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New Theory On Cancer

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Chapter updated 10/18/07

Cancer strikes most often in organs that have strong relationships with the hormones and is extremely quick and devastating when it strikes the pancreas, an organ directly related with hormone production.

The highest incidences of cancer include the breasts and the reproductive organs (including the prostate). Other organs that are often affected are Metal organs: lungs, skin, and the colon, and Water organs: kidneys, reproductive organs, glands, and the bladder.

It is my belief that cancer is a disease of the hormones (or hormone tissue-angles at deeper levels of magnification). More precisely, I believe the direction of most concern is HT(TW) and SI(TW) (with SI(TW) being more likely to be malignant). These are Fire hormones. These are the directions most associated with androgens, epinephrine, thryoid hormones, and oxytocin – the same tissue-angles relate to different hormones in different segments of the body. The Fire hormones of the pancreas have not yet been identified according to the Human Angle Project.

Common causes of cancer include: smoking and other tobacco products, excessive sun exposure, radiation exposure, and intense stress. All of these either increase the Mother of Fire, Wood, or increase Fire itself. Fire controls Metal. Directly exposing Metal organs to Fire increases the likelihood of cancer in the case of skin cancer and tobacco products. Some congenital cancers are caused by imbalances with estrogen. Over time, an excess in Earth will allow its Mother, Fire, to pool.

I believe the pooling of Fire in the HT(TW) and the subsequent creation of Yin deficiency (experienced often as Wood Qi) in this tissue-angle at the depth up to and deeper than the DNA magnification level (Multi-Dimensional Treatments with at least five teishin) is the most likely fuel behind cancer. In the case of cancer, this should be an area of close scrutiny in the affected tissue and tissue-depth.

Western Treatments

The main concern I have about Western treatments is its reliance on Wood Qi in the form of chemotherapy. Chemo patients find themselves surrounded by Wood Qi, which is so strong it not only pulls apart cancer, it also pulls apart the Earth Qi of the body, essentially over-controlling the digestive organs to the point of stalling. This side effect is not my main concern, though the systemic nature of the chemo is of course a significant issue.

My main fear is that chemo actually increases the likelihood of the cycle repeating. Since radiation is Fire Qi, it poses an even greater risk.

I am not proposing an end of these treatment tools in the modern era, as they are our current tools. However, it is absolutely essential that HT(TW) and SI(TW) be brought back to balance as deep as six or seven teishin to avoid a future recurrence of the disease.

Fu Xi Wen Treatment

At this date, no one has utilized Fu Xi
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
Wen as an exclusive tool for fighting cancer. Until more is known about the disease from our model, I cannot in good conscience recommend Fu Xi Wen for treatment without also employing the current tools of the trade. However, I absolutely recommend the use of Fu Xi Wen for diagnosing and balancing the Fire hormones in the areas of disease at the earliest possible convenience and again after the administration of Western medication.

It is my belief, as always, that Fu Xi Wen offers the potential for far better medicine than can be provided by Western biomedicine. So, it is only a matter of time until cancer is no more of a concern than any other disease.

Preventative Medicine

As the Fire hormones can be found anywhere in the body, it is as simple as pointing a teishin in those directions to uncover the foundation of cancer. This can be applied towards the lungs, prostate, breasts, pancreas, and so on as needed. Additionally, I suggest that one diagnoses any areas of the body in which the individual has found lumps or unusual discomforts regardless of Western tests and palpatory diagnosis by a medical professional.

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