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The Real Kahuna

Way back when, I started the whole
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
conversation about Heaven, Man, and Earth with an analogy of beads on a string. I said that Yang beads were on top, Qi beads were in the middle, and Yin beads were at the bottom. Imbalance exists when the wrong beads find themselves in the wrong locations. Since Yang wants to move up and Yin wants to move down, the wrong beads in the wrong location essentially fuels disease symptoms.

The Fallacy Of The Three Beads

But there aren't just three beads, are there? That was a bit of an over-simplification. There are five types of beads, representing by the Five Elements. Each of these beads feels differently to the hands or via the teishin. These sensations require experience to differentiate, but are essentially as follows. Fire feels hot and rhythmic like hot waves. Earth feels thick like your putting your hand in slightly warm mud. Metal feels dry and like hundreds of upward pins. It can also feel like dry billowing steam (which perhaps is why Ayurvedic medicine calls this Element “Air”). Water feels cold and sinking. Wood feels like every cell in your hand is individually being pinched.

You can feel these sensations in Heaven, Man, and Earth directions and in every individual angle around the body.

The goal in Fu Xi Wen is to make sure each Element is in its right place in the proper amount. In Heaven, you should feel Fire. Man should be full of Earth Qi. The Earth level should feel cold from the Water Qi.

Elements In Their Place

In addition to these “pure” sensations found in Heaven, Man, and Earth orientations, each angle off of these pure X, Y, Z lines is a tissue angle that is comprised of a Compass Element and a Vertical Element. In these locations you should feel the appropriate Elements in the appropriate directions of Heaven, Man, and Earth. Tendons, for instance, should have Wood Qi in every plane at GB(GB). The kidney organ should have Water Qi in every plane KD(KD). You should be able to feel the Fire in Heaven, the Five Element Earth Qi in the Man level, and Water in the Earth level, but these angle Elements should be present as well.

When the wrong Element is found in the wrong place in a tissue-angle, this means the tissue is physically damaged. With allergies, for instance, it is not unusual to feel Wood Qi instead of Metal Qi in the nose, sinuses, and lungs. At the same time, you may feel Metal Qi instead of Wood Qi in the pre-frontal cortex and so-called “speech center” of the brain (related to breathing while talking). This means these organs are damaged – in some locations the Metal Qi has literally been forced out of its natural home and in other cases, the Wood tissues have been similarly damaged. In the case of Wood in the Metal tissues, treatment is straight forward, you simply use Metal Qi in the Metal tissue-angles to control the Wood Qi to set things right. In the case of Metal in the Wood tissues, the treatment is more complicated, and I describe it below.

But first, another straight-forward example.

Let's say there is Fire excess in the
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
Man level of the nose, sinuses, and lungs LU(KD). What should be present are the following: Five Element Earth Qi as this is always present in the Man level. There should also be Water Qi from the Vertical Element and Metal Qi from the Compass Element. So, you need to control the Fire with Water Qi and add Metal Qi (generating cycle) to restore balance. Okay, this is still relatively straight-forward.

In both of these examples, all you have to do is control the wrong Element with an Element that should naturally be present. But what if the controlling Element is still the wrong Element what then?

Complicated Energetics

This is the case for Metal in the pre-frontal cortex LV(KD). Heaven should have Water and Earth and Man should have Wood (Earth has Water too). Fire controls Metal. But Fire is still the wrong Element. So what do we do? First, we add Fire Qi to control the Metal. Next, we add Water Qi in every direction to control Fire. Finally, we can add Wood Qi in the Man and Earth planes (Generating Cycle) to bring things to their proper order.

If the controlling Element is present, you can't simply add the controlled Element without dealing with the presence of the Controlling Element or you slow down the effects remarkably and the problem may eventually resurface. The better approach is more complicated, as we need to control as many Elements as necessary, one after another, until we can add or generate the Element we need.

Here's another Controlling Cycle example.

Let's say we are looking at the container Qi in the spleen organ and instead of Earth Qi in the Man level, we see Wood Qi. Wood got in there because it controls Earth Qi and must have completely annihilated the Earth Qi that used to be there. Well, we have to restore Earth Qi but we can't just add Earth Qi and expect great results. (Since Wood Qi controls Earth Qi).

In this case, we have to first control the Wood Qi using Metal Qi. After we do this, we are still lacking Earth Qi where it should be. So, now we have to control the Metal Qi by adding Fire Qi. We're closer, but still not done. Because Fire generates Earth, now we can add Earth Qi to the Fire Qi and strongly increase the Earth Qi. Turning the wheel of the Five Elements this many times does not take all that long but the results are not just good, they are stellar.

If you take into account the Five Element energies when you treat, you will see a dramatic improvement in your results. Ignoring a wrong Element in a wrong place is a huge drag on results. If you do not control the wrong Element, then it does not transform. Instead, it stays exactly where it is in the Elemental phase it is in and continues to exert its negative influence. You can paint over a crack in the wall, but that doesn't keep the draft out. Just like those beads on a string, when the beads are all in place, the energetic forces that were causing the symptoms are righted, and the symptoms entirely go away.

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