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Advanced Container Theory

Container theory, as previously
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
described, has always been the “simple child” of Fu Xi Wen. Whereas the Perfusion technique took the tissue-angles and made them more complicated by introducing Compass and Vertical Elements into the treatment mix, container theory used a very simple Element formula each and every time. Guess what, that's about to end gloriously.

What Exactly Is Container Qi?

As I have said before, container Qi is akin to the Earl Grey in the cup (with the cup itself being the tissue-angle). I left this concept abstract for a reason. When you think about the actual reality of what that “Earl Grey” is in every tissue, you suddendly see how incredibly complicated the whole endeavor truly is.

If container Qi is what the tissue holds, then what is the container Qi of the gallbladder? The gallbladder organ holds bile. Ergo, the container Qi of the gallbladder organ is bile (at one teishin magnification). What is the container Qi of the large intestine organ? The large intestine holds the stool. Ergo, the container Qi of the large intestine (at one teishin magnification) is the stool. As you can see, both of these are container Qi but they are very different substances.

If the container Qi of different tissues is totally different substances, how can all container Qi have the same Elemental configuration: Fire in Heaven, Earth in Man, and Water in the Earth plane? The quick and dirty answer is: they don't. For each tissue, the container Qi consists of a latticework of different Elements. Fortunately, each level of magnification for the same tissue contains the same latticework.

How does this new revelation make a mess of things? The vast number of tissues in our medicine translates to a vast number of ideal container Qi configurations. When it comes to balancing imbalance, we need to know the ideal container Qi for each tissue. Next, we need to be able to identify when the Elemental balance is wrong to set things right.

How To Determine The Correct Container Qi

Rather than memorizing every tissue's unique container Qi fingerprint, which could take a long, long time, there is fortunately a quicker method. First we need to identify our goal. Our goal is to determine the Element or Elements that need to be utilized as container Qi in Heaven, Man, and Earth planes for each unique tissue. With that goal in mind, the Element for each plane can be determined as follows:


If the tissue-angle for the tissue is angled above V.0°, such as from V.+05° to V.+85°, Heaven is Yang so use Fire in the Heaven direction (pointing the treatment tool straight up and down) plus the Vertical Element of the tissue (also pointed straight up and down). If the tissue-angle is angled at V.0°, then Heaven is neutral (or Qi) so use Five Element Earth Qi (which is the same as neutral Qi) with Water Qi (for the Vertical Element) pointed straight up and down. If the tissue-angle is angled beneath V.0°, for instance from V.-05° to V.-85°, Heaven is Yin and so treat straight up and down with the Water Element and the Vertical Element for the tissue.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from


If the tissue-angle is angled towards the West (anywhere from S.+05° to N.-05°), treat due West and due East with the Metal Element (the Element of the West) along with the Compass and Vertical Elements (also pointed due East and due West). If the tissue-angle is angled towards the East (from S.-05° to N.+05°), treat due East and due West with the Wood Element and both Compass and Vertical Elements.

Earth plane:

If the tissue-angle for the tissue is angled North (anything from W.+05° to E.-05°), Earth is Yin so treat due North and due South with Water Qi and the Compass Element. If the tissue-angle is angled South (anything from W.-05° to E.+05°), Earth is Yang so treat due North and due South with the Fire Element and the Compass Element.

For example, let's take the lung organs at LU(KD). The KD vertical angle is at V.0°. Therefore, Heaven is neutral. The Vertical Element is Water Qi. So, the Heaven container Qi contains both Five Element Earth Qi for being neutral as well as Water Qi for the Vertical Element. The LU compass angle is N.-20°/S.+20°. The lung tissue-angle always angles towards the West. So, we must add Metal Qi along with the Vertical and Compass Elements of Water and Metal Qi respectively. The Yin compass angle for the lung organs points towards the North. The Yang compass angle points towards the South. Therefore, for the Yin tissue-angle treatment, we use Water Qi. For the Yang tissue-angle we use Fire Qi. In both cases, we add Metal for the Compass Element. In this case, we don't use the same Element combinations in Yin and Yang directions!

For another example, let's take a middle muscle at ST(ST). The vertical angle is V.+60°. The vertical angle is pointing above V.0° and Heaven is therefore Yang. So we use Fire in this case with the Vertical Element of Earth Qi. The compass angle is W.+10°/E.-10°. The Yin tissue-angle points West and the Yang tissue-angle points East. West is Metal and East is Wood, so we add Metal when we treat the Yin angle and Wood when we treat the Yang angle. In both cases we add Five Element Earth Qi for the Compass Element. Both Yin and Yang tissue-angles point North in the Earth plane making Earth Yin. So, we treat due North and due South with Water Qi and the Compass Element of Earth Qi.

So, instead of Heaven always being Fire, Man always being Earth Qi, and the Earth plane always being Water, we now utilize a more complicated metric that fills each unique tissue with a unique container Qi. The added mental and physical work pays off substantially. If you think about it, all tissues have to have substance and function. If the energy looks the same in both tissue-angles, how can substance and function be differentiated? If, on the other hand, the energy is slightly different between substance and function, you can more clearly differentiate how substance or function breaks down when diseased.

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