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Basic Emoteishin Syntax

Basic Emoteishin Syntax

The ultimate goal of Emoteishin is to heal from disease. Emoteishin is an emotional language. “Speaking” this language sends energy throughout our bodies. This process is constant all day long. In order to do send balancing energy to diseased tissues, you must understand the basic emotional syntax for this language.

Four Parts To The Universal Language

The language of Emoteishin has four fundamental parts of speech:

  1. Five Element Emotions

  2. The Emo-tissue

  3. The energetic zone

  4. Zone modifier(s)

These parts of emotional syntax work together to direct Five Element energy (via Five Element emotions) towards a tissue-angle (the Emo-tissue) in a specific energetic zone or zones and even in specific parts of our energetic zones (zone modifiers). In every part of the Emoteishin syntax, you can use a single emotion or you can create chains of multiple emotions – so long as you maintain the proper syntax.

The Five Element emotions and the Emo-tissues are comprised of emotions and feelings. The energetic zone and zone modifiers, however, are very simple cognitive constructs.

The basic syntax is:

Five Element Emotion about the Emo-tissue in the energetic zone (directed further by the zone modifier)”.

Such as: “I love my confidence in my integrity about my life story in the past.” Think this sentence is odd? So do I. But I didn't invent it, I simply unraveled it. In other words, this is the syntax that works because this is the syntax that works.

Parts of Speech Summary

  • The Five Element Emotions are the emotions that are associated with Fire, Water, Wood, Earth Qi, and Metal.

  • The Emo-tissue is the tissue where the Five Elements are to be directed.

  • The Energetic Zone is the location in the body where the tissue resides.

When you put the syntax together, you generate a specific emotional feeling, direct it towards a tissue through its Vertical and Compass Element associations, and then anchor all of these feelings to specific coordinates on the body.

In the following chapters, we will review each part of speech so that we can quickly learn to speak this wonderful language of health and well-being.

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