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Emoteishin Container Theory

Thus far with Emoteishin, we have
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discussed how you can send energy to any tissue anywhere in the body by speaking an emotional language. This language is the same as using a teishin and a treatment tool anywhere in the body.

Just like with our sound tools, we can manipulate the energy of the tissues (the cup) or the energy being held by the tissue (the fluid), simply by feeling the proper emotions in the proper order.

Qi, Jing, and Shen

It turns out that the energy that we contain inside our organs that flows along our Chinese meridians consists of units of memories/thoughts, emotions, and physiological sensations. These units are units of Qi. Within each unit is the Heaven component: memory or thought. There is also a Man component: emotions about those memories or thoughts. And an Earth component: physiological sensations that arise because of the emotions tied to the memories and thoughts.

Let me explain the macro meaning of this. The only difference between a living organism and a dead one is that the Qi still flows inside a living organism. At death, the heart stops pumping, the blood stops moving, and the Qi dissipates. According to the Neijing, the Qi, Shen, and Jing all separate at death. In other words, the three components of the Qi: memories/emotions/physiological feelings all disconnect at death. According to traditional Chinese thought (and not a religious belief I am personally advocating), the memories go to Heaven, and the emotions and physiological sensations simply dissolve back into the oneness of creation.

Another important implication from the macro perspective is that the Earth level is always supposed to be cold. The Earth component of the container Qi is made up of physiological sensations. Normal cold is essentially the absence of a physiological sensation. There is also excessive cold, which is fearful sensations. It takes practice in order to differentiate normal cold of the Earth level from excessive cold. Learning this differentiation is your homework.

The big picture revelation is that we should be physiologically neutral in regards to most of our memories and thoughts. I don't mean absolutely neutral. I mean mostly neutral. When we have strong physiological reactions to our memories and thoughts, this is often a sign of imbalance.

It is normal and expected that at the height of an experience that you do feel your emotions. Do not in any way interpret what I have just said as permission to stop feeling your emotions in your body. To do that is to invite death and disease. According to Fu Xi Wen, you have to feel your feelings, however wonderful or painful, or you die. Simple as that. But, after the climax of an emotion, the physiological response should dissipate. If it does not, it is the seed for long term disease. Why? Because Qi will stay in the phase of energy associated with the extreme emotions and physiological sensations. This Qi will circulate throughout the energetic grid attacking energy it controls within the Controlling Cycle and thus creating local areas of excess and deficiency. This is often not a problem during acute situations. However, long term emotional imbalances will break down tissues and cause disease.

So, your homework is also to think about those memories and thoughts that still haunt you and to do
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
reverse Emoteishin on them (see chapter “Reverse Emoteishin”).

Container Qi is the constant flow of memories and thoughts in our consciousness. By design, we need to have memories and thoughts. To stop having them is to invite cold (fear or the absence of Fire) into the Heaven level of the Qi – which is also another seed for disaster. In contrast, excessive remembering causes heat.

A common form of meditation is to quiet one's thoughts and to simply be present – facilitated by focusing on one's breath. Quieting your mind is cooling Heaven. I am not attempting to discourage anyone from meditating in this manner. I believe meditation is another tool, like reverse Emoteishin, and many others (say psychotherapy for one) to discharge the physiological response one carries with memories and thoughts. So, meditation definitely is a healing modality. And, there are many people out there who have excessive memories and thoughts that generate too much heat where meditation is the absolute best tool (besides Fu Xi Wen) to cool this excessive heat.

Components of Emoteishin Container Theory

There are two techniques for accessing container Qi. The first one is very simple and straight forward. I highly recommend it for most practitioners. The second method is more complicated and I believe most people will find it too difficult to utilize. Nevertheless, I think it is important to mention both if for no other reason than to illustrate the complicated dynamics of emotional energy.

Simple Method

Simply add the following phrase anywhere within your basic Emoteishin syntax:

“My experience” or “I experience”. It may be helpful to think of a memory, but just the process of starting to locate a memory is enough.

For instance:

“I experience love in my unconditional love about my unconditional love within my integrity about my judgments about my ritual actions.” This sentence will increase Fire Qi in the container Qi of the skin of the upper legs and lower abdomen.

Complicated Method

  1. Activate a memory relevant to the energetic plane, or body segment, or T°

  2. Attach the Earth emotions of nurture and trust (or a chain of specific Five Element emotions that ultimately ends at the Earth emotions) to that memory

  3. Allow your body to relax and become peaceful

  4. Release the memory with a deep breath

What does it mean to activate a memory relevant to a tissue-angle? In Emoteishin every T° is reflected by an Emo-tissue, two emotions that are associated with a tissue. A memory relevant to a T° is a memory where those two emotions intersect. For instance, a memore for superficial capillaries, SI(SI) is all about unconditional love. A memory about middle capillaries, say SI(TW), is a memory about being honest about unconditional love. A memory about deep capillaries, SI(KD), is a memory where one is confident in unconditional love.

Levels of Specificity

There are all kinds of magnification available to you in constructing container Qi. You can fill the entire body, you can fill a body segment, you can fill a tissue, or you can fill a tissue within a tissue. The largest level of magnification is to simply think of a memory relative to trust and nurturing. Feel trust and nurturing while your body is at peace. And then release it. This will have a very general effect on the body and very minute effect on the imbalanced tissue.

Next, you can bring up a memory generating the feelings of trust and nurturing in an energetic segment using the language for the energetic segment supplied in the
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
Emoteishin chapter. For instance, you can remember a time when you trusted your basic emotions to send that Earth Qi to the legs. Or you can remember a time you trusted your belief systems to send container Qi to your neck.

The next level of magnification is the diseased tissue. Things start to get more complicated here. A tissue is composed of a vertical and a compass angle, each of which has its own associated emotion. So, to treat a muscle, you would need a memory about using power in the Energetic Zone you are treating (since power is both vertical and compass Elements). To treat the stomach organ, you need a memory that involves confidence in one's own power about one's complex emotions (confidence is the vertical Element emotion and power is the compass Element emotion). Your memory needs to be an intersecting point between these two emotions. A happy moment of parenting might be an excellent memory for when one was confident in one's power.

Loving memories increase Fire Qi. Nurturing memories increase Five Element Earth Qi. Memories of integrity increase Metal Qi. Memories of confidence increase Water. And memories of growth and action increase Wood Qi.

To treat tissues within tissues takes an altogether higher level of mastery of this skill. Tissues within tissues are essentially memories attached to other memories. For instance, I can remember marrying my wife. Previous to that, I remember asking her to marry me. Previous to that I remember our first kiss. These are embedded memories. To send container Qi to specific tissues within tissues requires invoking memories within memories. Remembering the passion of our first kiss and our wedding day brings up for me tremendous love. Since this is unconditional love, we are talking about capillaries attached to capillaries. And since these memories are part of my life story, the location of the capillaries are in my chest. So I am sending container Qi to the interconnected capillaries inside my chest when I use these embedded memories together.

Let's say I need to treat the capillaries inside my muscles of my upper leg. Capillaries are about unconditional love. Muscles are about power. The capillaries are inside the muscle, so I need to first think about how unconditional love supports the power of my basic emotions. I need to feel the emotions of nurturing and trust and also feel physiologically neutral to send Earth Qi to the Man plane. If I can invoke all of this, I can fill those capillaries with energy.

What if your memory invokes love and unconditional love instead of trust and nurturing in the Man level? No problem, love and unconditional love generate trust and nurturing in the Five Element cycle.

But what if you think of a memory that brings up another emotion – for instance fear or anger – what then? Well, I would suggest that you use reverse Emoteishin (next chapter) on those memories or simply scan your memory banks for another memory that fits the bill.

An easy way to generate container Qi is to focus on positive times in your life where you felt the appropriate emotions. The harder way is to neutralize the physiological response you have to painful or difficult times in your life. Holding a memory in your consciousness until your feelings change is another method for returning to physiological neutral.

Insights Into Container Qi

More insights:

  1. Fatigue means a lack of remembering empowering memories. To overcome fatigue – remember up-lifting memories.

  2. Babies in utero derive their energy from the mother's memories and feelings – and so a mother contemplating nurturing memories will nurture the baby and thinking negative thoughts or rehashing negative memories has the same negative Emoteishin effect on the baby as the mother.

Remember how empowering it was to fall in love? Our thoughts and feelings have an energetic currency. Love fill us with energy. We also consider anger, distrust, fear, lack of integrity and conflict negative feelings because they actually reduce our energy because of the Elements they generate. These emotions are integral to living a full life and are needed to maintain energetic balance when they are experienced in a balanced way. No emotion is
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
negative. They are all flavors of life. But some drain our energy in order to provide a specific function in our lives. Fear, for instance, is an excellent motivator for change. It makes us tired (after a burst of energy), but it also points our lives down new pathways. Fear is only a problem if it is excessively strong or repeated too often without balance from trust and nurturing.

As preventative medicine, to keep you energy up every day remember an up-lifting moment in your life.

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