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Remote Treatments

    Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
  1. A remote treatment is when you have to put your treatment tool down to change the channel.

  2. A remote treatment is when your castle lost its mote and then you have to make a new one.

  3. A remote treatment is when you use the frequencies of your television remote to heal you. Channel 25 feels great!

  4. A remote treatment is when your pissed at your obnoxious friend and ditch him to teach him a lesson.

Actually, none of these are remote treatments. They are just bad jokes. Very bad in fact. So bad, I feel foolish. But not so foolish I feel like changing them. The lazy gene strikes again!

So far, you have always used your treatment tools in the general proximity of the problem. This makes a lot of sense from a Western perspective because the Western world only believes in the tissue and not the energy that fills the tissue. But since we began our journey, we've had ample opportunity to explore the energy side of the equation. We know that energy truly exists and has an impact on the tissue. We also know that energy flows along lines of force and that these lines of force have connecting points on the Chinese meridian system.

Remote Treatments, Really

When you treat the points of coupled meridians as if you were treating the tissue at the associated lines of force or energetic boxes where the problem resides, somehow and seemingly miraculously, you do actually treat the tissue at the diseased locations. The funny thing is that as an acupuncturist, I actually started here and then over time moved to the Westernized “treat the tissue directly” perspective. Funny to me, anyway. Not to you, much like the beginning of this chapter.

Benefits to Remote Treatments

Treating the acupuncture points that connect to the lines of force and their energetic “organs” is extremely helpful on three levels.

The first way in which they help is that when you treat the local area, you oftentimes have a very large volume of energy to treat to impact the entire tissue that needs balancing. Or, anatomical features might make it difficult to reach the affected tissue. A hamstring, for instance, is a very long muscle. The intestines, for another instance, are oddly shaped. The thyroid, for yet a third instance, is placed in a location where you may end up with the sound tool up your nose if you're not careful. Treating the acupuncture points requires less overall effort in many cases. Even though the acupuncture points are relatively small, treating the right ones will treat the entire hamstring, the entire large intestine, and that difficult-to-reach thyroid without much effort at all.

The second way in which remote treatments help is that you can't always reach the affected tissue on your own body. You need to be a high level yogi to treat your entire body directly. For instance, it is very difficult to treat your own back. If you have a back issue, it is far easier to treat remotely.

The third reason remote treatments are helpful is that they have a very strong energetic effect –
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
stronger than a local treatment. The energy at the acupuncture point is very concise and closely bound. The energy at the tissue is wide open. So, treating remotely often has a stronger effect than treating locally – strange as it may sound to your Westernized ears with those dangling Westernized earlobes.

Remote Treatment Drawbacks

Don't get me wrong, there are some drawbacks to remote treatments. Acupuncture points can be difficult to reach unto themselves. I am not unique in that I cannot touch my toes. So, even though I sit in a chair to treat my feet, it can still be difficult to reach points on the outside of my feet due to my constitutional stiffness. Difficult but not impossible, I might add. I still do it and often.

Another drawback is that remote treatments require truly understanding all of this Chinese meridian gobbly-goo. You can practice Fu Xi Wen perfectly well without learning this goo if you simply disregard remote treatments. I say this like a coach telling his team that they tried their best and better luck next time. But really I'm thinking: you're not truly giving it your all if you give up. You could beat Babe Ruth's records if you actually applied yourself. But, heh, we all have limits. I face mine all too often. And I have never beaten any of Ruth's records.

When treating remotely, you need to determine whether or not the tissue falls along a line of force or in-between two of them. If they are in-between two, you need to determine which box the tissue falls in. The boxes a tissue falls in is determined by the line of force at the bottom of the box closest to the feet. So, if the problem is in the upper belly, the lines of force beneath that box includes LV/PC for Heaven, LU/LI for Man, and ST/PC for Earth. So, these are the connectors for the upper belly box in each of the Heaven/Man/Earth planes.

Remember, if you are treating an energetic box, you treat the right side. If you are treating lines of force you treat the left side.

Examples of Remote Treatments

Let's say you need to balance your large intestine organ. Most of it resides in the 2nd Man level segment (LU/LI), the 4th Earth level (ST/PC) and the 4th Heaven level (LV/PC). To treat the large intestine remotely, you select its T° of W.+20° V.0° and E.-20° V.0° LI(KD). Instead of balancing Heaven's Fire, Man's Earth Qi, and Earth plane Water all around the large intestine, you can select any connector – or all of them – and treat just those channels or the corresponding Element points within them. An even better, albeit more complicated way, is to select the connectors as follows: To balance the large intestine Fire, select the Heaven pair: LV/PC. To balance the Five Element Earth Qi, treat the Man level pair: LU/LI. And to treat the Earth level Water Qi, select the Earth level points: ST/PC.

I think the more complicated method is the best one, but I have had good results selecting any of the possible pairs and treating Heaven/Man/Earth just at those two locations.

As I just said, the right side treats the energetic organs and the left side treats the lines of force themselves. So, to treat the large intestine organ, you will see the best results treating the right side.

Let's say we want to treat the thyroid hormones remotely. If you look at the Tissue Angle Chart, you will see that the thyroid gland is treated on the left side, as it falls inside the lines of force, that of GB/HT for Earth, GB/TW for Heaven, and TW/PC for Man at N.+35° V.+35° and E.+35° V.+35° and S.-35° V.+35° and finally W.-35° V.+35° HT(TW) and SI(TW). These are all the Fire locations at the V.+35° vertical angle and they have the greatest effect on the fiery nature of the thyroid hormones.

So, to treat remotely, we set our treatment tools at these angles but instead of treating around the difficult anatomy of the throat and jaw, we can use any combo pair for all Heaven/Man/Earth movements or
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
select the GB and TW meridians to treat Fire, TW and PC meridians to treat Earth Qi, and GB and HT meridians to treat Water.

For our final example, we'll select the hamstring. Muscles are found at W.+10° V.+60° and E.-10° V.+60° ST(ST). The hamstrings are found inside an energetic box, so you treat the right side. The box they fall in is determined by the line of force at the bottom of the box closest to the feet. They are found in the Heaven level KD/HT, the Man level KD/BL, and the Earth level KD/LI boxes. To augment the Fire, treat Heaven's KD/HT in an up/down direction. To augment the Earth treat KD/BL in an East-West direction. And to treat the Water use KD/LI in a North-South direction.

Figure out the tissue you want to treat. Determine whether you need to treat the right side or left based on whether or not it falls right along a line of force or in-between them. Determine where it falls if the person was standing, lying North-South and when lying East-West. Select the Heaven pair to strengthen Fire, the Man pair to strengthen Five Element Earth, and the Earth pair to strengthen Water. Badaboom badabing!

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