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Introduction To Emoteishin™

Pronounced “eem ∙ oh ∙ tay ∙ shin”, Emoteishin™ is a combination of two words: emotion and teishin.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Emoteishin™ hereinafter simply called Emoteishin (just imagine the TM is always there), is a form of emotional meditation where we use emotions like a Fu Xi Wen teishin to direct energy throughout the body. The goal of Emoteishin is to heal from diseases as well as to set the emotional pace for the day. These goals are achieved by utilizing an emotional lexicon that is exquisite in every way.

Trademarked Names And Teaching Emoteishin

Emoteishin™ is trademarked for two reasons. First, Emoteishin is like a whole new door into Fu Xi Wen™ where people might enter without knowing anything about the underlying precepts. It is theoretically paired but essentially a whole new toolset to play with the same conceptual framework. You don’t have to believe in energy medicine – only your own powers of self-healing.

The second reason for trademarking the term is that I am protecting the intellectual property of this methodology so that it can be as unabashedly anti-capitalist as possible. I have great plans for Emoteishin. It is medicine of the heart, and I will not allow anyone to try to own that like they try to own the genome of our bodies. I will protect this Open Source Medicine™ in the same way that I protect Fu Xi Wen™, by limiting other peoples' ability to capitalize on its name.

According to your Fu Xi Wen User Agreement, you may not sell yourself as an Emoteishin practitioner. You can, however, feel free to create your own entirely free Emoteishin community once you have reached the Contributor status (having passed the Contributor Exam). Any Emoteishin class must require that participants sign the Fu Xi Wen User Agreement, as all of its rules and principles apply. It might be a language of the heart, but it is still powerful medicine.

If you are a Contributor and wish to run a class, you may ask for donations, as I do on this website. However, donations cannot be mandatory in any way. You can make money on Emoteishin, but it has to be the same as how I make money with Fu Xi Wen, indirectly and driven by actual value as opposed to promises.

Mind Body West Versus East

Western medicine divided mind and body by way of Descartes hundreds of years ago and it has been looking back with a puzzled look ever since. In contrast, most traditional medicines married mind and body some thousands of years ago and never cared to look back.

In Fu Xi Wen theory, mind and body are interwoven. The emotions move energy in the chest level of the Man plane and in the fourth depth inside every tissue. Sound moves energy in the most superficial energetic layer and you have already experienced how that level still resonates its energy into every depth over time. Likewise, the emotional level moves energy deeply and then resonates it more superficially over time, essentially allowing one to heal from any physiological issue simply by feeling emotions according to a very specific emotional syntax.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Emoteishin Goals

The initial goal of Emoteishin is to feel one’s emotions clearly and in a balanced way. Integrity, confidence, growth, love, and nurturing/trust should each be felt exactly in that order while practicing – as this is the Generating Cycle of the Five Elements (ending with Five Element Earth Qi that is the considered to be the center of all energy). Feeling one's emotions in this order balances the entire body's energy and can be exhilarating. The second goal is to feel emotions in the correct syntax to send energy to specific parts of the body in order to balance disease states.

As I said, Emoteishin is nothing less than an emotional language. Instead of using words, it uses our feelings. In fact, you have been speaking this language your entire life without realizing it. But don't feel too special – animals speak this language too.

The body stores emotions in specific locations of the body based on this language. As you “speak” your emotions in a sentence-like structure you receive immediate energetic feedback in the specific areas of your body related to those emotional combinations.

When you “speak” an emotional language without focused intent, as we do every day, then energy moves all over our bodies in good ways and bad ways. Sometimes it heals us and sometimes it generates diseases. Emoteishin is the act of using this emotional syntax purposefully to heal us.

Building Emoteishin Skills

In order for Emoteishin to work, you need to actually feel specific emotions at will. You cannot think “I have confidence.” You need to feel the sensation of confidence. The language is in the sensations not the cognitive constructs that are the basis of modern human life.

Feeling our feelings on cue is a skill like any other. Some people, such as actors, practice it every day. Most of us do not, we simply feel according to our experiences. Once your emotions are under willful control, you take control over a tremendous innate power to heal and grow. You cannot – and I repeat, you cannot simply think a thought and experience the same energetic benefit as you can by feeling your feelings. Every day people all over the world think thoughts about their health and well-being (ie. “I will not get sick”) without experiencing a benefit. Thoughts are human language, but not the universal language. The language of what exactly? Spirit. Non-denominational, cross-species intergalactic spirit. But here's the best part – you don't have to believe in spirit at all for it to work. And you don't have to be a member of my religion either, for that matter. Believe in what you believe, but feel your feelings.

History In A Nutshell

In the beginning of our species, we were tree huggers. In the trees, we were swayed by the wind, chilled by the cold, and attacked by the animals. So we came down from the trees. We were no longer swayed by the wind, but we were chilled by the cold and attacked by the animals. So we created huts. We were no longer attacked by the animals inside our huts and we were warm from the cold. Ah, the good life. Someone just needs to invent a thermos and we will reach the height of human technology (it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold, but how does it know?).

While our bodies came down, emotionally, we still live in the trees. We are constantly swayed by the wind. We assume that this is the fate of our species, to be moved emotionally by the forces all around us. But we have the potential to build emotional dwellings that protect us from the wind, cold, and animals. Most of us are not monks or hermits, so we still need to live in the real world. And this means we will still be swayed by the winds. But when the wind passes, we can return to our huts and rest in their peacefulness.

Don't Forget To Feel All Your Feelings

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Now do not get me wrong – it is essential, absolutely essential to feel all of our emotions. Life includes such things as suffering so that we can be motivated to fulfill our purpose in life. It is impossible not to feel our emotions. In fact, it is bad for our health to avoid any individual emotion no matter how unpleasant. Every emotion is a flavor and we are meant to taste all of the flavors in our lives even if we do not enjoy the taste on our palate. To repress or avoid emotions actually means we are repressing and avoiding putting energy in some part of our bodies. Not a good idea, right? Don't create diseases because you simply don't like the flavor of your feelings. Honor them all and live in balance.

Furthermore, our bodies are actually designed to feel complex, highly layered emotions. It is in our emotional-physical design to feel not just joy and ecstasy but also feelings of being judged, emotional conflict, and disempowerment. I’m not saying you want to dwell on these emotions when they arise, but these emotions are locations in our bodies and if we repress the feelings when they manifest, we cause disease. If we consciously or unconsciously choose to no longer feel our feelings, we plant the seeds of our deaths. I mean that literally.

Nature has a wide range of topology and temperatures. The world is designed to have comforts and discomforts. The choice that we have is whether or not we want to be naked in the trees during the discomforts, or whether we wish to experience these sensations from the protective walls of our own emotional attitudes and altitudes.

Our bodies are designed with our emotional past “written” below the ankles. Basic emotions manifest from our ankles to our lower abdomens. Complex emotions reside in our upper abdomen. Our story about our experiences and emotions manifests in our chests. Our belief systems that determine our stories and emotions manifest in our shoulders and necks. And the basic data of our life experience manifests in our faces. By purposefully feeling specific emotions, we can influence any tissue in any zone of our physical and emotional lives, and we can even have influence over our future experiences.

Feelings At Will

All of this is entirely predicated on your ability to feel your emotions at will. This requires that you make specific physiological associations with the words of the emotions and activate those feelings in your body at will. I came to this ability easily mostly because of my life-long love of hypnosis. Hypnosis taught me that I can feel any emotion I want to feel simply by deciding to feel it. At first it may be easier to feel your emotions with your eyes closed and remembering times in your past when you felt each specific emotion profoundly. Later, you will be able to do this with your eyes open. To practice, start by reading each emotion (listed in the next section) and remember a time when you felt that emotion intensely. Simply allow yourself to feel that emotion again as if you were back at that moment in time. Soon you will simply remember the feeling and call it up at will.

Feel your emotions at will in the Generating Cycle order: integrity → confidence → growth/action → love → trust/nurturing. You need to master feeling these feelings in order to generate the Five Element energy that produces the Emoteishin effects. Once you have mastered these skills, you can move onto using this ability to heal from any disease simply using the power of your emotions.

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