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Cleaning The Lines

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

When you feel run-down or imbalanced, the lines of force are likely imbalanced even when no particular tissue is diseased. When you feel run down – such as before, during, or after an illness – make sure to diagnose the individual lines of forces and energetic boxes themselves and balance them using basic Container Qi theory.

Often in the clinic, I palpate my patients' energetic lines and boxes in Heaven, Man, and Earth planes to see what's in them. I consider this essential housekeeping. Often, the wrong phase of Qi is found the wrong place causing fatigue or non-specific malaise.

In the Intermediate chapter “Recharging The Battery” I discuss a general way to balance the boxes. This is akin to sweeping dirt under the rugs – as we do not take into account the type of Five Element Qi we encounter in the wrong locations. We simply gloss over any problems with the correct Qi for those particular locations. The problem with this is that the wrong type of Qi can persist no matter how many times we gloss over it, resulting in short term benefits at best. It will stay there until we control it or transform it in the correct Five Element manner. Another problem with this technique is that it is much better at treating the energetic boxes than it is the lines of force, which are so thin that they barely get touched during the Recharge treatment.

There are two things we need to know in order to do an effective job at “cleaning the lines”. We need to be able to correctly diagnose the movement of energy in the lines. We also need to be able to treat the lines of force directly – in other words: no shortcuts. Diagnosis requires training your hands to feel Five Element sensations to the degree necessary to pick up what is happening in those millimeter thick lines of force. In my mind, this seems relatively easy compared to what is required for treatment. Here, to have the deepest impact on the lines, we need to treat the coupled meridians, requiring that we know exactly where they are ala the chapter “Name Calling”.

The coupled meridians again are as follows:

Heaven (standing)

Man (head in East)

Earth (head in South)

SI/HT: above head

SI/BL: eyebrow line

ST/LI: jaw line

GB/TW: armpit line

SP/LU: below rib line

LV/PC: hip line

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

KD/HT: knee line

KD/LU: ankle line

KD/BL: below feet line

SI/HT: eyebrow line

GB/LV: jaw line

TW/PC: armpit line

ST/SP: below rib line

LI/LU: hip line

BL/KD: ankle line

SI/HT: eyebrow line

SI/LV: jaw line

GB/HT: armpit line

TW/SP: below rib line

ST/PC: hip line

LI/KD: knee line

BL/LU: ankle line

BL/KD: below feet line

All you have to do is stick the sound instrument into one meridian and then immediately afterword stick it into its coupled meridian and move the tool in the corresponding Heaven, Man, or Earth directions.

The placement of the tools does matter to some degree in terms of where in the body the effect is greatest (remember the Intermediate chapter on “Body Segments”?). But because of the nature of the meridian system, the energy truly will move throughout the meridian very quickly. So, as of this writing, I do not believe placement is all that critical.

The important thing to be able to do is identify the coupled meridians with the individual lines of force so that you can translate your diagnosis into action.

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