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Reverse Emoteishin

Emoteishin is the emotional language we
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all speak without knowing it. Sometimes it makes us happy and healthy and sometimes it kills us slowly – sometimes quickly. We are always engaging in emotions, memories, and thoughts in a whirlywind of consciousness. Within this consciousness, we are effectively directing energy to various constantly changing tissues incessantly.

With Fu Xi Wen Emoteishin, we take this language from its passive experience and make into an active one where we can direct energy where it needs to go to heal imbalances.

Breaking Down The Negatives

If you are like me, you do not always have happy thoughts. You may sometimes have really nasty or vile thoughts. Hey, it's your brain and you're welcome to think them even if you don't want to. That is the amazing thing about existence. But you may find that some of your thoughts make you feel anything but physiologically neutral. We know that most thoughts should be mostly physiologically neutral (remember the Earth level is cold and healthy cold is a state of physical ease), but sometimes thoughts emerge that are highly charged physically. What then?

Reverse Emoteishin is the process of dissecting the negative thoughts into their component parts and then essentially reversing them back to the location of disease wherein one applies balancing emotions. This is better explained through example.


Let's say you frequently worry about someone in your life dying. Dying is the negative and that is making you feel awful thinking about it. But how would you feel if you imagined that someone being nurtured? That is the opposite. Death is fear-inducing and is therefore Water excess. To balance Water excess, we must use Earth Qi. Trust and nurturing invoke Earth Qi. By reversing the imbalanced feeling, we direct healing energy to the source of disease.

Let's say you see images of yourself hurting people you care about. The idea of being a victimizer probably makes you feel just awful. But it's your imagination and you cannot always control it. Plus, these visualizations are the expression of an energetic imbalance. You need to break down the emotions into their respective parts. First, the violence is an action. Second, it is being visualized. Third, the action is taken against someone else. The liver is the source of visualization and action is Wood. Metal controls Wood. The process of reversal is to visualize (to send energy to the Liver), integrity or protection (Metal emotions) around someone else, such as the previous victim.

You can imagine yourself helping that person (taking a positive action instead of a negative one). You can imagine the person is protected. You can imagine the person has physical integrity. You need to dissect whether you are afraid of your action or whether you are afraid of the resulting hurt (the lack of integrity or protection) or both. This will help you plan the appropriate response.

The Purpose Of Reverse Emoteishin

The purpose of reverse Emoteishin is not to make you feel better. Of course, it doesn't hurt that you do
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
feel better. You have to understand that every thought you think is an expression of your physiological health and well-being. When you think thoughts that invoke a strong physiological response, your thoughts are simply telling you that you have an imbalance in a tissue somewhere in your body associated with the energetic zone of the thought. The purpose of reverse emoteishin, therefore, is to take advantage of the opportunity of the negative emotion to direct your healing response towards the energetic imbalance.

If you imagine yourself hurting someone out of the basic emotion of anger, you have an illness associated with action and other people in the liver organ. If you simply feel anger towards someone else that makes you want to strike out, that Wood Qi is in a line of force at the knees (at the knees because the sub-line at the knees relates to our basic emotions about other people). If you have cold in a ligament at the knees, you are likely to have this kind of striking impulse.

You can also use gateways as follows. Let's say you keep thinking the same anxious thoughts about your spouse having an affair. Thinking is the way the Lungs process emotions. An affair in this case would be your spouse taking a fear-provoking action about love. Love is the compass angle. Action is the vertical angle. Together this is HT(LV). Fear is cold. So, the method to treat this is to feel trust about actions of love and to feel confident in your integrity (LU(KD) to bring this energy to the gateway of the lungs).

Since this is Emoteishin, you need to feel the feelings that balance the imbalanced Five Element emotion. For instance, you need to feel trust to get rid of fear. You need to feel integrity to get rid of anger. You need to feel love to get rid of lack of integrity. You need to feel confidence to get rid of conflict. The thought is not good enough – it's all about feeling the right feeling at the right time and in the right context.

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