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Introduction to Advanced Theory

Let us explore the controlling
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
relationship of Fire and Metal for a moment.

The Metal that makes for intelligence stands in contrast to the emotions that come from Fire. Metal can be heartless. Take, for instance, the way that our modern, intensely Metal society has allowed corporations, Metal constructs, to ruin our environment, cause innumerable species to suffer and die off, all to meet logically constructed, emotion-less goals. We stand on a precipice of global climate change where the greed of a few influential people of the industrial age may eventually lead to our own mass extinction. We idolize Metallic beauty that has sharp, refined facial features and hate ourselves for having constitutional body forms that are imperfect from this imbalanced standard. The more logical we become as a species, the more cut off we are to our interconnectedness with all things. Some of the worst acts in human history are the product of highly intelligent, yet heartless people.

But at the same time, we cannot fault Metal for being Metal. It is an Element just as important as any other. We certainly could not live without it. Our problem as a society is that we have allowed Metal to become excess. Metal excess is phlegm, the cause of innumerable diseases. Fortunately, energy cannot hold its state forever. Whether we like it or not, Metal will change to Water, and the cyclical nature of energy will continue.

Fu Xi Wen is a set of logical, intelligent principles. This is its Metal. But it must contain all of the Elements for it to last the next seven generations and beyond. We need the structure of Water, the growth of Wood and the nurturing of Earth to survive and flourish – just as our society must turn away from its fetishism of Metal and accept that change is not just inevitable, it is essential for our very survival. We must accept our interconnectedness or we will assuredly perish.

One Element that must be allowed back into the conversation is Fire. For centuries, we have eschewed Fire for being too driven by superstition, not being evidence-based, and for being emotional when what we need is rational. Metal is the lens of our paradigm. And since Fire melts Metal, there is nothing more threatening to the modern industrial paradigm than Fire.

While the negative side of Fire is conflict, and we should hope to avoid its burn, the positive side is love. When we think of love, we think of it as the love we feel towards our family and friends. But love is more than that. It is flow. Energy, when it is Fire, flows. In so doing, it connects us to all things like no other Element can. The highest form of Fire is Yang Fire and its emotion is unconditional love. Again, we can think of this within the terms of romantic or filial love. But another way to think of it is unconditional truth, unconditional acceptance, unconditional connection and the whole structure connected to each individual unit.

Metal is the unit. Fire is the awakening to the system. As individuals, we are each units, but we are also one large, interconnected system. This interconnected system is often called “spirit” as it is the amorphous interconnection of all things. It cannot be measured in any Metallic way. It can only be experienced as a flow – the changing of our experiences over time – both forward and backward in time.

Why do I mention spirit here when to the most part I have avoided spiritual terms as much as possible? I have avoided the topic previously for two reasons.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

First of all, people all too often confuse spirit with religion, so any mention of “spirit” likely will raise peoples' defenses thinking that this conversation might violate inviolate belief systems. Nothing can be farther from the truth. I consider myself devoutly religious. If anything, my Fu Xi Wen discoveries have only reinforced my deeply held views. While Fu Xi Wen discusses spirit and spiritual concerns, it does not advocate any religion or religious belief. Religions, by their nature, are Metal. They divide spirit up into individual distinctions. The spirit discussed in Fu Xi Wen is the unconditionality that connects all things – with absolutely no conversation about deities and rituals. Furthermore, Fu Xi Wen recognizes that we hold belief systems as an important energetic structure within the body. It would be cause for disease and imbalance to attack anyone's belief systems. What is important is that we have them – more so than what they specifically are.

Secondly, Westerners are, generally speaking, a bit phobic about mixing spiritual concepts with medical ones. This phobia comes from the fear Metal has of Fire.

I mention spirit in this section because part of advanced Fu Xi Wen theory is a conversation about how the body, one's emotions, and indeed the story of one's life experiences are intricately linked. You cannot have emotions without them impacting your health. If you disagree, you haven't paid much attention to how your body responds with health crisis during times of emotional upheaval. Pay attention to yourself (and others) and you will see it as clearly as night and day.

In Fu Xi Wen, there is absolutely no division between mind and body – except that we have to throw out the word “mind” and insert “spirit”. Mind is more associated with rational thinking than with the emotional experience that is our daily existence. You can deny it all you want, but if you're not living by your heart, you're disconnected. Given that most people live in their emotions and are in some cases harassed by them, we will explore techniques that can be used to heal emotional imbalances. Given the connection between spirit and body, healing from emotional balances allows one to heal from physical ones as well.

Another important advance in this skill level is one of language. We are going to give names to the lines of force. This is extremely helpful. Having a universal language allows us to communicate more easily and more quickly. We will also identify the Five Element points that are found on the traditional Chinese meridians and use these points to treat tissues remotely. The benefit of treating remotely is that you do not have to work nearly as hard physically – though you will need to work that big muscle “upstairs”.

Now that we have a language, we will add the tool of pulse taking.

We will also discover the language of emotions that writes the story of your life into the fabric of your body. Emoteishin is the art of feeling your emotions in a specific order as a way of healing specific tissues in your body. When it comes to balancing Fire with Metal for our physical and emotional well-being, I have undoubtedly saved the best tool for last.

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