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Fu Xi Wen Antibiotic

Chapter Updated 10/19/07

Fu Xi Wen is a complete medicine that can treat any medical problem faced by human beings. This also includes infections. Infectious agents range from viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Infectious agents are living things with their own Jing, or structure, and therefore their own energy. They consume energy and produce their own. The energy produced by pathogens is extremely chaotic and does not match the normal energy tissue patterns present in the body. 

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
Methodology of Detection Pathogens live in the Container Qi of a tissue as they can never fully integrate into the tissues in which they colonize. In order to locate an infection, it is possible to do so by feeling the Container Qi of a tissue in the Heaven, Man, and Earth directions. Place one teishin in the direction of the tissue likely to be infected, such as the sinuses, the nasopharynx, the ear canal, or even internal tissues such as nerves. Place a second teishin directly up to access the Heavenly Container Qi of that tissue. Take a third teishin and place it in the direction of KD(KD). This tissue-angle is utilized because pathogens have their own structural units. Move the teishin up and down at the topmost edge of the upright teishin. If the energy in that location contains Wood Qi that also feels chaotic then you have found an infection. You can repeat your diagnosis by turning the Container Qi teishin (teishin number 2) upside down and again check the topmost edge at KD(KD). Treatment The goal when it comes to pathogens is multifold: First, we wish to kill the the infectious agent completely. Second, we need to support the immune system in the local area. A third treatment component not to be overlooked is to improve the arterial blood flow to the area as infections at their root are a sign of a breakdown in either the local circulation or the immune system as a whole. To kill the infection, we must utilize Fire Qi. Fire moves Water. Pathogens are excessive structures in relation to our body, so we need to move the excess Water. It is insufficient to control Water with Earth in this case because the pathogen's colonies need to be demolished. When a pathogen attacks, it first creates a colony. The colony creates its own borders that protect the internal infection. It is absolutely essential to rub off the colony (see the chapter on Viral Shield Protocol) to stop the infection. Place the first teishin in the orientation of the infected tissue's tissue-angle. Place the second teishin directly up and use the Fire tool pointing towards KD(KD) at the furthest edge where the chaotic Qi is present, moving up and down with Heaven. Flip the second teishin so that it faces down. Again move the Fire tool along it at the furthest edge and move up and down with Heaven. Now, flip the second teishin either East or West and treat with the Fire tool at KD(KD) in the area of chaotic Qi, moving the tool East to West. Flip the direction and repeat. Finally, place the Container Qi teishin North or South and move the Fire Qi tool at KD(KD) in the area of chaotic Qi in the directions of North/South. Flip the Container Qi teishin and repeat. This method attacks the pathogen directly. Next, place the first teishin in the direction of the infected tissue. Now, treat the lymphatic vessels in that tissue by placing a teishin oriented towards PC(PC). After treating the lymphatic vessels, treat the arteries for this tissue. Review the entire circulatory system to ensure that the root of the problem is not an imbalance elsewhere. You may need to apply this treatment at deeper magnification with Multi-Dimensional Treatment theory to get to the deepest root of the disease. This is a complete assault on a pathogenic invasion that is far superior to Western antibiotics. Antibiotics are systemic, kill healthy gut bacteria, can create resistence, and have side effects. This method should have no side effects, be extremely focused on the disease, and utilize Five Element energy to eradicate the infection from which no resistence should be possible. Considerations Infections can occur in the nerves of the body. Herpes viruses, Epstein Barr, and other viruses create life-long infections in nerves. You can attack a virus in a nerve just as easily as attacking a virus in the sinuses with Fu Xi Wen. However, whenever a virus colonizes a tissue that has a tract – such as nerves or ducts (such as the urethra), attacking the virus can cause the virus to move “upstream” or “downstream”. With viruses in the nerves, this can result in an acute outbreak in a dermatome of the skin such as with shingles. With ducts, attacking the infection can be akin to chasing it from one local area to another. The largest concern when it comes to urinary tract infections, for instance, is that the pathogen is pushed by the treatment into the kidneys. To help avoid complications, it is best to protect tissues that are within the pathway the pathogen can travel. Any infection in the urinary tract should lead one to first and foremost protect the kidneys by filling them up with healthy Container Qi and by profilactically improving their circulation and lymph movement. For nerves, this may mean improving circulation to the skin or subcutaneous fat layer (SP(KD)). Also with nerves, an infection can cause inflammation in the synaptic junction, HT(KD). This can lead to neuralgias and neuropathies. Treat inflammation in this area just as you would anywhere else, with the lymphatic vessels: HT(KD)PC(PC).

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

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