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Tissue Trigrams in the Pulse

The name “Fu Xi Wen” pays
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
tribute to the mythic Emperor Fu Xi and the less-mythic King Wen, both of whom defined how energy moves in space differently. Fu Xi is credited for the concepts of Qi, Yin/Yang, Heaven/Man/Earth, the Early Heaven Bagua, and the trigrams. King Wen is credited with the energies described with the modern compass.

What Are Trigrams?

Trigrams, as we know them, represent the many combinations of Yin and Yang possible in Heaven, Man, and Earth planes represented by three lines. Each line is either full for Yang or broken in half for Yin. Given the huge number of Yin/Yang combinations possible with three lines and also given how large the data set would be for the same calculus using Five Element combinations, it makes sense that in ancient times, Fu Xi focused only on the Yin/Yang combinations and left the Five Element combinations to be handled by future scholars of Fu Xi Wen.

Trigrams represent Yin and Yang in three energetic planes.

Heaven marks the top line. Man is found in the middle. And Earth is represented in the bottom line of a trigram.

There are I-Ching methods you can utilize to make tissue diagnosis, but I am not going to write about them now. Instead, I am going to focus on Fu Xi Wen pulse diagnosis in which we determine the tissue-angles in Heaven, Man, and Earth in the pulse all at the same time.

Pulse Trigrams

When you put these tissue-angles together from the pulse into a trigram, you get a three-dimensional description of the imbalanced area. What would this look like? Well, you could read “tendon” in the Heaven level, “tendon” in the Man level, and “tendon” in the Earth level. Or, you could read “deep capillary” in the Heaven level, “major artery” in the Man level, or “minor vein” in the Earth level. Any tissue can present itself in any plane creating an incredibly large number of tissue combinations.

If the pulses return “tendon” “tendon” “tendon” respectively, then you are certain the problem is in the tendon. More often than not, you get interesting combinations such as my second example: “capillary” “aorta” “vein”. This describes an intersection of three different tissues. Sometimes you can figure this out anatomically. For instance, when “major artery” “major artery” “minor arteries” comes up in the upper chest, you are looking at a vertical major artery, an horizontal major artery and arteries moving North-South. Only the axillary arteries emerging from the aorta make sense in this case. In my experience, more often than not, you can't use the pulse diagnosis to pinpoint a specific anatomical landmark, only an intersection of anatomical parts somewhere in the line of force or energetic zone you are diagnosing. Simply treat the angles of the trigram one after the other in their respective Heaven, Man, and Earth planes in the local area or remotely and you get amazing results.

Using tissue trigrams and treating problems in three dimensions has amazing results. Often the three tissues make sense together and explain the symptom. But even if they
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
don't you will find the pulse provides three-dimensional detail as good as any Western medical test, if not better.

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