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Bone Batteries

If you think about it, the idea of
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
energetic “batteries” that we have touched on so far – Heaven plane and Earth plane generating the battery for the Man circuit being one example and the organs being batteries for the meridians being another – in every case, energetic batteries have two components: Yin and Yang. Heaven is Yang and the Earth level is Yin. These fuel the Qi in the middle Man level. The organs contain Qi that has Heaven and Earth level coordinates and so reproduce on a small scale what the greater Heaven and Earth planes do on a large scale.

Where Fire Meets Bone

What eventually you might think about, if you are the contemplative type, is that Jing is Yin and Qi is Yang. The weave of our bodies is Yin and the energy that moves in that weave is comparatively Yang. If we were to take the most Yin Jing and put it in contact with the most Yang Qi, then doesn't that define a battery?

It turns out our bodies are way ahead of us. Bone is the most Yin weave in our bodies. Fire is the most Yang form of Qi. Where Fire Qi meets the bone tissue is where a tremendous amount of energy resides. If we could put Fire inside the center of the bone, then we would essentially have a self-contained battery. A bone battery.

When we look at the tissue-angles of the bone, bone being found at KD(KD), we find something wonderful in the Fire location HT(KD to SI): the marrow cavity. If you were to look up traditional Chinese thoughts about marrow you would find that marrow contains the human “essence”. Various forms of martial arts claim to cleanse the marrow to provide tremendous vitality and increased longevity.

Two more points to make before we come to the inevitable conclusion. First: when you add Fire and Water, you create Earth Qi, the energy that powers the circuits of our bodies. Second, the Yuan Source Qi that contains all Five Elements and that generates the energy of the meridians moves through the center of the bones.

Put this mishmosh of facts all together and there is only one conclusion to be drawn. The marrow of the bone is altogether another battery in our bodies.

Preventing Aging?

As we age, this marrow cavity, that should be fiery, grows cold. Given that cold often relates to poor circulation and given that the marrow is where blood cells – both red and white – are generated, this bodes poorly for our survival. No doubt this is why martial arts practitioners focus so much on not letting this happen.

Keeping the marrow warm is very good preventative medicine. With the “tissue within tissue” technique at KD(KD)HT(KD), use Advanced Perfusion to increase Fire Qi in the Earth plane (along with Water Qi for the Yin T°), Fire and Wood Qi in the Man plane, and Water and Earth Qi in the Heaven plane. Balance the Container Qi as needed. If you have cold in the Man and Earth planes, a few days after treatment you will experience a tremendous boost in energy as more red blood cells are produced resulting in more oxygenated blood traveling through your
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

One caution. It is contraindicated to treat the marrow of children unless you believe it is vital for their survival. There is a concept in Chinese medicine of excess Yang turning to Yin. Similarly, the point in between the kidneys at the spine should never be warmed in children up to the age of 18 as this could cause sterility.

Children's marrow should be hot already. If you heat it up more artificially it is very possible that the Yang will turn to Yin and cause some unforeseen consequence perhaps for their fertility or some other unknown aspect of their health and well-being. Since you are not allowed to treat other people as of this writing, this whole issue is moot until the issues around licensing have been resolved.

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