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How Big? How Wide?

When treating coupled meridians for
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
remote treatments, that Western-trained mind of yours makes you think you should treat as close to the skin as possible for the best treatment effect. This turns out not to be true.

Concentric Circles

Every part of the body is surrounded by the concentric layers of energy that comprise the Heaven/Man/Earth lines of force. Heaven has nine of them. Man has six. And Earth has eight. These layers lie on top of each other and intermingle to create a grid. With depth tools, you can access all of them while working in the same space, but you can also access all of them by not working in the same physical space. When you are looking at yourself in the mirror, imagine you have layers and layers of energy extending out from your physical body. Remember that character in Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory who puffs up into a humongous blueberry? That's what the outside shell of energy looks like, except our heads and feet are inside the blueberry with the rest of us and the blueberry is at least twice as big as a human body and the body is in only half of the blueberry. This is true. You are a big blueberry of energy. Delicious. Anyone else hungry?

Each segment within Heaven, Man, and Earth is more circular than square. Remember: iron filings make an arc around a magnet, not a straight line. While the lines of force are more elliptical in nature than anything else, I am going to use the word “circle” to help you best visualize the pattern. The smallest circle floats beneath the feet. The next circle surrounds the feet and also encompasses beneath the feet when standing up or lying down. The next one circles up to the knees and just as far beneath the feet as above them. The next one extends up to the hips and an equal distance beneath the feet. And so on and so on. If you can imagine these concentric circles, you can see that while the first circle is overlapped entirely by all of the other circles, each circle afterwards has pockets where there are fewer circles overlapping it. Where a circle has the fewest overlaps is where it is most exposed and can express itself most profoundly on our physiology. In a sense, we are like the wick of a candle – with elliptical layers of blue, yellow, white, and red reaching upward towards Heaven.

As the sound tool passes through the area with the least overlap by other circles at the T°, it moves the energy very specifically in that energetic field. Now think of all of the circles from the X, Y, and Z planes all overlapping each other. These overlapping structures create the energetic boxes we call organs. Each box contains a microsystem of the entire body. So, moving through these boxes enhances the systemic effect of the treatment and makes it stronger.

So you see, that Western mindset works against you. The more energetic boxes you treat, the more energy you effect.

Treat as close to the skin as possible and experience good results. But, if you start near the skin and then slowly extend your treatment tools to the end of your energetic shell directly above the tissue or in any direction that is parallel to your body but moving further away from it, you will have much better results. I believe the reason for this is that even when you use depth tools, they are not nearly as effective in opening up the concentric layers of energy as treating those layers directly.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

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