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Advanced Perfusion Technique

Okay, you didn't really think Container
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
Theory could possibly be more complicated than Perfusion, did you? In fact, they are simpatico.

The basic tenets of Container Theory translate to Fu Xi Wen. The only difference is that with container Qi, you always point the treatment tools up/down, East/West, or North/South. With perfusion, you point the tool at the tissue-angle. If you've read the last chapter, I don't need to elaborate on the complexities more than as follows:

Heaven plane = Vertical Element + (Fire Qi above V.0°, Water Qi below V.0°, or Earth Qi at V.0°)

Man plane = Vertical Element + Compass Element + (Metal if West (S.+05° to N.-05°) or Wood if East (S.-05° to N.+05°))

Earth plane = Compass Element + (Water if North (W.+05° to E.-05°) or Fire Qi if South (W.-05° to E.+05°))

Let's take the example of the lungs once again at LU(KD). Heaven is treated with Earth Qi and Water directed at V.0° while moving the tools up and down. Man is treated with Metal and Water at the N.-10°/S.+10° while moving the tools East and West. For the Yin T°, the Earth plane is treated with Water and Metal at N.-10° while moving the tools North and South. For the Yang T°, the Earth plane is treated with Fire and Metal directed at S.+10° while moving the tools North and South. This advanced method is different from the basic method in that in the advanced method you use Earth Qi instead of Fire Qi in the Heaven direction in this case. You use Fire Qi instead of Water Qi in the Earth plane Yang for this particular tissue-angle.

While this change is subtle, the improvement in effectiveness is hard to describe. But I will take a gander at it. Let's say a healthy you should have the shape of the letter G. The imbalanced you has only the “ - ” part of the letter. The basic perfusion technique added more shape, let's say a “ C “. But when it comes to the body's ability to understand the letter, sometimes it reads it correctly as a G and sometimes it reads it more like a C. The advanced technique adds the subtle details in shaping that make all the difference. Now the body always reads it as a G.

I implore all practitioners of Fu Xi Wen to utilize Advanced Perfusion and Advanced Container Qi from this point forward. I cannot overstate the importance of shaping the energy correctly for each tissue.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

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