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Preventative Medicine

Every tissue is made up of Qi and every
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
tissue holds Qi (container Qi). Acute diseases affect the Qi that is held in the tissue (container Qi) and chronic diseases are caused by imbalances in the tissues itself (T°). If the tissue itself is Elementally correct, then you're golden even if the container Qi is imbalanced. But, over time, the energy in the tissue container will cause imbalances in the energy in the tissue (T°). Diseases that emerge over a long time usually come from this vector. The other way a tissue gets diseased is through physical trauma which can occur quickly or from repetitive actions or emotions over time.

There are two ways to approach prevention.

First, you can consider keeping the container Qi full of healthy, balanced energy. This is the goal of Qi Gong, the first martial art that focuses on balancing the energy of the body. Qi Gong utilizes body positioning and very slow movements to organize and balance the effervescent Qi that fills the containers of our Jing.

Instead of using Qi Gong, you can use container theory to the same effect. Keep your containers full of balanced Qi (chapter “Advanced Container Theory”) to prevent disease.

The second prevention method is to keep the energy inside the tissues balacned. For this use Advaned Perfusion (chapter “Advanced Perfusion”). There are far too many tissues to treat to balance every tissue. To simplify matters, you can utilize a seasonal method as follows.

Harmonizing Seasonal Energies

During Autumn, the seasonal energy is Metal and so there is more Metal energy inside and around the body. This energy is strongest in the Metal containers such as the lungs and large intestine.

Metal Qi controls Wood, so all of the Wood tissues are under attack. These tissues include: the tendons, ligaments, liver organ, gallbladder organ, the uterus, collagen, platelets, and the eyes. So, during autumn, strengthen these tissues (if you diagnose that they need it).

During the Winter, Water Qi is excessive. It is collected in the containers associated with Water, such as the kidneys, the bladder, and the bones.

Water controls Fire, so all of the Fire tissues are weakened. These tissues include: the heart, small intestine, capillaries, individual cells, red blood cells, T and B cells, major and minor arteries and veins, and the tongue. During the Winter, protect these tissues.

During the Spring, Wood energy is everywhere inside and out, collecting in Wood containers such as the liver and gallbladder.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Wood controls Earth, so all of the Earth tissues are under seige. These tissues include: the spleen, stomach, pancreas, muscles, flesh, lips, adipose tissue, and gums. During Spring strengthen these tissues.

During the Summer, Fire energy is pumping and heat is rushing inward. It collects in the Fire organs and tissues such as the heart and small intestine.

Fire controls Metal, so during the summer the Metal organs struggle. Metal tissues include: the lungs, large intestine, larynx, eustachian tubes, sinuses, nose, the lymphatic system, non-specific immune cells, tissue boundaries and the skin. In the summer, protect these structures.

At the end of the summer, there is a fifth season according to traditional theory called “Late Summer”. This is the season of Earth. Another train of thought says the season of Earth consists of the last 20 days of the four seasons. But we'll stick with late summer for simplicity. During the last weeks of summer, Earth energy fills the energetic system and collects in the Earth tissues, represented by the spleen, stomach, muscles, flesh, gums, and lips.

Earth controls Water, so Water tissues feel burdened. At this time, strengthen these tissues: the kidneys, bladder, bones, cartilage, exterior structures, plasma, and major and minor arteries and veins.

According to the oldest living classic of Chinese medicine, the Neijing, you can never treat an excess when it is at its height of power. So, it is impossible to reduce the seasonal Element as a means of prevention. You can, however, protect the most vulnerable of your tissues from each seasons' energetic force. By the way, this energetic influx occurs as a result of the seasons which are terrestrial in origin. As a result, the seasonal energy floods the Earth plane aspect of our battery pack.

Astrological Factors

Now, I need to add another twist you have not likely anticipated. Fu Xi Wen believes in astrological influences. The Universe contains energies that effect us every bit as much as the seasonal energies. Every planet in our solar system sends energy our way. According to the Neijing, only the closest Five are clinically relevant. There are also several important constellations but sadly Chinese constellations are different from Western ones and I simply do not understand this vast and complicated theory. So, until someone makes a helpful contribution is this domain, we'll focus on the planets.

  • Mars is the Fire planet.

  • Saturn is the Earth planet.

  • Venus is the Metal planet.

  • Mercury is the Water planet.

  • Jupiter is the Wood planet.

Our planet and these planets are in a cosmic dance around the sun. At any given moment, a pattern emerges where one or more planets are moving towards the planet earth, one or more planets moves away from our planet, one or more planets finds itself unobstructed when facing earth, and one or more planets is completely blocked from our planet by other planets – or resides in direct alignment in a Mother-Child relationship with another planet in an unobstructed manner towards earth.

Ancient Chinese wisdom created a very complex calendar that contains sixty year cycles where every year one planet is either stronger than normal or weaker than normal in relation to our planet. If it is stronger than normal, its Elemental Qi is stronger that year in the Heavenly Yang part of our energetic battery packs. If is weaker than normal, that Element is weaker all year round and its controlling Element expresses itself in symptoms of disease.

In reality, the cosmic dance is more complicated than this. Planets can approach earth for a few months then move away. No one planet moves towards our planet all year round or is unobstructed all year round. Excesses and deficiencies in energy occur in a dynamic manner. While this may sound complicated, planetary movements occur over months and can be charted very easily.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Combined Effects

Every season, one energy floods the Earth plane of our bodies. And, as planets move in the heavens, the planetary energy ebbs and flows in our Heavenly plane. The vicissitudes of these two energies combine in the circuit of Man and create all kinds of complex interactions. Sometimes the Heavenly and Earthly energies are in Generating Cycles and create strong Elemental effects that are generally positive. Sometimes they are in Controlling Cycle relationships leading to extreme symptoms that can be devastating to our bodies.

Ancient And New Methods

It turns out there are amazing software programs available on the internet that literally show you the planetary orbits in relation to earth. Click on the Online Store link to find links to vendors selling orbit software. You can literally see which planets move towards our planet and which move away at specific dates in time. You can clearly visualize when planets obstruct each other or when they work together to cause strong energies.

All of this is to say, part of preventative medicine is knowing the cosmic seasons so that you can protect tissues that will be harmed by “cosmic rays” and their interaction with earthly seasons. The year and time of this writing is 2006 in the autumn. My orbit software shows me that the planet earth is moving towards Saturn and is totally unobstructed while all of the other planets form a line obstructing each other. This is Earth excess. In 2007, Mercury approaches earth multiple times and moves away from the earth multiple times. When it approaches earth, Heaven is in a state of Water excess. When it moves away, Heaven is in a state of Water deficiency.

Now, I'm not saying you need to become an astronomy aficionado. If you want to skip this theory, you will be in good company, including almost every acupuncturist I know. It is a forgotten theory. But fact of the matter is that in the clinic, I have seen that every astrological year has come hand-in-hand with diseases in the controlled tissues of that year.

If you wanted to be, you could be very on top of things. When the planet earth moves towards a planet, protect the tissues with Vertical Elements that are controlled by that planet. When a Mother-Child alignment manifests in an unobstructed way, protect the tissues with Vertical Elements that are controlled by the Child. When all of the planets stay relative to earth, but one starts to drift further away, tonify the tissues with Vertical Elements containing that Element.

And, of course, if I am advocating protecting Vertical Elements in tissue-angles for Heavenly movements, you might consider doing the same for Compass Elements in relation to the Elements controlled by each season.

Just so you know, I don't do this. I balance myself regularly but I do not stress the details. Fortunately, as of this writing I am fairly young and so I am already fairly balanced. But I could see myself taking this theory more seriously as I age and feel the increased call of gravity.

Looking For Heroes

I know there is someone out there reading this chapter whose light bulbs just turned on. If that person is you, please explore the boundaries of these preventative methods to the utmost. I say this because every epidemic known to man has been caused by cosmic energies. That is the very reason why traditional doctors paid attention to the planets in the first place.

In my brief time watching astrological factors, I have seen SARS, West Nile, and the Avian Flu follow the astrological influences – each with symptoms that matched the energetics of the year. Exploring how Heavenly energies cause epidemics might be the most important preventative medicine known to humankind. The highest form of medicine is protecting not just an individual, but an entire community. And the Fu Xi Wen community would certainly like to know how to avoid the next Avian flu. Perhaps you are the one to instruct us.

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