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Zone Modifiers

Zone Modifiers

After you anchor balancing energy to a particular energetic zone with Emoteishin, you can direct the energy to specific areas within that zone for greater precision. Once you send the energy into a zone, it will disperse throughout the zone, ebbing and flowing in accordance with the energy that is already in that zone. This ebb and flow may mean the energy does not flow in abundance to the area needing attention. The zone modifier focuses the action of the affect. It can also be used to disperse the energy evenly throughout the zone regardless of the resident energy that is already occupying that location.

Zone modifiers are not required components in the Emoteishin syntax.

There are two types of Zone modifiers: Compass and Vertical.

Compass Zone Modifiers relate to “Six Directional Treatments” from the Intermediate chapter in that they focus the energy North, South, East, and West.. There are four Zone modifiers:

Add this

To send energy here

“in the past”

Towards the North

“in the future”

Towards the South

“in the present leading to the future”

Towards the East

“in the present leading to the past”

Towards the West

An example would be “I love the integrity of my judgments I make with my belief systems in the future”. This sends Fire Qi to the skin (W.+20 V.+5° and V.-5° LI(LU)) of the armpits to the lower jaw. The zone modifier focuses this energy towards the South of the energetic zone.

I often use all of these compass zone modifiers together to distribute the energy in every compass direction ala the Six Directional technique.

Vertical Zone Modifiers relate to the vertical location within a zone. They are discussed in the chapter “Sub-Lines are Sublime” in that they relate to the bottom line of force, a bottom zone sub-box, a sub-line, and a top sub-box.

Add This

To send energy here

“I feel about other people I do not know”

Bottom line of force that defines the energetic box

“other people feel about me”

Bottom portion of the energetic zone

“I feel about other people”

The sub-line as indicated in “Sub-Lines” chapter

“I feel about me”

Top portion of the energetic zone

Just as no zone modifier is necessary, Vertical Zone Modifiers are not essential even if you include a Compass Zone modifier (as illustrated by previous examples). But they can allow for greater focus for the treatment, for instance to get energy into the knees (note: the Man level does not have a knee line of force (only a sub-line) whereas Heaven and Earth both do).

An example of using a vertical zone modifier in an Emoteishin sentence would be: “I trust my power in my power in other people's basic emotions about me”. This sends Five Element Earth Qi into the muscles ST(ST) that attach at the knees.

Lines of Force Versus Boxes

If you want to focus the energy into a line of force rather than an energetic box, you do not need to use a zone modifier to do this. You can simply add “other people” in the syntax. A basic example to send energy into the Heaven hip line of force would be: “I love other people's ritual emotions.” Whereas to send it into the abdomen it would be: “I love my ritual emotions.” Don't get me wrong, if you wanted to use a zone modifier, it actually works a bit better, but it also makes things bulkier: “I love other people's ritual emotions about other people.”

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