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Fu Xi Wen Anesthesia

Anesthesia falls into that special Fu
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
Xi Wen category of purposefully causing imbalance. I introduce Fu Xi Wen anesthesia as a special technique that needs substantial investigation before it can be safely applied. I would not recommend that anyone at this moment rely on this form of anesthesia for any medical effect.


Anesthesia is essentially phlegm. That is, not the kind of phlegm you cough up but what we in Chinese medicine call insubstantial phlegm – phlegm that is entirely energetic and cannot be seen. As you can imagine by what we traditionally call it, phlegm is not a good thing. And to experience it naturally in your nerves means loss of nerve function (though there are other more common causes of this phenomenon).

I have had the opportunity in my clinic to use Fu Xi Wen to stop the effects of novacaine immediately after a patient experienced dental work. She literally felt it being wafted away and normal sensation returning. I was able to do this because I've spent moments of time spread over years of my life thinking about how anesthesia works. Here is the secret: phlegm is Metal excess. In order to create phlegm, all you have to do is create Metal excess. In order to remove it, you must control it with Fire.

If you ever consider exploring Fu Xi Wen anesthesia, it is very important that you counter-act the purposeful imbalance as soon as humanly possible. I say this because phlegm can be dangerous to the body and theoretically could cause nerve damage. But if you need anesthesia, there is probably something going on in the body that is even more dangerous.

I absolutely do not advocate the use of Fu Xi Wen anesthesia for general pain relief. Fu Xi Wen cures pains of every imaginable stripe. Do not settle for a band aid that perhaps has dangerous effects (like Western anesthesia) when you can cure the problem forever.

Remember “Microbursts”? In that technique, you create an Elemental imbalance in Heaven, Man, and Earth levels. I advocated it for increasing heat and function with Fire Microbursts. And I advocated healing burns by using Water Microbursts. And then I said I didn't know exactly how to use it for other Elements. And I lied. I lied through my teeth. The reason I lied is that while I know Fire and Water microbursts are safe, it is unclear to me as to whether Metal Microbursts are safe. Hopefully by now you have enough knowledge to respect the power of Fu Xi Wen and not abuse it in any way.

Fu Xi Wen Anesthesia Technique

This is the technique for creating anesthesia.

  1. Select the tissue depth(s) or tissues you wish to anesthetize

  2. Point your sound tools in the South West and South East nerves in those tissues

  3. In the Heaven plane combine Fire, Earth, and Metal Qi. In the Man and Earth planes, use Earth and
    Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
    Metal Qi together in those nerves anywhere from vertical 0° to 85°. V.0° relates to the spinal column. 85° relates to superficial nerves at the surface of the body.

  4. Test the effect

Remember to balance the phlegm as soon as possible after the treatment.

To Clear Metal Excess phlegm in the nerves:

  1. Again, select the tissue depth(s) or tissues that you anesthetized

  2. Point your sound tools in the South West and South East nerves in those tissues

  3. In the Heaven, Man, and Earth planes, use Fire Qi in those nerves from vertical 0° to 85°

  4. Once you diagnose that the Metal is gone from each plane, add Earth Qi to the Man level and Water Qi to the Earth plane in order to return the nerves to balance.

While I am excited to introduce anesthesia to you, please remember that in the Western world this is considered a specialty that is extremely dangerous and prone to cause severe side effects. One reason for this is that the anesthesiologists utilize anesthesia that is almost always systemic unless inserted with pin-point accuracy with a syringe. Nevertheless, extreme caution must be used. For instance, we have no idea how long the anesthesia effect lasts or how it will impact your particular body.

Please practice this technique with all due caution.

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