest and capacity. If you have learning difficulties or physical limitations, learning Fu Xi Wen with a friend may offer you the best results in the shortest time period.

I treated myself as you described but nothing happened. Fu Xi Wen must be $$#@!@! crap, right?

First of all, treating the body with sound does not immediately have an effect. Most treatments take 24 hours to have their full effect. In some clinical cases, it took three or four days before noticeable changes manifested. Oftentimes, you feel an initial wave of an effect within the first fifteen minutes of a treatment. Another wave strikes four or five hours later. And sometime the next day, the complete impact can be felt.

Secondly, there is a lot to learn here and beginners start with the least knowledge and skill. So, you receive back what you invest into this medicine. In the beginning, you are simply brushing with broad strokes. In the end, you are making extremely fine differentiations. For instance, in the beginning, you may treat the skin. In the later levels, you may treat the blood vessels feeding blood to the hair follicles in the skin. See what I mean? The more focused you can be on the problem, the faster the results.

I am delighted with my Fu Xi Wen results and I want to learn more. What can I do?

First of all, don't forget about that
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
Donation button on the homepage. And thank you. Seriously. We need financial help to grow and to protect our legal rights. We don't charge you to learn so we are at an immediate disadvantage. Secondly, join the Forums and start to network locally and regionally around Fu Xi Wen. More and more will become available to the community as the community increases. Join any associations that are created that receive an official stamp of approval by Ethan Borg LLC (more on why the company is called this at the end). Take advantage of conferences and workshops. The theory behind Fu Xi Wen is so incredibly rich and vibrant, you could obsess about it for years on a daily basis and learn something new every single day. I know this from personal experience.

I am disappointed with my Fu Xi Wen results, what can I do?

First of all, review the theory for your skill level. Next, learn the deeper levels of theory. The early Fu Xi Wen steps are introductions and while they are generally effective, they are not universally effective. The reason for this is that these early levels take advantage of short cuts. Treating in broad strokes may not help much in your case. For instance, almost all problems in the beginner level are treated by using a single frequency and without moving the treatment tool. Starting in the very next skill level, problems are treated with multiple frequencies and at alternative angles. And as you move the treatment tool, more and more becomes possible. So, as you become more sophisticated with the theory the more likely you will see your desired results.

I have trouble learning on the computer, where else can I find information on Fu Xi Wen?

So you're not from the computer generation, I'm not going to make you sit in the corner with a pointy hat. You're smart – it's just that pesky electric cyclops with the big glowing eye getting you down. There are ways to defeat the pesky cyclops.

For instance, there is an introductory book about Fu Xi Wen available at the online store. This book contains an introduction to Fu Xi Wen theory -- the same information as the official Fu Xi Wen website. They are simpatico. The only difference is that a book is a frozen moment in time. This medicine is alive and growing, so no book can keep up with it. If you need a book to learn, make sure to keep up with new editions as they are introduced and expect constant and rapid change in the field.

As the Fu Xi Wen community grows, conferences and workshops will be taught at first nationally, then regionally and then more locally. Certification and licensing programs will be developed that will allow for hands-on clinical practice. Of course, this is all predicated on the hypothesis that anyone cares. Check the Forums. But keep in mind that empty Forums may not mean no one cares, it just may mean you're starting the party.

Is Fu Xi Wen theory complete or is it changing?

Fu Xi Wen theory is so vibrant and rich, it has the potentially to grow indefinitely. Given its nascent stage, you have the ability to add to its theory and practice. There are innumerable opportunities for innovation. While I feel particularly attached to Fu Xi Wen and want to call it my baby and not allow anyone else to hold her, I know intimately well the limitations of my own knowledge and discoveries. For selfish reasons, I give you Fu Xi Wen to nurture, so that you can teach me what I don't already know. But that doesn't mean I'm going to allow its core concepts to be trivialized and its reputation to be harmed maliciously. As you can imagine, there are many people who make money at the old medicine who will find Fu Xi Wen a threat. It is important to protect her as much as possible now and in the future.

How can you call it collaborative if you control the process?

In the “Collaborator” chapter, the collaborative process is described in detail. Collaboration starts when people understand the theory well enough to add something significant to it. At present, I am the only person who meets this criteria. From this vantage point, however, I am keenly aware of theoretical areas that need addressing. I am also honest with myself about my own limitations. Put the two together and there is no doubt I need your help.

The Contributor level is currently the highest level of achievement in Fu Xi Wen. I will be marking this distinction by giving interested parties a Contributor Exam. Pass it, and you can join the Knowledge Base, join committees, and participate
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
in this collaborative medicine at its highest levels. That said, anyone can collaborate simply by participating in the Forums.

Can I make my own tools and equipment for Fu Xi Wen?

There are many as yet undeveloped tools that could make Fu Xi Wen easier, better, and richer. Just as modern medicine has a host of “toys”, Fu Xi Wen has an incredible potential for new design and innovation. Start working young Edison. There is nothing stopping you from selling your wares to interested parties. Of course, I suggest you contact Ethan Borg LLC for an official sponsorship (though that is not necessary). Keep an eye out for our seal of approval as that indicates that we believe the innovation is aligning with the core theory. If it doesn't, then the tool may be a waste of money.

You know your sound tools will send sound everywhere, not just at the tissue-angle you are treating, don't you?

This is true – the sound will go everywhere. But the sound will have its strongest impact at those tissue-angles. See it to believe it. I like the tuning forks over tone generating tools because tuning forks have a helpful shape in directing the strongest force of the sound tool at the desired angle. But you will find speakers work too.

Why are you a corporation and not a non-profit? How can this be collaborative?

First of all, Ethan Borg LLC is a very small corporation, not some mega-huge one. Second of all, I have limited time and the learning curve to form and run a non-profit is too much for me right now. I run an acupuncture practice called Ethan Borg, LLC., and so I am putting Fu Xi Wen under this protective umbrella. A corporation is its own legal entity. Its individual members are protected against liability – which is a real issue in the United States. Since Fu Xi Wen is real medicine that can cause harm, it is extremely important that its decision makers, including Contributors, are protected from liability to the greatest extent possible.

I created the theory of Fu Xi Wen, but it is a growing theory. Under the protection of the LLC, I plan on forming committees, a board of managers, and opportunities to collaborate. In other words, I am creating a mechanism whereby people can add to this medicine without adding to their own personal liability.

Why have you trademarked everything in sight?

Ethan Borg LLC has trademarked Fu Xi Wen and Open Source Medicine and Emoteishin. This has been done to put a protective shell around these ideas. Without a trademark, anyone could sell themselves as Fu Xi Wen practitioners and damage the field before it even has a chance to breathe.

I've read the FAQ, now where should I start?

If you've already read the Introduction chapter, it's time to learn Beginner theory. Chapters are found in relation to the skill ladder. As you click on the skill ladder, corresponding chapters appear on the web page. Or, if you are reading the book, simply turn the page. Good luck and Godspeed!

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