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Connecting The Dots

We tend to think the obvious is so
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
obvious. But then we see the obvious and we're struck by it. On the other hand, we tend not to notice the subtle at all.

The oldest Chinese medical text, the Neijing, is divided into two books, one is called the Su Wen, and the other the Ling Shu. The Su Wen ends with a chapter titled: Subtle Reasoning. This is quite appropriate. “Ling Shu” means spiritual pivot – given tissue-angles, I would say that name is also very appropo.

The Chinese medical system forsakes the obvious for the subtle. When we think, oh yea, I have a pain in my muscle, the obvious thing to do is to treat the muscle. The subtle view, however, is to put all of the Five Element associations together not just of the immediate problem, but of one's past history of issues. When you look at these Five Element issues as they play out across one's health across one's life, all kinds of subtleties suddenly hit you in the face as one big striking obvious pattern.

I have neither the time nor the energy to reproduce all of Chinese medicine theory for Fu Xi Wen practitioners. I think learning Chinese medicine would be far more informing of one's Fu Xi Wen success than learning Western medicine (though anatomy, physiology, physics, chemistry, and biology are extremely valuable in our model as well). These subtleties matter far more than the Western world recognizes today.

In Fu Xi Wen, a diagnosis is constructed through an inductive method of putting all the pieces together to create a picture. Your history is full of relevant information that adds up to create a Five Element pattern that likely informs the problems you are facing today. And the pattern indicates the major Elements impacting your health and well-being spanning multiple tissues that share a similar Elemental framework.

You start Fu Xi Wen in the West where muscle problems are muscle problems. You end in the East, where muscle problems can be problems anywhere within the Five Element associations that apply to muscles. East to West (or West to East), that is the circuit. You start with the obvious and end with the subtle. Ultimately, if the obvious doesn't work, it will be the subtle that sets you free.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

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